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    First Snow

    Thank you, DrP! There was a lot more I'd love to add to this, but I just ran out of words. Hopefully the brevity didn't take away from the larger tale around the storyline and interactions between Miguel and Wink. Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you too, Chris!
  2. Monday I featured Sara Alva's short story, Dare. Did you read it? It's just 5k, a story of friends, fun... what more could you want to take a break from your life right now? A holiday time out, a reminder of summer to come if the cold is sapping you, or even just because those memories of carefree days can be so fun to head back to. And that's just why I picked this excerpt. Did you ever play Truth or Dare? The swing is one thing... but were you ever this dumb? Want to know what happens next? Click here!
  3. Cia

    First Snow

    The magic of that first snow, not just of the season, but the first ever!
  4. Cia

    First Snow

    Miguel peered out the window into the darkness. It was rain mixed with slush. The edges of the window were rimed with frost, and he shouldn’t want it to snow, but he did. He had to go back to job hunting in the morning, and his coat wasn’t thick enough to keep out the cold, but could it be worse than the rain? It was still damp from his futile all day trek yesterday, even though he’d left it draped over the vent. Maybe he should have stayed in Florida, where everything was familiar, where the weather didn’t make his fingers and feet ache with cold. But he needed a fresh start. Take some cl
  5. So half the world celebrates the holidays in the heat. So while this story isn't a holiday tale, I couldn't help but pick a story that features a group of friends and some summer-time fun. This snack-sized tidbit is just right for this busy time of year for readers to enjoy too! Length: 5,064 Description: Mark always takes a dare. A Reader said: This was just a wonderful story, written very well. And I loved the ending! You are really really good at this. ~ Toast If you want to spread the word about Sara Alva's story, download the graphic below and add it to y
  6. If you worked with a beta/editor, try looking them up. Or try the Way Back machine?
  7. Ask me to delete it and resubmit it without it being post-dated would be the best bet. A PM is the best way to contact me, as long as I'm not out of town all day like I was today/Saturday.
  8. Cia

    Chapter 18

    “I thought you were working.” “You’re going to eat now, yes?” Garjah filled the doorway. “I thought Timok was taking me.” I stepped out of my quarters, and the door swished closed behind me. “He was just here.” “Timok will meet us there. He is getting the food.” Garjah started walking, and before the turn in the corridor I was struggling to keep up and breathe without panting. He slowed. “I apologize.” “Fine.” I waved him off. “Just, slow down please?” “Are you sure? I can carry you.” His lower arms lifted away from his body slightly. “No! I can walk.” His thin
  9. One of the great ideas Myr had to customize GA's Story Archive is the ability to do a custom story search. If you click on the Stories tab, these options appear right above the list of the most recently updated stories on the main page. You could set the genre for drama, tags for teen, coming of age, click filters and then statuses if you only want to read complete stories, then check the 'sort' options to check if you want to have them sorted by most recent update, most comments, most views, etc.... It's great to ask for recommendations, but explore our search options to help check out genres
  10. A little nod to the upcoming holiday
  11. On my agenda to read the other 3 stories tonight now that the first trimester at school is done and report cards are finished, WOOHOO, but thank you to everyone who left a comment or review on my story this week!
  12. Cia

    Chapter 1

    Yes, the shadows were truly dark in this story, and they affected the characters to a deep degree--the innocent and soldiers alike. I wanted to offer a shaft of hope with Maris and Callim's love, but I left a lot of their struggles unanswered. I appreciate you always taking the time to leave me great comments, DrP!! Thank you for reading and commenting, Chris! The darkness would rise if left unchecked, but the cost of fighting it can be just as harsh. So many facets of shadows to explore with this anthology. The love was definitely meant to offset the harshness of the rest of
  13. Cia

    Chapter 1

    His arms flopped off the litter, hands limp and dangling as the two soldiers at the front and back jogged away from the post. Another soldier down, and each and every one tore a hole in my soul. “Put him with the others,” I ordered. I turned away, gaze intent on the monitors. “Cold bastard.” The muttered insult and agreements from the squads at my back burned me up inside. I spun on my heel, planting both feet as I glared at the troops standing in rows waiting for their release. I sent them out, and some of them returned on their backs instead of their feet. It was the reality of b
  14. The war with the demons in the Underrealm can exhaust even the strongest soldier. As the war drags on, how can one commander face his duty when each and every battle threatens his heart and soul?
  15. Cia

    Chapter 17

    Hook. Line. Sinker. It was an old line I’d picked up from my nurse. She’d had all these old idioms that made very little sense. I’d never lived near a lot of water, so that one had intrigued me the most. She’d told me stories of fish great and small, and giant white whales—creatures that roamed the depths of the oceans and had been hunted by men in boats dug out from trees, their weapons so primitive it seemed amazing they were able to catch anything at all, much less something so large. But humans could do amazing things. Like trick aliens. I hadn’t been harmed, but the conversations I’d
  16. That's right, this month we have a holiday triple feature! These Christmas stories are like sprinkles of joy you can use to brighten your day and hearts. Just the right length for a short read, please enjoy these stories brought to you from 2 of our Signature Authors and 1 of our Classic Authors. The Christmas Cracker by @Mikiesboy Length: 1,528 Description: Hawken picked up the red Christmas Cracker and offered the other end to Lori-Anne. She grasped it. They pulled. It snapped with a satisfying bang. Hawk carefully pulled out the contents. The others had receiv
  17. Awww, Steve, take some anti-inflammatories. That slow mo fall moment is so scary and you're cussing the whole time in your head--or at least I do! After I shattered my leg I fell a few times due to stuck crutches or my knee buckling over the years since then. Earlier this fall it happened coming down the stairs at work and of course people saw. So embarrassing, but at least I was just 2 steps from the bottom.
  18. Cia

    Chapter 16

    I was tempted to irk Garjah by testing the material around Bouncer’s feet. It was molded to his feet like a second skin. I’d seen the same thing holding liquid in the front of the hold, and it was flexible. I had to assume it was to prevent any of the poison they said was in his claws from coming out. Or did he inject it. The curiosity almost made me pick up his front leg and press on the pad, but Garjah’s hovering prevented it. Besides, what if his claws punctured it. I tilted my head… but then what good would it do? But it was thin, and flexible, just like plastic. Frustrated, I wished f
  19. I have one! Better last minute than never. Battle for Souls - Fiction - Gay Authors
  20. Holy cannoli! November is over! The holiday season is upon us, but first we must enjoy and discuss this month's featured story, Amafi Coast by CLJobe. Did you get a chance to read it? Share your thoughts below, or just enjoy my interview with this month's featured author! Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point? Since I am in bed, 100 percent of the time, I have a care giver who helps to change my bed. What is something most people don’t know about you? Besides being an old man, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and I am a Re
  21. "Why didn't I finish that novel when I..." Yep, wistful!
  22. Cia

    Chapter 15

    We saw a few other Four Arms on our way to the hold. Garjah exchanged greetings with them, but none of them spoke to me. They stared at me intently, but I studied them just as closely. They all wore close-fitting suits like Garjah did, and they had boots on. The skin I could see varied in shades of green, and unlike Garjah who wore stripes across his skin, their markings varied. Some had spots, some swirls, a few looked almost geometric. Chevrons, squares, even waves. One smaller being had no marks I could see at all. Female? None of the Four Arms had hair, but a few had smooth skulls
  23. Cia

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I often come up with new worlds I'd love to come back to, but so rarely have the time. It took me a minute to think back, but you're spot on with the reptile. Funnily enough, 2 years later my son got a leopard gecko and my daughter a snake a few months after that. *shivers* I can hold the lizard, but not the snake.
  24. Did you catch the blog feature on Libby Drew's story, The Art of Walking in Snow, on Monday? Go download the banner if you want to share you love for this short story. If you haven't read it yet, well, why not? I'm featuring this excerpt because it reminds me SO much of all the years we took our kids out to cut down our own tree. The cold, the cocoa, the fun of picking just the right one... it's definitely Christmas! But this story goes so much deeper than that, so much more into what the season can truly mean if we open our hearts to those around us. Want to read more? Click here
  25. Cia

    Chapter 14

    Whatever I wished to know. I could ask him questions for hours. Who cared about food? I wished I had a recording device. Notes. I needed to take notes. How else could I organize my thoughts or remember everything Garjah told me? Garjah settled a plate in front of me. It held fairly standard looking protein cubes and some feathery purple stalks. “What are these?” I asked. “They are safe. Timok had Andulsa program in a human-safe section to the food reproducer. These are your protein cubes, and this is selari blooms from a planet in your sector.” Not a planet I’d ever visited. “Just
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