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  1. Surprise! No, we didn't go back in time, and it's not an April Fool's week joke. But I am bringing you this week's Wrap Up, so buckle your seat belts... it may be a bumpy ride! It's been a while since I did a Wrap Up, so I hope I don't forget anything. What's the bumpiest ride or scariest ride you've ever been on? For me, it was an old wooden rollercoaster. I thought my brains would rattle out! 🥴Oh, and FYI it's the final few weeks before the anthology submission. 🕚 Get that writing done, fast and furious, so your story is ready! Monday started off with the f
  2. First, learn the rules. Then, figure out how you're willing to break them and why it's important to you as an author or the storyline itself. Above all... be consistent. Oh, and grammatically "He/I" are the proper pronouns when used in the subject of the sentence (those performing the action).When used as the object (being acted upon) you use "him/me". Since the pair in that sentence fragment are receiving the call, they are the objects, therefore you would use "give him and me a call". Or you know, simplify with "give both of us a call" to use an indefinite pronoun instead and remove th
  3. Cia

    Ask An Author 3.0 #5

    Thank you to my questioner for the interesting questions about my Carthera stories! It was fun thinking about it and revisiting the series in my own head. And maybe just have Dav on the side and keep your Noah, @astone2292... a little fictional boyfriend never hurt anyone. LOL Thanks for featuring me. Thank you! Um, I'm lost... cat and dog series? I post stories on GA and my personal blog for the last few years. That's about it, and most of my published works started here and stayed here too. And all 5 of my Carthera stories are here. Did I write something I completely forgot about?
  4. Cia

    Chapter 37

    “You don’t need to be scared,” Garjah said. He hurried over to the bed and sat next to me. The bunk edge sank under his weight. I leaned against him. The scent was even better straight from the source. Timok stepped closer, and I snapped my head up. He eased back, raising his hands. “Okay, so I’m going to say the bonding is not yet complete.” “You think?” I wanted to snap, and I was probably shorter than I even thought that came out considering I couldn’t stop glaring at him. Garjah wrapped an arm around my back and put a hand on my leg. “What do you think needs to happen?”
  5. Cia

    Chapter 36

    I too ran the mean streets of life in the country to fall and pick myself back up again. Essell... well, let's just say there's more than what's on the surface going on with him, and that's a lot!
  6. Wow, can you believe by the time you read this story and come back to share read my interview with Graeme... the year will be almost half over? I can't either! Yes, it's May! And with May comes this "tearjerker" because sometimes I can't resist a story recommendation like that. Join me in enjoying this short story and come back to share your thoughts at the end of the month! Torn in Two by @Graeme Length: 9,024 Description: Scott's heart is torn in two directions. He wants to leave Greenwood to be with his boyfriend, but he can't leave his grandfather, who needs him.
  7. We want to show our appreciation for the love of the stories our readers recommend on GA! For the month of May, if you use the Recommend a Story in the Stories Archive, you could win a chance to win 1 free month of Premium access! You can keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend. Readers, you might be asking... "What exactly do I need to do?" Recommend a story you love on GA! It can be one you read before, one you're reading now... just make sure you use Recommend button on the Table of Contents page and check the boxes of the reasons you think the story is worth read
  8. As long as it's a poem that is public domain or you made it up, you're fine. And GA is never the one at risk with an author's content; the author holds liability because they are claiming the copyright on what they post in Stories, if that makes sense. However, I am a huge advocate against plagiarism so I always mention the quoting issue when it comes up so authors are aware of the liability (graphics can be a bit no no too, unfortunately). We also screen carefully for stolen works (part of the initial queue checks) since we all know posting works online does come with inherent risks of theft
  9. Cia

    Chapter 36

    “I’m sure you have seen aliens who turn red before,” I muttered. “We have.” Timok put down a scanner on the table. He turned to Garjah. “You didn’t tell him?” I scowled. “Tell me what?” “Your eyes. Did you even notice how dim it has gotten in here?” Not really. I had notice the bright light when the door opened, but… “Are you saying my eyes changed color?” “And the pupils have elongated. If you’re seeing in this lower light, they’re clearly more effective than human levels. I’ve had to raise the lights in my lab far more than is comfortable in the past.” Was he ex
  10. When quoting poetry, it's typically accepted to use a / to separate lines instead of using a line break like Myr suggested (unless you're writing it within the narration, in which case that works great for formatting). Within a story I'd simply write it in paragraph form and use quotation marks as normal. That is, the use of double and single quotes per your typically style (if you use double quotation marks to indicate dialogue then you put single quotation marks around any 'quoted' text inside dialogue). Also, use the capitalization and punctuation of the original work (but you include the
  11. Well, I don't know about you, but I absorbed this entire story is one sitting. I loved the dog shifter aspect, but the alpha/omega dynamics had a bit of a fresh twist too. What did you enjoy? Don't forget to share your thoughts below in the comments, but first, my interview with Thirdly! What brought you to GA? Robin introduced me to the site around 2014, if I’m not mistaken. The GA community is welcoming, diverse, and absolutely amazing. If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be? The Least Violent Angel of War. Is there a literary character
  12. I don't think it's whining. I do think we all go through slumps with our writing when it can be VERY hard to find motivation to keep going. Sometimes that's within a specific story itself, sometimes it's just within a part of the plot arc, and sometimes that's just in life. And that motivation we need to keep going can come in different forms for different people; what is important to one author is not to another. That's something this topic has clearly highlighted. It's been very interesting reading all the different viewpoints in this discussion. Thank you to everyone who has participa
  13. So funny @Myr I'm only cooking dinner about 1/3 of the time you message me. And yes, there is a weekly menu on the side of the fridge so I can pick what to make each day and ensure all the ingredients are ready. Organization rules! 😆 Yep, definitely meat, meat, and more meat! In the freezer right now are homestyle meatballs, bbq pork ribs, smoked pork loin, turkey burgers, turkey breast, chicken breast, turkey burger, venison burger, venison backstrap, bear sausage/pepperoni, breakfast sausage, andouille sausage... Troll and Troll jr. like their meat. The bottom shelf has
  14. And it's EVERYWHERE when you can't eat. TV shows, commercials, books, when you are out driving, heaven forbid you enter a store... The world revolves around food, I swear.
  15. This scene is what inspired the banner. It's a rare moment of simple enjoyment in Kevin's life, but you can see he's hesitant to burst the bubble. Why? What has taught this youth to be so thankful for a day with his dad? Well, that's explored before this scene and more comes after. Read on and see what you think! Want to read more? Click here
  16. Cia

    Chapter 35

    Garjah cursed, his arms squeezing me so tight it was hard to draw a breath. I pulsed around his length, and he ground against me. Rumbling, he softened, leaning us to one side and then curling around me. I stilled and the throbbing inside me was for almost like being massaged by a water shower wand. I had come all over Garjah’s hand, the white fluid coating thick green fingers. He rubbed it into my belly, holding me to him. I lost the ability to speak, my chest heaving as I struggled to catch my breath. Garjah’s chest vibrated against my back. He was more vocal, expressing pleasure more t
  17. This isn't an easy story to read, but sometimes that's what we need. Live the ups and downs with Kevin as he struggles to learn how to come to terms with life and all the uncertainty it can throw at a person, no matter what their age. Length: 114,942 Description: Kevin has always had turbulence in his life, but things when suddenly go from bad to worse and he has no where to turn, he sets off to return to the one place where he was able to build good memories in his young life. A reader said: Thanks for a really heart-warming in depth exploration of a young man com
  18. Our Classic Author content will not be affected. Pruned members will lost their account access, yes.
  19. Yes, we are going to continue to prune inactive members in the future as that helps keep the site from being bogged down. However, as this hasn't been done in years due to technical issues, there's a large backlog and a large group of removals happening now. That is why you are seeing a small change in your overall reputation that numbers in the hundred thousands.... To be fair, we use the reputation system to ensure new members are active before access to some areas of the site, to utilize the new author moderation queue, and allow members and readers to show appreciation for stories, p
  20. Cia

    Chapter 34

    Garjah knelt between my legs. I slowly pushed up on the bunk so I could pivot on a knee and then face away. My breath sawed in and out of my chest, and I moved almost as slow as I had when the gravity had pressed down on me. I gripped the top edge of the bunk with my arms, and balanced on my other forearms, lowering my torso toward the soft surface. “Like this?” I murmured. “Yes.” Garjah grunted the word. He leaned forward, tracing one hand over my back. “Your color is amazing. So pink.” He brought his other hand up and caressed my leg, stroking from my knee to my hip. “You’re so sof
  21. Cia

    Chapter 33

    “I don’t know what Timok told—” Cutting of Garjah, I said, “He didn’t tell me things. I asked him for… information to read.” Folding his arms, Garjah glowered. “What did you read?” If I had something to feel guilty about, I would have. He was very stern. I shivered, enjoying the arousal, but I raised an eyebrow. No need to let him think he could bark and drop my trousers. Even if he probably could. “About pair bonding.” He dropped his arms. “Oh. I would have told you about that.” “I, ah, also wanted some basic knowledge about Four Arms.” “Are you still c
  22. That doesn't sound familiar, sorry, but can I recommend logging in and creating reading lists or activity streams for content you enjoy? I hate it when I lose a story and can't remember what I read. A list can save you from events like this in the future! Hopefully some details will trigger for another GA reader. Good luck!
  23. Welcome to April! It's spring, love is in the air... so why not a story about a stalker alpha? How could that possibly go wrong? LOL My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha by @Thirdly Length: 38,016 Description: As if it wasn't bad enough that Avion was a Yorkshire Terrier shifter with albinism, he also had to deal with his impending birthday and a crazy Alpha. A reader said: I missed my sassy doggos. Can't wait to see what you put out next ~Hellsheild Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, April 26th!
  24. Cia

    Chapter 32

    Bouncer’s hide was no comparison to my face when I finished reading. It was exactly what I’d thought it would be. Pair-bonding was sexual. Genetics played a huge role, but from everything I read, it was emotional as well. Was Garjah emotional? I leaned back against the bed. He didn’t say much, but he took care of me. He brought me food. Made sure I had Bouncer. He’d pinched his slim nostrils shut and glared at Bouncer on the bed when he brought the midday meal, but he hadn’t said anything. It was close to the evening meal, and Garjah should be off shift soon. He said we’d get my stuf
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