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  1. Simon

    1. Cia


      Holy shit! I thought you fell off the planet darling!

    2. Cia


      I saw that, peeping by my profile, no even a how do you do? Tsk! I'm online, using Skype now through my messenger account. look me up sometime!

  2. Happy 21st Birthday Simon, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year guy :)

  3. Cia

    snuggles you

  4. Simon

    1. Cia


      Hey! I'm going to be around for a few hours from now, come talk to me if you are too. :hug:

  5. Cia

    Hey darlin! You came by my profile and didn't say hi. How come you never responded back to me?

  6. Jeez I'm still alive. Shocker.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. W_L


      Life is a game invented by Parker House with plastic tokens that remind you of monopoly :P

    3. Luc Rosen

      Luc Rosen

      YOu're alivvvvveee :0

    4. Luc Rosen

      Luc Rosen

      YOu're alivvvvveee :0

  7. Simon

    Miss you

    1. Cia


      OMG! Miss you too!!! I've been waiting for you to come back!! Snuggles. Hopefully we can talk on msn soon!

  8. Cia

    Misses you. Big hugs scootleboot!

  9. its been awhile but im still alive...*cough* cia.

    1. Cia


      I don't know... I need verification. Gonna have to get online at the same time one of these days so I have proof. Mike might have smothered you one of the times you were mean (I probably would! :P )

  10. I hate girls. Stay the eff away from my man. Seriously.

    1. Bumblebee
    2. SidLove


      lol thank god I am a guy ^_^

    3. rustle
  11. Cia


  12. Kiss me?

    1. Cia


      Germs and all?

    2. rustle


      You're too young for me. Settle for a hug?

  13. Cia

    Right now I'm a sick mess :P It's gross.

  14. Simon

    your no fun

  15. Cia

    How about we don't and say we did? I'd like to keep breathing.

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