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  1. Okay, I admit it... the holidays finally have me. It's not quite tree time, but we're sooooo close. So why not enjoy a little early holiday heartwarming with Libby Drew's amazing short story, The Art of Walking in Snow? Length: 10,023 Description: Jamie doesn't let people get close, but his new employer refuses to play by those rules. Maybe this is the year Jamie will banish the ghosts of Christmases past. A Reader said: What a wonderful tale as we approach Christmas. There is so much said and unsaid between Jamie and John that weaves this tale into something more
  2. Cia

    Chapter 11

    Medical knowledge and advancements, right? Like how about in the 1950s when they irradiated customer's bodies to size their feet with fluoroscope machines? Perfectly safe x-rays, people! Step right up and put your groin next to the box so your shoes aren't too tight. Yeah... that's gonna be your biggest worry in the future! lol Something that is meant to help a little can hurt a lot. Just saying!
  3. Cia

    Chapter 13

    Garjah pressed a spot on the straps and they retracted smoothly. What had he pushed? I didn’t see any button but I could have been free that easy? Not that there was anywhere to go. I didn’t see a way to open the door from the inside either, and the room was small. I sat up immediately and hissed as my feet touched the floor. They were bare and the pulse of an engine vibrating through the metal disturbed me. “Are we still moving?” “Yes, but you are awake now so Timok wants me to take you for a meal.” “Timok?” “He is the doctor from earlier.” Oh, the biologist, the other ali
  4. Cia

    Chapter 12

    Like calls to like? Essell didn't mind the bug but higher lifeforms would bother him. It would be important to find out what they view as a higher lifeform, right? It'll definitely be interesting, that's for sure. Ahhh, you are usually so good at picking up clues. Did you this time? Or are you in left field? Hmmmm Garjah is definitely a fun character to write. Alien characters are my FAV to explore. Thanks for commenting! A crush? Maaaaybe. He definitely feels sumthin.
  5. Cia

    Chapter 11

    LOL! No one likes it when people spew droplets about nowadays. Alien vaccines, hmmm.... Would THAT be a safe? They do seem advanced, but 'seem' is an operative word. Ahh, but the biological imperative is still there on a level that still hits us on a chemical level on top of the societal one. The dichotomy comes in when procreation comes in just for reproduction and not for any true desire to care for a child--which we see all too often, unfortunately. I suppose this was a bit of me putting some personal views into a story; my kids are the center of my world. I find it anathe
  6. Cia

    Chapter 10

    Yes, Bouncer was totally innocent! I do so love my irony! And I just knew the whole probe thing would pop into people's heads, lol. Yeah, it definitely wasn't what he expected. Then again, learning your universe isn't quite as ordered as you expect it to be is a shock many young people go through.
  7. Cia

    Chapter 12

    “His mouth was open the whole way here, showing off his flat teeth and that thick, pink tongue of his.” What? No wonder my mouth was so dry! And my tongue wasn’t thick or my teeth flat. Well, the ones in back were, but my teeth were normal. I glared at him, ready to tell him off with a vicious glare and snarl but then the clear cup of fluid waved in front of my face distracted me. My arms were too heavy to lift and hold it. The glare dissolved off my face, and I nearly cried. Water, right there, and I couldn’t take it. “Shh, I’ll help you.” The cup was held to my lips, and I was dr
  8. Well, spooky October is over and now we have November up. Heading into the holiday season, what better time to enjoy stories about compassion, family, and love? So please enjoy this month's selection! Amafi Coast by @CLJobe Length: 12,971 Description: A story of compassion. A Reader said: Awesome chapter, Sad thoughtfull and joyful, and a great end to get another awesome story. Thanks ~ mikedup Enjoy this month's ready, and don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on the Discussion day on Monday, November 30th!
  9. In many houses (non-palatial, of course) that role is performed by the person titled "Mom". 😛
  10. That's just a weird word to say too.
  11. Cia

    Chapter 11

    Hissing was the last thing I wanted to hear. Did they have me in a medical bay like I thought? Or was I in some sort of zoo or specimen area? If these were unknown aliens and they were harvesting from the planet, maybe they thought I was a native and they’d taken me along with other creatures. Like that giant, slithering death machine that could swallow me whole. I did not like legless creatures. Not at all. Yes, it was biased of me. Yes, I was supposed to be a scientist—above all those silly fears a child has, able to reason and use logic. All creatures developed based on a ra
  12. Well it's almost over for October, and it's nearly November! How quickly the time does fly. Get it, fly? Like Fairfly, this month's CSR feature by ObicanDecko! Did you read it? Make sure you share your thoughts on the story below! But first, as always, my interview with the author for readers to enjoy! Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Yes! I love my fruits (watermelon, peach, strawberry, you name it) and veggies – I could eat broccoli and spinach every day. If you were an animal, what would you be? I’d either be a house cat, so I can sleep all day, or a squirrel, so
  13. Did you catch Monday's feature with Jack Scribe's Life's a Grind banner? Why exactly IS there a mask on it? Hmm... answer in the comments if you know! Or share what you thought of the story if you've read it. I picked this section of the story, a few chapters in, because it gives you a good sense of Jeremy's character. He's pretty smart for a teen, certainly responsible, but wowsers... the curveballs life's bringing his way could be interesting. Well, if you're into that sort of thing. 😜 You might think you know from this snip, but oh, there's so much more to the opportunity he's
  14. Cia

    Chapter 10

    It was the feet. Those broad soles and flat toes digging into the earth were made to move soundlessly. And the subtle green striping would probably help the creature to blend in amazingly with the foliage around us, if he wanted to. Based on the way he stood, feet spread apart and four arms braced, two on the torso and two outward facing me, he wasn’t hiding at all. The planet did not have any structures or even ruins that indicated an advanced civilization or culture; nothing to show manufacturing or building. No way to cover up making the textile industry responsible the smooth fabri
  15. Cia

    Meet the Humans

    Please remember to keep all comments regarding any politics directly related to the story character and events. Any references or mentions of current politics, parties, or events outside of the story content may result in moderation.
  16. Happy October! Thanksgiving for our Canadian friends, Halloween for just about everyone, or all sorts of festival fun if you're not a follower of the candy trick-or-treats theme. The year is passing by so fast, and we're almost done with 2020 (whew!). I thought the title of this month's feature was apt for how many of us probably feel about this year.... Enjoy! Length: 97,474 Description: Jeremy and his group of friends are seniors at a Chicago high school. He juggles a part-time job (to help pay expenses at home) with the academic challenges and school activities of his final
  17. Cia

    Chapter 9

    He was trotting along ahead of me, weaving through bushes I had to hack a path through, when his rigid stance caught my eye. “What is it, boy?” I spoke quietly to avoid spooking him or alerting whatever had caused his alarm. A loud blast overhead sent me into a crouch at his side. He was belly down flat to the earth, his ears folded flat and head swinging wildly. What was that? We’d walked most of the day. I’d observed several insects, but for all his ability to walk far quieter than I could, the prey animals must have some other way to sense his presence. They stayed safely hidden, th
  18. I should have mentioned all those were mistakes I had to unlearn making while writing, and even I sometimes fight author voice, btw... not just what annoys me now, regardless of what @Myr says of how I flay him while editing. 😈 I'm always my most critical editor first.
  19. People are not objects. I am not a 'that'. I always see it and envision a snooty lady making a snarky comment about a person with a lip curl, no matter who is talking or the person being referenced. LOL And yes, I get irked when dialogue is described with vocalizations or actions that cannot possibly be actually done at the same time a person is speaking. I "see" what I am reading, so it jars me out of the visualization. Another pet peeve that does that? Independent body movements like "his arms fell" or "his eyes shot over". Um, no. People move their arms and your gaze goes places while your
  20. Cia

    Chapter 8

    “Bouncy?” I tossed him another tidbit from the bag, flicking it with the fork so he could jump and catch the bite. It’d become a game for him, but I was trying to see how high he could jump. Those powerful hindquarters definitely gave him some spring. “Springy?” He caught the next bite that I really hadn’t expected him to. “Wonderful!” I praised him, clapping. He skittered back, not liking the sound. “Aww,” I said. “Did I scare you?” That brought back another memory. I’d had many different staff to take care of me. My parents liked to hire academics too, and once I’d had a Truquell nur
  21. Happy Halloween month! This is a month for fun of the paranormal type. Magic. Were-creatures. Myths. Fantasy. Ghosts. Or whatever else tickles your ghoulish fancy. I'm going with a story by ObicanDecko for the CSR feature, Fairyfly. This is an older story, so you might not have read it or you might be due for a reread. Enjoy!! Fairyfly by @ObicanDecko Length: 65,659 Description: Young Esthor is the best sorcerer in all the kingdom and beyond. When King Norius calls upon him to save his eldest daughter, Esthor resorts to drastic measures that will have some people fighting t
  22. Cia

    Chapter 9

    Please keep all comments related to political events and figures directly related to this story's specific events and characters. All other comments may be subject to moderation per GA site guidelines for political discussion outside of approved areas.
  23. Cia

    Chapter 7

    I kicked my legs and struck something that gave. Freed from the grip pulling me across the ground, I rolled, reaching for the shock wand I dropped when I’d been grabbed and yanked away from the wall. A heavy weight pounced on my back, shoving me into the soil. I inadvertently took in a mouthful, spitting and coughing. “Ugh. Ggg, groff!” The stuff was like fine, powdered dust when dry and a sucking mud that clung when wet. I was in a mix of both from the heat of the fire and the damp of the morning dew. The weight of my suit was a fraction of what it could be, since it was made one of the l
  24. Did you read Forces by Invnarcel this month? A little dark, a little twisted, maybe a journey you weren't quite expecting... just right to get us in the mood for Fall! Enjoy my interview with Invnarcel below, then leave your comments on his story or writing! Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. If you had 30 minutes of free time, what would you do? Meditate and connect with myself. It’s relaxing and great. What brought you to GA? A love of reading and posting gay stories! Is there a literary character (in the whole universe of fiction) that you’ve read
  25. Did you catch Monday's feature with the banner for Rec's story, Palouse? Check it out if you want to feature it in your signature. So I live in Washington, so I know how special this region of the state is, how scenic it can be... but just how few opportunities there can also be for anyone who is 'different'. Rec's story has all of that and more. I think you'll enjoy this excerpt as well. Click here to read more
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