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  1. davewri

    Aqu Chapter 13

    Bye bye , Captain. Suspect he will return to the story.
  2. davewri

    Aqu Chapter 12

    Trouble brewing with the captain. Time for Trenton to grow up. Trenton is in the group that owns the submarine and the captain is in the group of hired employees. Trenton should demand a higher level of respect or otherwise replace the captain.
  3. davewri

    Aqu Chapter 10

    No reasons yet to be fond of Trent. Hope he gets some sense of humanity soon. Spoiled little rich kid so far.
  4. davewri

    Aqu Chapter 9

    Trenton is a coward. Always runs from confrontation.
  5. davewri

    Aqu Chapter 8

    Possible that the cousin is closet gay? He protest too much.
  6. davewri

    The Chosen

    Read this story the first time years ago and it's sure worth reading again.
  7. davewri


    A re-post of a truly epic and enthralling story. I promise you will be shocked at the end.
  8. davewri

    Mark's Revenge

    Took a few paragraphs to remember reading this before on the Mustard Jar site.
  9. davewri


    Father and son. Incest with Adam and his sister? Things will get very interesting here.
  10. davewri

    Wish You Were Here

    I will not be reading the next few chapters. Perhaps after a few chapters have been posted I will look in for a welfare check. As bubby1234 has said, this is not my cup of tea.
  11. davewri

    BF Chapter 26

    Now he is having a large compound constructed like his money grows on trees. He could easily take off on another whim and live somewhere else. Quoka has a strange writing style, which is why I keep reading his stories.
  12. davewri

    BF Chapter 26

    Good idea to sell that research boat. Lot's of expense that would need constant full time charters just to break even. Landscape lady is looking for trouble if she causes damage to Anton's property.
  13. davewri

    BF Chapter 25

    Forget about Mathew. Quoka does not write about gay relationships.
  14. davewri

    BF Chapter 22

    You see a lot of strange behavior in Quoka's writing. Disposable characters like Michael come to mind.
  15. davewri

    AS Chapter 24

    Never wise to disrespect contractors. Never know what surprises they could leave.

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