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Cyber Monday


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It's Cyber Monday, Shack lovers! :) And while you're online doing some X-Mas shopping for all of your loved ones, stop by the Comicality Ebook Section ( https://imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality/ ) for a few impulse buys for some extra entertainment tonight! Cool? :D

Brand new additions include "On The Outside: Book Three" as well as "Daydreams And Lullabyes" Volume Two and Volume Three! No longer blocked, so you can now enjoy those short story collections with more to come! And I've got ways to avoid further online harassment. So...please don't. It won't work out well for you.

Also, you can expect the "Safe Haven" ebook by the end of the day! Including the unreleased chapters to finish off that miniseries as well! Drop on by, grab a few ebooks, and have some fun! Love you lots! And I'll seezya soon!

Thanks in advance!!!

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