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Enneagram Personality Test.


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I've recently been on a kick to try and do at least some real self improvement, working out some, that type of thing. Well, to help out my mental health some I decided to take a personality test, and this is the one I've found to be the best and most accurate for me. 


Its pretty easy, you just answer the questions as truthfully as you can, it takes about 15-20 minutes, and it will tell you where you fall on the enneagram. What stinks is this site wants you to buy a report to get all the info, so I found a different site for telling about your personality type.


I am very much a type 4, The Individualist.

People, this is a great way to have a better insight into who you are, and maybe who might make you happy.

Please respond with what you think, and where you tested on the enneagram.

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I’ve also been on a sled care kick. I’ve been eating much healthier, walking and working out (September I’m walking 5k everyday). I’m down 13lbs since July. It’s great.

last time I took this test I was probably 8? I can’t even remember. Maybe I’m a 6? Or. 2? It was an even number. I’ll check this out. I want SO to take it. I’m curious was they are…

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It's a curious examination but one, I think, that has more to do with where you are in life (age for example) and situation (employed, unemployed, retired, location of residence, single or partnered, etc.) now than an overall definition of the individual throughout time.

At this point in my life, I am considered a high 9: The Peacemaker - With a secondary peak at 5: The Investigator - And a smaller peak at 4: The individualist.

I know that I would have answered the personality questions differently at other times in my life. I will note that I have often been a peacemaker of a kind so that's been a recurring attribute of mine, so there's that. I do think that at other times in my life the numbers for the various personality equations would have been more evenly spread for me.

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Fun, though I found some of the questions too vague or you had to guess which 'community' they wanted you to think about.

9 (peacemaker) and 5 (investigator) with smaller peaks at 4 (individualist) and 8 (challenger)

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@northie We are apparently alike according to the "test". I didn't try to guess ahead, I answered as honestly (and privately using Google's Incognito browser) as I could, though I did have to think about some of my private opinions prior to checking a response.

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