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Pride Month Celebrations?

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So June 1st is upon is, and that means Pride Month! Last year was muted because of COVID, but with things rapidly opening up here in the US, there is a lot of pent up energy to celebrate! 

Here in New York City, most of the official events are still virtual, but there are movie screenings, panel discussions, gatherings, and of course parties happening all week every week from now till the end of the month. 

What are your Pride plans?

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I don't have any plans other than preparing for my friend's wedding. He's finally getting hitched to his ball and chain. :P Late June/mid July-ish depending on how people are getting vaccinated. As I'm typing this though, they're already discussing an August wedding, since both of their birthdays are in August. So I don't know if it will count when they finally do decide. It has been pushed back twice already... It is an outside wedding so I hope there isn't a heatwave. I've not really paid much attention to see what pride organizations are doing and what the Mayors/Governor are doing here as far as Covid restrictions and all that goes. I do hope people who want to - can do so safely. Although, personally I'd rather just have a cookout or something with the small group of friends that have always supported my friends who are gay. Although all four of them would hate it if we dedicated and themed a cookout around them. I've never been a huge fan of crowds as it is and I've only been to like two parades in the past. So that's never really on my radar unless someone wants me to go for moral support or something. 

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