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  1. davewri

    Chapter 10

    Not feeling good about the missing captain.
  2. davewri

    Simba Ch 28

    What happened?
  3. davewri

    Chapter 2

    Did we jump two or three years in this chapter? Time flies so easily.
  4. davewri

    Chapter 7

    The most pressing issue seems to be is where to dump the waste tanks on the RV. I must say this story is the most unusual reaction to the possible destruction of half the world.
  5. davewri

    Chapter 6

    I am enjoying the story but you are way off on the wooden plate thing. Wood is difficult to sanitize and definitely not for food service.
  6. If there is a Gay Authors "Hall of Fame" then I must nominate Mark Arbour.
  7. davewri

    Planting Seeds

    Hey there, don't dis on the Crimson Tide.
  8. davewri

    Chapter 18

    Sad to think this version of NYC has changed so much due to the pandemic. I have great memories of a few good trips there.
  9. davewri

    Planting Seeds

    Pretty much the same reasons I left my home state of Alabama.
  10. davewri

    Chapter 10

    Zombie apocalypses are always a danger. Be prepared.
  11. davewri

    Chapter 5

    Will there be drama? Unicorns dance in fields of four leaf clover.
  12. davewri

    Simba Ch 8

    along with the recommendation that Corporal Jacob Blackwood, be the Founding Base Commander of this project if his proposal is accepted Did I read this wrong?
  13. davewri

    Simba Ch 8

    Should have a much higher rank than Corporal as base commander ?
  14. davewri

    Chapter 5

    Okay we now have unicorns dancing under rainbows. Waiting for the drama.
  15. davewri

    Chapter 9

    What happened to the dirty cop?
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