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Underrated - Buddy Oliver

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What's Cooking? For Jamie Oliver and his family, a lot, actually. The family lives in a historic mansion in Finchingfield, Essex, with 70 acres of land and valued at £6 million. Currently 11 years old, Buddy Oliver, born fourth in a line of five kids, has taken after his famous father and is quickly becoming a master in the kitchen! He whips up tasty, easy recipes on his own YouTube channel, titled "Cooking Buddies".

Buddy's approach is simple and casual, brimming with his dad's energy in front of the camera. No word yet about his other hobbies and interests, but Buddy's passion for food will clearly carry him far in the culinary world! Here's hoping he turns into something incredible!













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14 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

Hahaha! I *LOVE* the little mistakes in this video!  :lol:


I have a favorite chef named Jean-Pierre who’s favorite phrase is ‘Even A Child Could Do This’. 
Et Voilà!

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