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  1. itgilman

    Chapter 129 Deja Vu

    I have been an avid reader of this story since the outset, and was really enjoying it. However, for the past couple of months the narrative seems to have lost direction. Chapter 128 is a good example. What was the point? So, is it simply that you can’t decide how to bring things to a conclusion, or is there a grand plan? Interested also to know if any other readers feel this way. I do actually enjoy most of Dodger’s writing, and felt that this story had a clear impetus for the first one hundred chapters. Also like the initial chapters of his other story - The Church? But recently I’ve been wondering what is going on. And I mean this kindly! I’ve devoted the past few years to reading every installment.
  2. itgilman

    Chapter 19

    I so agree with the comments above. I get fed up with writers who begin well and then either lose interest, or events conspire to prevent them from taking the story further. How much better to write the story in advance, and then post regularly, not necessarily every day as this author does, but at least once a week. This would also have the advantage of providing an opportunity for writers to review their work as a whole before posting, and to avoid inconsistencies or mistakes. Plus it might prevent them from just going on and on, and more or less ruining the tightness of the plot. There are several stories on this site, which have begun very well, but the writer has allowed the story to drag on pointlessly. By all means write a sequel if there is more to say. Apologies for the rant, but I am so disappointed by having my expectations raised and then just cut adrift. And thank you Jdonley for such a well written tale. Ian
  3. itgilman


    That's fine for you, Jim, but not all of us readers are from the USA.
  4. Really enjoying this story! Thanks a lot. Love the 50s setting and details.
  5. Welcome to GA ~!!~

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