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  1. davewri

    PS Ch 11

    I am always looking for clues and cookie crumb trails. What about Alexander's sudden illness and that earlier business discussion with Richard?
  2. davewri

    Chapter 1

    What does a "cabin boy" do?
  3. davewri

    Chapter 17

    “Have a seat TJ, we need to talk.” Uncle Brayden said Hope this is the part where we all get some clarity to this somewhat jumbled up story.
  4. davewri

    Chapter 16

    I read this twice and I still don't understand all of it. As an author it must make sense to you because you know what you are trying to convey. As a poor feeble minded reader I just wait for another chapter that might clarify the story line. Did I miss a chapter?
  5. davewri

    PS Ch 8

    Very sure there will be trouble.
  6. davewri

    DA Ch 62 - The End

    Something romantic must have been going on behind the scenes.
  7. davewri


    ....never piss off a Marine.
  8. davewri

    DA Ch 55 - Callout

    But not admitting he actually ever had sex with anyone.
  9. davewri

    DA Ch 50 - Mum

    Jexon is somewhat rudely insisting again he be addressed as "Doctor".
  10. davewri

    DA Ch 46 - The Move

    Good to see he decided to keep the airbase.
  11. 200 thread count sheets? Think that is really in the sandpaper range.
  12. It's about time for some real drama here. Maybe the lowly private gets a promotion.
  13. davewri

    Chapter 22

    Cogito Ergo Sum
  14. davewri

    DA Ch 19 - New Home

    My nephew is a crewmember on a C17 Globemaster. It is definitely a huge airplane.
  15. About JJ.........I had a close friend in college who was so concerned with her appearance that she tried everything. It became a serious medical issue. There are a lot of real life JJ's .
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