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Underrated - Gunnar Gehl

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Born on April 23rd, 2001, it seems that Gunnar Gehl was destined for stardom. He picked up the guitar at age 7, and later started playing his granddad's piano. After gaining some notoriety on the local music scene in his hometown of Newport Beach, California, Gunnar chanced to meet a popular international group called PrettyMuch. Impressed with his sound and his genuine character, PrettyMuch hired Gunnar to open for ALL 22 SHOWS of their North American Funktion Tour. After releasing his debut single, Ocean Blue on Spotify, it had gained 100,000 views within three weeks! In addition to his album One Second of One Day, Gunnar frequently sings covers of Shawn Mendes, Justin Beiber, Khalid, Billie Eilish, and Juice Wind. Gunnar states that he plans to make covers of Harry Styles and Why Don't We. His biggest inspirations are Bruno Mars and John Mayer, and he wishes he could collaborate with Dua Lipa.

Gunnar also joined the WE Charity organization in 2014, a group which endeavors to promote the education and wellbeing of kids across the globe, and to abolish forced child labor. In 2017, his work led to an invitation from the board of directors, and in February 2018, he performed alongside Johnny Orlando and MKTO at WE Day in Texas.















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Awesome! Thanks!

I'm trying to remember who his voice reminds me of! It's gonna drive me crazy for a little while...

At first, I was thinking Noah Urrea...but not quite. I think it's somebody else.





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