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    Question about likes

    Hmm, I see 9 total now, combo of likes and loves that add up correctly. Maybe you just caught the system as it was in a delay between populating the information and displaying it.
  2. Cia

    Chapter 43

    The concept that four arms came in handy had occurred to me before, but being knocked off my feet when the ship lurched through the air hammered that home. Without the extra hand grabbing the bunk, I would have slammed my right temple right into the corner. I flopped over onto the mattress. “Are you all right?” Garjah stood with his leg spread, riding out the ship’s shudders. “You should sit down!” “I am fine. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you to brace yourself. You have changed so much I forget you don’t quite have the same bone and muscle density we do.” “You think?” I snort
  3. And quickly public service has been forgotten....
  4. Cia

    Chapter 42

    “Protocols. What are they?” I’d distract myself. We didn’t have time for more, and I didn’t want to meet anyone with a damp spot the only nice outfit I’d been given. “There are not many. As we know our roles once the memories are triggered, there is little need for guidance or wisdom on our paths to take. The Kardoval mainly deal with major issues; planetary-level decisions, disciplinary judgements, and all life and death decisions are made by them.” Maybe the noodles weren’t so good. They were suddenly a nest in my stomach. “And if I’m a risk to you, I’m dead.” “No. You would n
  5. Oh man, my hyperchondriac of a sister needs that reminder! 😆
  6. Happy Pride Month! You know I like to theme stories sometimes to holidays or special events, and what could be better than a coming out story for Pride month? We know this time of the year is a great one to reflect on what our personal identity on the spectrum of the rainbow can mean to us and how that has affected our lives... and the stories we read no less! I hope you will enjoy June's bite-size selection for the CSR! Misunderstood by @Marty Length: 3,120 Description: Simon flees to the mountains after telling his best friend how he really feels about him. But what is hi
  7. The second someone cooks it? 🤮
  8. **Winner** @Mawgrim 🎉 Congratulations!! 🎉 Thank you so much for both participating and recommending stories on GA for other readers to enjoy.
  9. Cia

    Ask An Author 3.0 #6

    Awesome questions and I love the answers.
  10. Cia

    Chapter 41

    Garjah was still tense. He was still frowning even though he had me wrapped in his arms. As possessive as I was of him, he was of me. That was all it was. At least I hoped that was all it was. “What about what you need?” “You’re what I need.” Garjah stroked my face. “You’re changing everything; I want to make you comfortable.” I pushed into his caress. He leaned down, nuzzling my cheek and then kissing the corner of my lips. I turned, needing more, hungry for the taste of him more than the food he’d brought. On my toes, I leaned against his solid chest, stroking his shoulder.
  11. Well how did this month treat you? I cannot believe it's already finished, but I am so glad it's done! Here comes June, Pride month! Who has something planned? I know it's a time for many to reflect on our community, coming out, and so much more. I think Graeme's story reflected that quite well, but what do you think? Share in the comments below, but first my interview with him! What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? I have an idea for a story set in the pacific during World War II. I would love to visit one of the islands used by the allies to watch for
  12. Cia


    I think what resonates with me is those stories pegged as having characters TSTL... or Too Stupid To Live. Okay, there's a lot of apocalyptic genre television/movies that contains them as well. I think there's a fine line between creating flawed characters, stupid characters, evil characters and making them caricatures that are too unbelievable to enjoy reading. A geek can be a big ole introvert but have a childhood friend they connected with, the jock can not do well in school but maybe is good at cooking, good friend can have a bad habit, the hero can be flippant at the wrong time, the villa
  13. YES! I actually posted my first story here in 2009, and it's AWFUL. The plot and characters are fine, but the mechanics butcher a good story into one that is cringeworthy. However, since I can be a bit of a redline monster, I leave it up because I do like to point out we all start somewhere... even me.
  14. I admit it... I have a few fictioneers in my read list. 😊 😆
  15. Research, real-life experiences, and consideration for the characters being written as "real" people is how I write. I read a vast amount of content, and I can pinpoint authors who write locations who have never been there and failed to do adequate research (*ahem* published work written as a fanfiction that became a huge publishing success so the author excuses her flubs 🤢). I can pinpoint authors who fail to consider the real-world ramifications of injuries when they write characters who get hurt in fiction (no one deep throats during a blow job hours after breaking their nose, 1-breathing a
  16. Cia

    Chapter 40

    “And you are mine,” he said. “Hmm?” I looked up at him, too blissed out to move. “What?” “You said mine.” He blinked lazy eyes at me. “We belong to each other now.” I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but I was glad I did. For days I’d been on edge, like the skin I was in was too tight, my muscles quivering on the verge of an explosion. Inside I’d been just as big of a mess, emotionally and mentally. Now all I wanted to do was sleep. “Rest.” I stroked his chest and one thigh. The universe could stay outside our quarters for a little longer. Our reprieve was not a
  17. Major Payne. It has a whole host of one-liners! "Heh-heh-heh!"
  18. They get obnoxious to me after a while; they're similar but not consistent. I prefer the sound of raindrops. It's still white noise but random enough I don't start anticipating a pattern.
  19. Cia

    Chapter 39

    I climbed up and slotted between his legs, gasping when his shaft stroked along mine before I could wrap my hands around them. How did he do that? My eyes threatened to roll back in my head. “You are so soft everywhere,” he rasped. “But this is so hard.” “Uh-huh.” I ached to come already. I wouldn’t let him take me over like he had last time though. This time I was scenting him. I captured our shafts in two of my hands. His dusky fluids and my clearer precome mingled already, easing the glide of my palms. I hissed. “So good.” I leaned down to nudge his head to one side, tracing the m
  20. I hope 130k story doesn't intimidate you... just think of all the time you could spend enjoying the tale. How about a snippet to whet your appetite? Want more? Click here
  21. Cia

    Member Title

    "Some random drivel" Tell us how you really feel. Super respectful, there. The member reputation level titles were NEVER editable. You're mixing up the names of things, and it has nothing to do with anything that was once an option (it wasn't) or that we changed (we didn't). Maybe try to check the FAQ when you have questions before you revive extremely OLD topics when the forums were updated and changed many times by IP Board (not us, remember, we only customize Stories). What you can edit on your profile is clearly explained in one topic and there's even another topic that shows all the
  22. May is here, and with it another Classic Author banner and story feature. Do you take the time to search out these older stories? Well, if you don't, never fear, we'll bring them to you with our monthly features! I don't know about you, but the past year plus has been crazy, so I thought... let's turn the feature on its ear and do a Christmas season story in May. Length: 160,370 Description: Nicholas is a young street painter in Berlin and full of painful memories until he meets Marcus Weidenbruch, who turns his life up side down. He could be happy if but for Marcus' selfishne
  23. Slander, sir, slander.... 😒 followed by assault by nude mental imagery. 😰
  24. I'm an original fiction writer. I do sell ebooks, more in the past than now, and try to keep up on trends but I write what flows for me. If I am not interested in writing it, I don't think it will be interesting for readers to enjoy it. Otherwise I'd write het fiction with female leads. *shudders*
  25. Cia

    Chapter 38

    Bouncer was up and snarling, his rumble a deeper counterpoint to my pissed off hissing anger. I only wished I sounded that intimidating. It didn’t matter, I had a cerops to back me up, and once I figured out who had touched Garjah, I would hunt them down and together we’d rip off all four of their arms so they couldn’t go around touching other people who shouldn’t be touched by anyone but— The ramble in my brain didn’t end as I circled Garjah who stood very, very still. No, it only got more violent when I realized the scent was just in front of him. His heart was beating fast, but he look
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