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  1. I was born in the 80s as well. Though when ask to think upon it, there are two things that come up for me: The fall of the Berlin Wall and the "Tank Man" of Tinnamen Square in China.
  2. This smells fishy to me from your description Xtro... bait and run almost... Kobi if you are around and reading, give us more information like what Xtro has listed. They aren't demanding ones as they are legit. Or did you want someone to ghost write you for free? Nothing wrong with that but you have to out right say it too.
  3. I just accidently came across this movie preview some place else and watched it. Then I came on here and didn't realized you have posted this here long ago... I wished I watched it then. The movie has this very epic feel to it. Epic in the sense of measuring the scope of humanity: the basic instincts of love, life, and living. The book seems like an interesting read. I'm going to read it and then go watch the movie to make a comparison since I kinda enjoy doing that. For anyone who is curious check out the trailer of the movie, the second posted link Lemon Fresh posted. It's int
  4. Right. As if you have a complete understanding also. I'm sorry humanity is not something anyone can understand completely because it is filled with a vast array of people with different personalities and beliefs. To suggest even the inkling of an idea that someone can understand humanity is a joke. We can only understand humanity in the vaguest sense. God forbid I disagree with someone and express my opinion. I don't wish to argue for the sake of argument. I just thought I'd sahred my thoughts as you have. People can like what I said or dislike it. But if you dislike, don'
  5. If only GA was a physical place.
  6. Some of you are familiar with my stories. Some of you maybe haven't read my works. As some of you know, I am working on getting my story Eye of the Tiger represented by an agent and then published. I haven't queried yet because this summer I've been too busy with my real life job. I have also began to procasinate the past month or two by writing something else. But I have been doing research. Looking up agents. Reading on agency bios and agent bios. Researching who represented what book and author and how accomplished and how much work an agent had put forth in their client's work.
  7. This is the most laughable argument I ever heard. You are comparing different situations. The Titantic claim would make sense if those kids were placed in seat beat and some one crashes into them and the kids weren't allowed to take off the seat beat and then the bus explodes killing them all... would be comparable. Jesus was preaching a religion unlike this boy who stuck his head out the window. It would be comparable say this kids was preaching to the other kids and the security guard didn't like and shoved him up through the hatch so the kid could get killed. Joan of Arc was
  8. I'm sorry. The SG and the bus driver are not at fault. As said, all roof top hatches are for emergency use only. I think it's stupid to protect the idiocy of people. Since when was it other people's job to be accountable for other folks. If you (the person, not anyone specific) fail to use common sense and listen and die it's no one's fault but you're own. It's because everyone always wants to blame someone else that this world is going to crap. No one ever wants to be held accountable for their own actions. If I give my friends a ride and someone slammed into us and all my friends die
  9. I disagree. It is not the driver's fault for the stupidity of others nor should he/she (the driver) be held accountable. The kid has been told multiple times not to open the hatch by an adult. He did it anyway. Blaming the driver would be like blaming the driver for the death of a person who suddenly jumps in front of your car /bus to commit suicide. Did the kid deserve to die? Some would argue yes for his own lack of judgment. I don't think so, people make dumb mistakes - everyone does. Making someone accountable is basically wanting to place blame and in this case, the driver was n
  10. Ah the fan gushing... He hasn't made a lasting impression on me yet, but I'm sure that song will come soon... but I do enjoy him when one of his songs come thru via shuffle mode.
  11. This first paragraph are ones I really like, love even. I actually like ballad songs/groups. I especially enjoy 2am (boy ballad group). Like I am crushing hard on two of the members. In fact, my avatar picture features one of the dudes (the guy on the left, which is one of the two guys I'm crushing on). I like the Brown Eyed Girls a lot. I like them becase their recent songs have more underlying meanings to them rather than just being about love/romance etc. I also loved Son Gain (a member of the Brown Eyed Girls who went solo for awhile). I also greatly enjoy CN BLue and FT Island.
  12. I'm an avid K-Pop listener and this guys gets worldwide recognition... though I do have to say the music is catchy and I do like one other song of his for the same reason.
  13. OoooOOOOOOooooOOh cool stories! I have one myself. When I was 12 or so, my family and I always visited this farm because we were friends of the family. This day we stayed late because other folks had came and visited so it was like one mass gathering. It was in California and in the summer so the night was really warm and it was around 9pm or so and us tween/teens decided to play hide and seek in the dark while everyone else was inside the house. There were about 13 to 15 of us. We laid down parameters of the barn and the lot the house was on was where we could hide, no pastures or an
  14. I find this number very hard to believe when I first heard it as they (movie producers and directors) knew how popular the books were and the anticipation were speculated to match that of Twilight. Lawrence herself made waves in the acting world in Winter's Bone too. Oscar nominated and everything. I wasn't expecting her figure to be double millions... but somewhere at 1 million. It's so weird as I think actors are over paid and yet when they get paid in a "small" amount like that, my head reels cause other actors would get paid more. I just finsihed watching the movie for the first ti
  15. Excellant topic and example. I stopped reading that series it was so WTH moment that I just dropped the book right then and there... they are birds, not fish... This one was Final Warning I think, where they are at sea... I agree with your first paragraph... and I don't also mind the other type of blindsiding so long as it has an integeral (I probs spelt that wrong) and consistant part later on in the story and not just a surface moment to move the story along to its next point. (I tried to edit to do a spoiler/hide thingy where it should hide part of the post and then is revealed
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