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  1. davewri

    Chapter 163

    I really have enjoyed this story but it seems to go on forever. Thank you for all the effort you have made to give us this story.
  2. davewri

    Chapter 163

    Is there an ending coming any time in this long saga? A long chapter once a week rather than drip, drip, drip?
  3. He might not know his real name in any case. Imagine his father used a lot of aliases when on the move.
  4. he should have taken a moment to see what the status of his father's investigation Police can now check who researches online certain crime stories like arson and murder. Why would someone in another state lookup an unsolved case? Videos of onlookers are taken at crime scenes and fed thru facial recognition software. Big brother is getting more tech savvy.
  5. davewri

    Chapter 5

    I'm going to stop here. This is going to get ugly and I don't need to subject myself to this. Maybe look for more "happy" stories...............
  6. davewri

    CoF Ch 9

    A lot of missing back story. A lot of mayhem like this must have really strong reasons. Arson, battery, killing livestock, and attempted murder must be something big.
  7. davewri

    Chapter 64

    I suspect some of the trustees are somehow involved with the dirty deal. Always follow the money trail.
  8. davewri

    CoF Ch 7

    Perhaps his phone was off.
  9. davewri

    CoF Ch 7

    Hope all those cameras got good photo evidence.
  10. davewri

    Chapter 2

    Girls like Marcy do not go away quietly. She could be trouble.
  11. davewri

    Chapter 2

    I first read this story years ago. Reading it again is like a time machine with flashes of memory.
  12. davewri

    Chapter 7

    We seem to be a long way from "happily ever after". Waiting for book number four.
  13. davewri

    Chapter 2

    Another story without chickens and roosters. What in the world is coming next ?
  14. davewri

    Chapter 10

    Want to bet the Child Services lady is envolved in the scam?
  15. davewri

    Chapter 7

    There still seems to confusion about chickens and roosters. Chickens lay eggs without help from roosters. There will soon be baby chicks after the rooster does his part.
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