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  1. Rilbur

    Chapter 19

    The title was a (bad) reference to a TV show. Not sure what else I'd call the story, to be honest; titles have always been something of a weakness for me.
  2. Cia

    Happy Birthday hun!

  3. Rilbur

    I'm an iPerson

    Speaking of English-language articles, look what was posted right after I finished my morning reading of the news yesterday: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/04/apple-ceo-tim-cook-responds-to-chinese-media-promises-better-service/ As far as the rest of your comments HH5... I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to reply to them. Between your increasing belligerence and their sheer unreadability, it's just not worth it.
  4. Rilbur

    I'm an iPerson

    Yes, I read the news. Do I read the same news as you? Obviously not, even ignoring the fact that there is a language barrier involved. Most of what I read is tech focused, from Arstechnica.com and similar -- properly researched, scholarly articles. Sometimes they lag a bit behind other news sites, but that would be because they actually bother with this thing called 'fact checking'. If you're providing something that's translated, it might be helpful to mention that -- along with linking to the original, which should always be automatic. Telling me to go find it is neither helpful, nor appropriate. It's your responsibility to provide links to information you include in your posts, and your responsibility to ensure that your communications are readable in the language of the forum you've chosen to participate in. A simple line of 'translated from article XYZ' would have sufficed. Clearly you've chosen to take my comment as a personal attack, and chosen to respond in kind. If I gave the impression it was an attack, I apologize. It was exactly what it was stated as: that source doesn't sound reliable simply because the grammar was beyond atrocious. It was intended as a subtle hint that you should have included a link to the original, but as I should have recalled, my version of subtlety is often lost on others.
  5. Rilbur

    I'm an iPerson

    HH5, I don't know where you got that second quote, but I wouldn't consider it a reliable source. The grammar is bad enough that any decent editor would have rejected it.
  6. Rilbur

    Invasion of Privacy/Death Threats?

    As others have stated, several times... Death threats: illegal. Hacking into her brother's facebook account: illegal. (Police aren't likely to take action on this one unless it's a very high profile case, like Aaron Schwartz -- but the same law that got him in trouble applies, unless the brother left himself logged in and the computer unlocked) Above and beyond any civic duty arguments that can and should be made, you have a personal responsibility to protect yourself. Go to the cops. This may strain your relationship with your friend, and that's sad, but go to the cops anyway. It's the right thing to do, to protect both yourself and your friend. If your friend were walking along the edge of a cliff, drunk, would you let him continue on his merry way, or would you pull him away from the edge? Same scenario, different details. His sister sounds seriously unhinged and dangerous. Don't go looking for a confrontation, but from now on you need to be prepared for one. If she ever confronts you in real life, consider her armed and dangerous and respond appropriately. Order her to keep her distance, and call the cops the second she does anything threatening -- up to and including refusing to maintain whatever safe distance you demand. (Be reasonable, and take the responsibility for maintaining it on yourself by walking 'around' her). If you can, avoid confrontation, but if she pushes it, don't be afraid to strike hard and strike home. That's why you need to get a police record going now that you feel threatened. That way, if/when you're forced to defend yourself, there's a record of why. Don't seek her out and confront her. But be ready if she seeks you out, because she sounds like the kind of nut job who could or would.
  7. Rilbur

    iSchool - is the world ready for it?

    hh5, I don't think anyone is arguing that we should give iPads to anyone below high-school age (14 years old or so). Below that, you're right -- they're too rambunctious too rough. Beyond that, giving iPads to students is stupid when Android is cheaper and just as effective (Android's primary weakness is fragmentation, by issuing the same device across an entire school you remove that issue). And since Android is open source, that's absolutely no issue with creating a device that's ruggedized to hand up to rougher handling, something that iPads are NOT.
  8. Rilbur

    iSchool - is the world ready for it?

    Saving costs is nice. But the point you're missing is that in this case, you're trimming costs that actually undermine the entire process. Maybe you save money over an iPad -- but that's actually debatable, because you'll have to provide multiple monitors in every environment. Instead of 1 iPad per person, you're stocking each classroom with as many monitors as the classroom can hold people. This creates duplication, especially when you add in the need to have additional monitors in facilities like the library. Plus you'll probably need to provide them at home for students. And even if you save costs, you create a situation with trade-offs that, frankly, are not worth it. The point of an iPad is it's portability compared to PCs. You can carry it anywhere, easily. Whip it out at lunch, on the bus, at school, etc etc. You can't do that once you bolt it to a keyboard and monitor. It's just not practical.
  9. Rilbur

    iSchool - is the world ready for it?

    The issue with this 'android mini pc' would be portability. You can't whip it out in the cafeteria to study between classes, or on the bus, or at library tables.
  10. Rilbur

    $1 million for a better condom

    Depends on how it's done. That said, that would only be helpful for avoiding pregnancy, not the transmission of STDs. Well, it'd help, somewhat, but...
  11. Rilbur

    $1 million for a better condom

    It's recommended as a safe-sex practice, so...
  12. Rilbur

    $1 million for a better condom

    I can't believe I have to explain that condoms aren't just for 'penetrative' sex -- they're also for oral.
  13. Rilbur

    Android 5 vs iOS 7, significant?

    Yes. And No. Even if HTML 5 was fully, 100% implimented, native code is always faster, and has fewer security loopholes. Plus Javascript is just a pain to work with on a serious project, even with JQuery.
  14. Rilbur

    Android 5 vs iOS 7, significant?

    The biggest problem with claiming that HTML5 works 'well' on all three is that unless they did it when I wasn't looking, they still haven't finalized the HTML5 spec. Scary thought, yes? Half the internet is running on 'specs' that aren't even finalized yet!
  15. Rilbur

    I'm an iPerson

    Disney doesn't own THX, so far as I'm aware. It was 'spun off' from Lucas Arts years ago, so Disney didn't acquire it in the purchase. Also, both Macs and Windows machines are easy to update: windows once properly configured does it automatically, the Mac just pops up a window saying 'time to install updates'.

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