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Dream Boy - new gay movie coming


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Dream Boy, the book by Jim Grimsley, is being made into a movie.

And the teen version of Superman in Superman Returns, is starring as the gay boy.




Check it out. There are a TON of pictures on his official site.



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About a secret relationship in the rural south? Oh, this is going to be fun... lil gay boys in Louisiana...


Actually, I went to New Orleans back in the day before Katrina a lot, and WOW some of those cajun boys are HAWT. :D Yummies. I just hope that they don't overdramatize this movie to the point to where it gets dumb... I mean, yeah, the south isn't the best place in the world, but even here it's very rare to have things as horrible as they get portrayed sometimes. I'll have to read the book sometime soon, too.

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