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  1. cd00nz

    Circumnavigation (99+55) Doomsday

    Bloody Hell. Dam fine Chapter, Much excitement! Thanks yet again! I hope we don't have to wait too long. I would love to guess what is going to happen but I am so enjoying the ride I shall just sit back and wait. Can't thank you enough for your writings
  2. cd00nz

    Circumnavigation (99+41) Full Circle

    wow there's some serious progress. your right that worked great as one chapter. Nice to see the good guys have a bit of a win, but I am sure we will see things swing back soon its what we have come to expect. Sheep humour nothing new there. Szzzzzz. and from a goat too :-) Thanks again.!!
  3. cd00nz

    Circumnavigation (99+40) Sweet Sorrow

    Well at least we got some of Gray's plans and what he's been up to. the rest is hints hints hints not a cliff hanger, NO! No we did not just get building tension! Dam your good at that! Were not on the edge of our seats waiting at all. pfftt! I think I will learn more by walking out to the coast of NZ with my binoculars and hoping I see them :-) Yes thats me in my 420 splashing about! Thanks Cheers. Right ignoring you will go sailing instead
  4. cd00nz

    Circumnavigation (99+39) Gobsmacked

    Gidday Mate, woo hoo now that's a better length chapter. XXXX is cause those aussies can spell beer, Says the Kiwi!!. Those aussie boys probably should use a little more of that awesome colourful aussy slang, but there was a little thrown in. that'd make them Dinky-di the real thing, genuine http://www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.html
  5. Hmm, building building, setting up for the final push, Again thanks CJ. and lets hope its not the last we ever hear from these characters. come on you lot give CJ some love and feed our tormentor so he feeds us!!! https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/35705-cjs-rant/ Hugs from kiwi land!!!
  6. cd00nz

    CJ's Rant

    Okay so I have not even read the latest chapter yet I have stopped after reading your plea, I have offered a few comments, but it is never enough and I am sorry. I have to say I am conflicted I want to both encourage and discourage you. Say what! I hear you say!!Please please please forge on this story is great. Please please please don't stop. but on the other hand Whine ahead Please don't finish, I/We love the characters and they have become like comfortable old friends, More forever, I know it will end but .... big sigh ...... okay then at least another story after this oneOkay I can't pen more until I have read the latest. Rants! raves! talks to self! COME ON ENCOURAGING PEOPLE.!! crank up those keyboard! P.S. yours are the only stories I have ever commented on on GA.!!!! That should tell you just how much I appreciate you!!!!Right time to read!!
  7. “Cruel and abusive bastard!” torture us more why don't ya. feed us progress but such little bits. abusive I say. excite us much!!! thanks Mate
  8. cd00nz

    Circumnavigation (99 +11) Operation Wesson

    Awesome Stuff, Hey Canuk that's a kiwi term too :-) STOP STEALING OUR STUFF AUSTRALIA!!! Hands off our pavlova :-) Can't hardly believe I actually wan't her to get away. But the best justice for her is the cartel's revenge. Thanks really enjoying the story.

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