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    Chapter 60

    “Aren’t you hungry?” Cheisumn asked. “You must have traveled a long way.” “We did. But these pleasures are not meant to be eaten alone. Please, can we have the use of some cups and a bowl?” She rolled a table over, the dishes upon it clattering on the bumpy rug. “Anything else?” “No, but thank you for the hospitality of your shop.” Garjah flicked something from his pocket to her, and she caught it and winked. “What was that?” I hissed. “Cred card.” “A what?” I scrit
  2. I remember back in 6th grade when I read Anne McCaffrey's books going... wait, green dragon riders get "proddy" and aren't those females...? The holders look down on them for their "licentious behavior"...? 🤨 😲I had already read a bunch of books with sex in them owned by my stepsister's stepmom, and TV wasn't censored in my household, so I was more intrigued than shocked. It was just later that year when I read Outlander with the m/m rape scene. The contrast of how oblique one was to the other always felt of an aspect of genre and author style than era and age of the author. Of course, I'm talking early 90s, lol, which is a far cry from the publishing era of the 70s but I was raised in a tiny town of under 1k with a bookmobile access only in the summer (unless I went to visit my mom on the east coast) with a dad who was strictly redneck anti-EVERYTHING I knew to keep hidden about my sexuality. He didn't even like me watching Fried Green Tomatoes, much less reading it.
  3. Cia

    Chapter 59

    Wishful thinking. The market was chaos with Four Arms everywhere, but all eyes were on me. If the Kardoval were looking for us, and people wanted to turn us in, we’d be easy to find. I had to hope the rebels here would accept Garjah. I wasn’t sure if they’d be more or less suspicious with me in tow, but he’d refused to leave me in the shuttle. Bouncer had been equally insistent on coming with me, so he paced at my side. Maybe they weren’t staring at me so much. The predator with poison
  4. Who wants a happy ending? 😆 Come now, I meant this month's feature, Happily Ever After, Ltd by @Richie Tennyson. This lighthearted Cinderella remix is just what the season ordered! Happily Ever After, Ltd. by @Richie Tennyson Length: 62,791 Description: Prince Charming goes missing from the pages of Cinderella, resulting in chaos in the offices of Happily Ever After, Ltd. The manager of the Cinderella division, Dorothy Weaver, has to try to salvage a happy ending. She temporarily replaces Prince Charming with nineteen-year-old Ryan Hooper, without realising he’s gay. Inside the fairytale, Ryan tries his best to find a happy ending … A Reader said: This fantastic story is a modern day re-writing of the Cinderella, but not as you would expect. ~Chris191070 Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, October 25th!
  5. Cia

    Chapter 58

    I leaned heavy against Garjah, and he gripped my hips with two hands, locking our lower bodies together. Despite being on top and having leverage, and two sets of arms, there was no way I was getting away from him. Good thing I didn’t want to. “We don’t have anything to slick the way.” His voice was a low rumble that vibrated against my chest. “Hmm, guess we’ll have to do something else.” I wormed a hand between our bodies. My shaft was slender beside his, but rigid. He was flexib
  6. I can't count the number of times the touch screen flubbed me like that when I first started using them way back when (OMG that makes me sound old, lol).
  7. Oh, no, phrasing... 😋 It was meant to be "comment below if you enjoyed the story but first (read) my interview with her". I've featured Renee for the CSR once before but it was years ago.
  8. I can't believe it's the end of September already! This month has flown by, unlike the 56 weeks it took for Renee to write her 1k a week Wednesday Briefers flash fiction story, Thwarted. Did you read it? Make sure you share your comments below, but first my interview with her! Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate What's your favorite room in your house? Do you plot or write there? My favorite room in the house is my craft room. I don’t really plot or write there though, partly because that room is honestly disorganized chaos. It definitely needs an in depth cleaning. I do mostly sewing in that room, as well as crafts for my at home craft business. What is your favorite book? It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do any reading, that I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite book. And many of the books that I read now are the books that I read to my little man. And while I cherish being able to read to him, I wouldn’t say any of his little books would be my favorite. What do you like to do when you’re not writing? My favorite things to do are camping, fishing, just being outdoors. Lately I do a lot of crafting, and playing with my little guy, but for the most part I love to share my love of the outdoors. We haven’t got to do much camping the last couple of years, for various reasons, but hopefully soon our summers and fall will be back to spending time at the lake or in the mountains. Ironically, camping is always where I seemed to do my best writing. It’s been a while since you had time to write. What’s the best part of being an author you miss? Losing myself in the story. I used to be able to sit down and write and everything else just fell away. It let me get whatever I was feeling out, and at the same time allowed me to focus on something other than whatever was going on in life. I tend to bottle things up and for some reason, when I would be really into a story, everything just kind of melted away. I miss the release I got from writing, but I’m still hopeful that I’ll get back to it. The stories are there, I just struggle to get them out since I can’t stay up until all hours of the night, which is when I did most of my writing. If you could give advice to yourself when you first started writing, what would it be? The first one would be not to post until something is finished, with the exception of these 1K chapter stories. It puts too much pressure I think and trying to rush it in order to post can affect the story. The other thing is to not worry about it being perfect, just get the story out, as it can always be edited to fix major mistakes. What is the best part of writing a 1k a week story? The hardest challenge? The best part is that a 1K chapter is easily doable in a week, so it helps to keep an author writing. In fact, if I ever manage to get back to writing, I may very well start with flash stories just to get back into the groove of it. The hardest part is keeping chapters to the 1K word limit and have smooth transitions. In fact, while I really stuck to the 1K format for the first half or so of the story, in later chapters I have many that are a bit longer. Did you connect more with Mark or Trey when you wrote the story? I honestly can’t even remember. But that being said, I will say this. When I write, I have to have a good connection with all the main characters, or the story doesn’t get written. I’ve had stories before that I completely changed one of the characters because they were just not someone I could connect with. That wasn’t the case with Thwarted. I stayed connected with both Mark and Trey throughout and their characters never strayed from who they were to begin with. It’s been nearly 10 years since you wrote Thwarted. Would you change anything about it now? I don’t think I’d change anything about the storyline, but I would like to go back into it and smooth things out a bit. Maybe combine chapters and provide better transitions. Do you have a favorite scene or line from the story? It’s been so long since I wrote Thwarted that I really can’t remember any specific favorite scenes or lines. But, if pressed I’d have to choose the first prompt line, which was “Count sheep? I’d rather count…” mainly because it was the prompt that started it all, and I really think that scene kind of set the tone for Mark’s relationship with Jackie and Brent.
  9. It's not me, I'm in disguise! 🥸 🤡 😜 In the absence of your usual wrapper, you get me... sorry, I'm simply not nearly as entertaining. Well, unless you watch me stumble around the classroom trying to to kill myself on all the student's things strewn about. That's hilarious. 😒 Last weekend Wildone said he was older than dirt and this week I'm a clown in disguise. I certainly entertain the students enough. Fortunately, we have one more day of weekend to enjoy. Why don't we take a look at what was shared this week in case you missed that! Myr made some BIG updates to Stories. What were they? Spoilers, a death knell for readers! Follow his blog, or click below to read all about it. Did you get started on your anthology story yet? It's coming soon! All week long Myr posts words of the day. Some features this week are wyvern, veridical, nidus, and will-o'-the-wisp. Which words do you know, and which ones are new to you? Check out all his Word of the Day blogs through this gif link: Monday I brought you this month's Classic Author feature, Topher Lydon's Sigil of the Wolf. Now, this SOUNDS like it would be maybe medieval or perhaps paranormal. If you just go by the title, not the genre, that is. But it's a pretty compelling sci-fi story. (psst, keep reading for more about the importance on genres at GA from Myr) Wednesday I tempted readers with a snippet of story. I do so live spacey stories, and these are long and... well, what genre would you put them in? Thursday Renee Stevens whet your anthology appetite with a revisit to Wombat Bill's story. Saturday Myr revealed survey results that are driving a new format that will help authors and readers sift through the genres on GA to really drill down into both what is wanted for reading and what authors like to write (or wish to explore). Please check out the amazing information he collected and ideas on how to move forward! How did we do with our goals so far this week? Down to just one red bar. Let's get that fixed! Upcoming Anthology 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 1 - A Winding Path - October 31st, 2021 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 2- An Unconventional Gift - October 31st, 2021 2021 Anthology #2 Pot Luck Themes - October 31st, 2021 Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies Ask an Author Ask an Author 3.0 - Submit a story you like and 3 questions you would like to ask the author about. Send them to @astone2292 or @Renee Stevens **Please submit so Aaron can have a bank of stories and questions** Blog Opportunities Guess the Author: Open to all GA authors. PM @Renee Stevensor @wildone to participate Story Review: Send it in to @Renee Stevens or @Timothy M. Now, let's look at new stories and chapters posted this week! Premium Updates: On Fire by Cia *Premium* Classic Updates: Bloom by Dabeagle Stuff People Do by Ronyx The Brilliant Boy Billionaire by Altimexis Signature Updates: Ancalagon by Cia Disasters, Delights and Other Detours by Parker Owens Larkspur: A Sidewinder Tale by Headstall My Only Escape by Comicality On Fire by Cia The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus Promising Updates: Never Too Late To Believe by northie Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (and Recommend with a share to the forum topic!)
  10. Thank you for sharing feedback on links that you use. Myr is currently working on the homepage to make it more compatible with Google's neverending changes for this or that dominant aspect to be relevant in searches. Please bear with us as things shift around or are adjusted. I know it's not a single click option, but if you go to the main Stories page, click on the filters drop menu (in gray just above the first story) and set the story status option to complete and apply that filter, it's really just 2 steps to get the stories you hopefully are looking for. Hopefully that helps!
  11. It's not just stories I go nuts on little stuff, BTW, I emailed a college instructor last week because the online unit text had an example that used the phonetic spelling for garçon as garyon and then spelled it in the narrative explanation as gargon. I was like... "Um, no it's pronounced garson and use the cedilla please. Please tell whoever pushed this out to you to push out to us to fix it or stop using it." It was in the language development unit for heaven's sake! 😆
  12. Hopefully you caught Monday's feature for Topher's popular 2nd novel in the Falcon Banner series. If not, check it out! For such a long story, I thought there would need to be a nice long glimpse at Darien and his mission... but will he be playing right into his enemies' hands? Want more? Click here
  13. Cia

    Chapter 57

    Cooperation was one of my mother’s three basic tenets for first contact. These aliens had protected me, fed me, healed me, changed my body to be like theirs, and probably forever isolated me from the rest of humanity when they did that. Someone would find the crashed skimmer and make the wrong conclusion. Sonez wouldn’t check too extensively, just order a scan of the surface of the planet from orbit and examination of a few days travel in either direction of the spot. There were plenty
  14. I went in the opposite direction, and I'm bringing you Book 2 in Topher's popular Falcon Banner series as this month's feature. Yes, this is a super long novel, and yes, you should read it! Length: 173,703 Description: Darien Taine has resurrected a forgotten hope, freedom to his people, and set his sights squarely on Earth. Shadows of the Empire's dark past reach out to ensnare that hope, a fallen General strives to restore the one symbol that would unite the Empire again. The architect of the fall of mankind weaves a dark net; to lure the Excalibur into his clutches as he brings an ancient superweapon to bear. And fate, wielded as a weapon by a man 300 years dead, is Taine’s last recourse A reader said: Another excellent story, and follow up book to the first in the series. Well written, and thought out, it kept a good pace. However, it ends on a cliffhanger. If you read the series, just on this site, then you are left wanting more. ~ Brayon If you want to spread the word about Topher's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  15. There will still be tags which do have age-related options. Unfortunately we can't enforce authors to use them.
  16. I think this is one way for authors to narrow down what they write and even explore areas they didn't know they wanted to write by checking out other stories in the prospective genres. After all, many of us write what we enjoy reading. However, as a reader, I know I really love it when sites make it easy to find what I am in the mood for reading. I love this is another move toward making that happen!
  17. Cia

    Chapter 56

    Garjah tapped the screen on his transport. He tapped it again and growled. “What?” I asked. I was sitting in the seat opposite him and Bouncer was crowded in close. To say the meeting hadn’t ended well was an understatement. Garjah was pulling an implacable unmoving object on the Kardoval, which scared me. Everything I’d overheard, or was directly told before we’d arrived, was about how powerful they were and how much everyone revered and respected their unique abilities. Maybe I hadn’
  18. Cia

    Chapter 55

    “Why didn’t I get this report?” Garjah tapped his screen, but it remained dark. He frowned. “What is going on?” “We have temporarily blocked all the signals to and from this location,” Mereval said. “Why? Security has been breached, and I should respond.” The rest of the Kardoval marched into the room, and the aide stiffened. He saluted with one hand across his chest and backed against the wall. Seedrah had followed suit, his skin paling. Garjah stood, but he didn’t salute. He dro
  19. Try doing log in with a class of 3rd graders who were given a qr code last year and are expected to use their email and password (8 digit birthdate) this year on subpar tech. I had to give one kid 4 Chromebooks before it would even GET to the log in page! Poor kids and poor me. That teacher totally switched from the writing lesson to tech after I walked in, I swear!
  20. I'm flexible on many things... but no @Myr comma rules tend to be "rules" to me. That does drive me crazy. You'd be surprised at what sneaks through published work, though. I have to bite my tongue every year we teach a book in 5th grade because the snakes in the story are described as poisonous twice. Some things when authors write should be 'right' and some things are just a style choice. It can be confusing to know which is which. I always appreciate feedback, especially if I solicit it, but if I don't agree with a beta or editor's advice I will ask them to back up exactly why they believe their edit or choice is correct. If it's not a hard and fast rule, I'll go with 1) consistent use as changing/non-consistent use in a writing style does stick out to readers and 2) my personal preference. After all, my name is on the story as the author. I think you've gotten quite a bit of feedback so far letting you know you're on the right track @CassieQ but it's good to have these conversations about style vs. rule from time to time.
  21. It's stylistic, not a rule. However, and this is a gross generalization and I'm not pointing at any one author, most "online" authors tend to use a lot more speech tags overall and use synonyms for said (implored, snapped, quipped, etc...) than more traditional published or even eBook published authors. Published authors are subject to house styles which are often more rigid about speech tags. It's considered more effective to use the narration to indicate the mood and tenor of the speech rather than a speech tag. Save the creativity for the verbs.
  22. Happy September, we're in the home stretch of 2021! This month, in honor of Labor Day in the U.S., I'm featuring a story about soldiers. For all those who work with their hands, who build, who labor, thank you! I hope you enjoy reading Renee Stevens' story, Thwarted. Maybe we can lure her back to writing again with some comments! Thwarted by @Renee Stevens Length: 62,434 Description: After getting out of the military, Mark is unsure what he wants to do with his life. Then he meets Trey, a current soldier in the US Army. Sometimes it seems like everything is conspiring against them. Can they make it or will they be... thwarted. A reader said: Finally managed to read the last chapters. I've enjoyed the story and your great characters, and I like to think they will have a happy life together. A sequel sounds good ~ Suvitar Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, September 27th!
  23. Cia

    Chapter 54

    Wow, you guys have gotten REALLY good at dissecting 1k chapters and picking up on some of the "subtle" cues. Or I'm losing my touch! I won't say who is right or wrong, though. You'll have to wait till the next few chapters come out! 😈
  24. Cia

    Chapter 54

    “This is in English.” I glanced at Mereval. “You can read it.” “Yes,” she said. “But we don’t understand it.” She pointed at the screen. “Why would you cut off your nose to spite your face?” She grimaced. “We weren’t aware that humans took part in body mutilation.” “We don’t,” I said automatically. Then I backtracked, thinking of all the genetic modifications made in the womb that produced what seemed like, to me, some pretty freaky looking people. Not to mention what modern cosmetic s
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