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This is...by FAR...one of the most hilarious fucking shows that I have seen in a long long time! "Peacemaker" is GENIUS!!! Hahaha! I could not stop laughing! And the action sequences in it are pretty phenomenal too! If you can, check this one out! Hahaha!

This one is definitely one that you need to send the kids out of the room for!

By the way...there are plenty of reasons to get John Cena as close to completely naked as humanly possible. And you know what? I approve! :P

The opening credits alone is worth the watch! I'm totally gonna learn every move of that dance! Especially with that song playing on repeat in my head all day long!

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Do it, dude! :D

If there was ever a show that came dangerously close to crossing the line, it would be this one!

One of the best things that DC Comics has ever put out! I LOVE IT!

Oh, and the Harley Quinn animated series is ignorant as hell too! LOL!

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