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Redemption is always possible...


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I truly believe that, no matter what you've done...if you find your way back to being a good person, then redemption is possible. If anything, your voice can be stronger than those who haven't been through the trials and tribulations that you have. So find your way back to the right path. And 'fix' it, you know? There's forgiveness waiting for you on the other side of denial. ((Hugz))


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I know of God’s existence since I really did meet him at one point in my life, so I cannot ever be an Athiest. I can tell you this much, the evil of the Westborogh Baptist Church is contrary to His will and that they are the personification of The Leaven Of The Pharisees. This was Jesus’ greatest warning He left with mankind - beware those that use God’s name for their own power and wealth. They are the Serpents of Eden. Not those of us who love... 

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