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  1. davewri

    Chapter 56

    This should be a good sign to you that your readers actually respond to what you write. Just struck me as somewhat "old fashioned" the way it was written.
  2. davewri

    Chapter 56

    That remark about sewing jumped out at me also.
  3. Erik Dean Prince , former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, and the founder of the private military company Blackwater, is the brother of former U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. (Not that this is relevant to the story but it is interesting.)
  4. davewri

    Chapter 48

    Nothing much has been mentioned yet that money has been recovered. How much?
  5. davewri

    Chapter 48

    There was an idea that a huge amount of money was going to be claimed from the bad guys accounts. Where is that money?
  6. davewri

    Chapter 1

    So is this guy really wealthy? Spending big money here.
  7. davewri

    Chapter 1

    The kitchen is truly the heart of any home.
  8. davewri

    Chapter 61

    With so much (Covid19) time on my hands I have started re-reading my favorite stories. I knew it was never finished but I still enjoy as much as we got to read
  9. davewri

    Ford Ch 18

    Surely not going to jail for taking a photo?
  10. davewri

    XD Ch 2

    Spending money like a mad man. What is the purpose?
  11. davewri

    Chapter 4

    Frankenstein was a vampire also?
  12. davewri

    Chapter 3

    It is really sad and heartbreaking how the people who created these children can throw them out onto the streets. Great to see Jim use his money on such a noble cause.
  13. davewri

    Chapter 3

    Good thing this just fiction because transporting six underage boys across state lines sounds like a possible felony in the real world. But we all love fiction.
  14. davewri

    Chapter 1

    Several states now allow anonymous winners. Some people create a trust and allow the trust to claim the prize. Sadly I never have a winning ticket.
  15. davewri

    Chapter 10

    Oh yes, she used buttermilk. I remember that.
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