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  1. Acedias

    The Talk

    Hi Jwolf, I came across your story after a long break from gayauthors and I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading it these last few weeks. The setting is really interesting. There is no frat culture where I come from so I find this background engaging if a little crazy - I mean I drank and smoked plenty at law school but these guys are friggen nuts! How do they pass? I love learning all these strange concepts like rushing and pregaming and tailgaiting and i still am not even sure what beer pong is - I try to picture the table and the cups and the ball ... but how is this a game? Why would one play this? The characters are fantastic too, I find them flawed, but realistic and 3 dimensional. I'm still not really sure what I make of the protagonist. He really can be quite awful and I find myself putting down my iPad and shaking my head in dismay at his antics. He is clever and cunning, but lacks emotional intelligence, reacting without thinking and often in a stupid self-defeating way. His own worse enemy. I feel like I have met his type before, actually he reminds me a bit of an ex of mine - himself a victim of bullying and homophobia in school and developing into adulthood a need to overcompensate, to perceive threats that are exaggerated and to react to even mildly aggressive behaviour from others with all out war, fighting shadows. I keep thinking: if only Corbin would use his powers for good!! But, on the other hand, I still find myself rooting for him, happy for his highs and sad for his lows. And even though Dom is probably more the victim and Corbin the perpetrator i still hate that dick and I really want Corbin to wipe the floor with him. The Brit is similarly infuriating. If I'd known 314,230 words ago that I would STILL not have an answer about him I might not have started this story! Yet I've thoroughly enjoyed the way you've managed to drag this out without it ever feeling like filler to me. I guess I gotta remember Pete is still only 20 or so - I dunno if I had figured out my sexuality at that stage either though it was obvious to other people. Mike though, ergh that guy is just dumb. At least I knew I was gay after I had sex with a dude, Mike is still in doubt? He reminds me of a family friend of my best friend who is 'not gay' he's just never had a girlfriend and sometimes shows up in my Grindr list when I visit her. I hope Mike doesn't win Corbin in the end. Surely you cannot have named this story after the Brit and then have him end up with someone else?? I mean Nick is fine, I guess ... but come on. 314,230 words!! Its got to be Pete. Anyway, I know this is completely hypocritical of me since I haven't updated my own story A New Life in like half a decade, but please please please write more quickly. And make it Pete not any of the others. Acedias
  2. Hoping that life is treating you well. Miss you 'round here.

  3. Sheez where does the time go .... I've been pretty out of the writing loop too long ....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lessthan


      Love the story! Hope you are doing well. :-)

    3. macky_st.james


      Please come back soon! Would be great to hear more about "A New Life" :)

    4. quokka


      Hey mate, I hope you get back to writing soon bro, im ha ging out for more with this story.

      Regards Quokka

      p.s, sounds like you are discribing Coral Bay in WA, it is very much like the town you are using as your theme location.


  4. Hope all is well with you and your health is good

  5. Merry Christmas! I hope that all continues well for you.

  6. Acedias

    Chapter 21: Date

    Nah you didnt come off as rude man! I am just overly sensitive maybe you related to blake in a way you didn't like they say we dislike in other people what we see reflected about ourselves ... or something like that. Definitely more drama to come hey ... the storm is brewing. Thanks for reviewing again.
  7. I would definitely recommend it! Words don't do this country justice
  8. Acedias

    Chapter 21: Date

    Hey there Damon, thanks for reviewing. I'm always glad to hear from fanatic readers hehe ... yeah finally get somewhere in this relationship hey? As for the next chapter, I have to confess I havent been very productive lately had a lot of real life problems getting in the way, but im still progressing. Anyway, thanks for reviewing!
  9. Hmmm that's a rather thought provoking review, thank you At first I was thinking to myself: how can this guy not like my central character! But actually you are right in your assessment of him as a character and I guess that's more important you just don't like those types of guys I guess, which is cool. In his defence I'd point out that most of what you read is what he thinks ... hes never really been anything but nice to people (leaving aside a drunken rampage at poor Derrick). Then again, maybe just cause he thinks it is no excuse? In my opinion its okay to think stuff so long as you dont say it aloud or do it but maybe I am wrong on that and it just comes out in my writing. Maybe I am more mental than I think and can't even represent normal in my writing hehe hmmm ... anyway, glad you are still reading and thanks for the review!
  10. Hmmm ... havent updated in a while so thought I better say hello. I havent been very productive lately but still plodding along with this story!

    1. Adiel333


      Acedias, you are killing me, KILLING me!! I am starting to experience withdrawal symptoms from a lack of Blake and Haze in my life. You know, here in the states next week is Thanksgiving when we celebrate what we are grateful for in life. Well, I am definitely grateful for your talents as a writter and your wonderful story "A New Life", however I know that a new chapter would only enhance these feelings, so please, PRETTY PLEASE, on my knees I beg and implore for MORE!!

    2. Seufarg


      I am with Adiel333 in spirit if not reality. And my knees are really hurting. But so much time has passed I am now concerned. I hope all is well with you. You are sorely missed.

  11. A movie huh? That would be cool. Then I could quit my day job ....
  12. Acedias

    Chapter 21: Date

    Hello there ... was wondering when you'd get round to reading this chapter! I am glad you liked it It was a bit light and fluffy I thought, maybe thats the way you like if you think its the best chapter I will get to that storm eventually ...
  13. I Achally quite like the cliff hangers, it makes me want to read more.

    1. Freddyness


      After all I read too fast. It only took me a day to read the LotR in full XD

    2. Acedias


      Wow ... then you'd read my whole story in an evening! Pity I can't write nearly as quick ...

  14. Acedias

    Chapter 21: Date

    Hey didn't see your review there buddy ... site's changed and I don't seem to get the pop-ups anymore. Anywayz, thanks for writing me! I know I don't update that quickly but it takes ages to write something and only an hour or so to read remember Glad you can relate to my characters and you're enjoying the story. More soon ...
  15. I posted a few pics of some of my new characters Pokey and Jonah on my thread: http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/30821-a-new-life/ ... yeah I am not creative enough to have made them up LOL

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