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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

  2. DKing23

    Favorite Gay Thing

    I really can't pick just one thing, so I Will list them according to category.... Musician: Jay Brannan & Jonny McGovern Manga: Loveless Anime: Kyo Kara Maoh Movie: Eternal Summer & Bangkok Love Story Book: Martin Bauman, Or A Sure Thing Author: Michael Thomas Ford Song: Jesse By Ivri Lider Concert: anyone where Cazwell is performing...
  3. I will now be updating only on Mondays and Thursdays. Twice a week is enough...

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. The Story is called Reservations. I know because it is one of my favorites... The site for his stories has disappeared, but to read some of his other works go here Drew's Works Parts of reservations are up there, but not all of it.
  6. happy brithday dking

  7. happy brithday dking

  8. Posted New Story... In Victoria's Honor... Finished Blood Bonds and added more chapters to DIOTB and OKTL...

    1. Frostina


      the new story Is awesome.. when re we gonna get more?? :P

  9. Thanks to everyone whowished me a happy birthday and as a gift to myself, I will be posting something new....

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a GREAT one :)

  11. Happy Birthday! I think 21 is the absolute best age!

  12. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day.

  13. I am finally legally an adult!!! I am 21 today!!!

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    2. Cia


      :P I'm sure you've never done anything before today that 'adults' can do though, right? I thought so!
    3. Frostina


      Have an Awesome Adulthood ahead then.. :P

    4. Mark Arbour

      Mark Arbour

      Remember, the most important thing to do on your birthday is to get laid. ;-)

  14. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  15. Welcome To GA!!!!


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