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HELP: Beta/Editor wanted

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Hi! So I have been thinking very hard about this and have decided that it is the right time to do this. I have lost contact with both of my beta/editors and am looking for a new beta/editor it can be more than one however I would like it if you are at least familiar with my work as I aim to finish my story very soon. I need someone who won't mind my rambling, possibly my procrastination, and perhaps snap me out of it. 

If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them fully and honestly. 

The things that I would like to see in a beta/editor are not much but just to work together in order to finish and publish the story as soon as possible. I'm not picky but I would like the time frame when I e-mail you the chapter, you could maybe work on it when you have time. I know that we are all busy with many things but please be able to sit down and work on the chapter and e-mail it back to me, I would appreciate that. I would love a healthy writer-beta/editor relationship between us.

I'm always interested in talking about my characters and what I would like them to do next I would LOVE it if you were someone with who I could pass ideas off and feel the ideas and get your feedback because sometimes I have doubts and doubts often are the thing that destroys me. 

I would really love to finish off this story because I've already cooked up another one(s), my mind and the creative process won't shut up, lol. 

I would LOVE a long-term beta/editor if possible but I understand if that isn't possible. 

“We know your secrets, doctor. We know what you’re really after.” Eli said, he watched as the doctor fell on the floor. Her eyes were wide, fear dripping from her like a broken water tap. She didn’t look anything like the confident woman that they had seen before, the one who mingled and barked orders. Instead, she looked weak, she looked defeated, and she looked like she knew what was coming.

Eli walked toward one of the chairs, he dragged it toward the doctor. He made sure to make screeching noises. “You’re going to tell us everything that you know, or my sister and I will torture the information out of you.”

Tris threw herself on the couch. “I’m just dying to tear you apart.”

The doctor looked at the two monsters before her. She knew that they were not kidding, she knew that given the chance, the female vampire would really tear her apart. She was after all just mundane, weak, and powerless against them however she had allowed her curiosity to lead her to the supernatural. Her curiosity had led her to this very moment. Her curiosity and her ego were to blame.

“You’re not going to kill me. You have orders.” Annabelle said trying to reign herself in. She was stalling she knew that. She chanced a glance at the female who licked her lips hungrily.

Both of them laughed as if she had told them a joke, their eyes turned for the very first time since they had made themselves known to her. Their eyes were dark as the darkness, their orbs cobalt blue and their fangs descended from their teeth.

Tris rolled her eyes. “Kill you? Who said anything about killing you? We have orders to retrieve you however it was not specified the condition you must be in. You will be alive, of course, but first, we will have fun. Our fill. You understand.”

Bitterness filled Eli’s mouth. “Oh, sister mine. Can you smell the scent of fear dripping from her? It’s disgustingly bitter. Shall we get on with it? I’m rather parched from lack of entertainment.”

“Oh, yes brother mine. We should indeed get on with it. Don’t you think so, doctor?” Tris felt giddy. “You’ll make for a fine specimen. My brother and I have been studying your kind of experiments. You’ll be our first specimen. I promise I will make you scream in agony.”

I wanted to also let you know that I use MS Word but also I use Scrivener. 

I need someone who will be able to tell me when I'm being off and when the chapter doesn't make any kind of sense at all. Please I also value communication and would be ever grateful if you also did. 

Thank you in advance. 



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