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  1. Bagnios

    Chapter 24

    What! Only 2 more chapters. 😩
  2. Bagnios

    Chapter 17

    I can’t decide on ❤️👍 or ...time for rock, paper, scissors. Great chapter.
  3. Bagnios

    Chapter 13

    I don’t think I can handle if he goes off the deep end. I can’t swim. 😥
  4. Bagnios

    Chapter 13

    Kyle just sent Jacob into emotional overload and not in a good way. 🤕
  5. Bagnios

    Vignette - The Echoing Silence

    Great addition to the backstory.
  6. Bagnios

    Chapter 8

    I got a pretty good idea how the disease works. Jacob’s father is definitely one and from what the others have said, it appears that Jacob is on his way developing the same. Though from the sound of it, Jacob’s nipped in the bud.
  7. Bagnios

    Chapter 8

    😳 Now my eyes are wide open! Thank goodness I read your warning and was drinking out of a sealed cup with a straw. Didn’t stop me from taking a sip the wrong way and spewed it all over. The seeming betrayal of the 2 men Kyle loved the most would be catastrophic. But with all the twists and turns in this story, who knows what went on behind closed doors. And with Jacob’s rampant alcoholism (apple does fall from the tree), he probably doesn’t make the best decisions when he’s tied a good one on. For David, he’s been an anomaly and I’ve been unsure if Kyle got the real story in regards to his mother’s departure. Did Kyle jump to conclusion that wasn’t true? Is there enough love to overpower the hurt and drive the forgiveness needed to heal for all no matter how the circumstances fall. Andy and Brian are bonus! Always felt they were a lot closer than pals. Thanks for another great chapter.
  8. Bagnios

    Chapter 7

    Dammit! I peeked. 😭
  9. Bagnios

    Chapter 6

    I’m just going to close my eyes until the end of the story. 😑
  10. Bagnios

    Chapter 5

    You’re just making it worse. I’m going need to run to Costco and get big package of tissues for this one. It’s obvious Jacob isn’t around. Either he ran off because he wasn’t good enough or he’s 6 feet under.
  11. Bagnios

    Chapter 4

    I’m unsure if I want to! I feel I’m headed to a 💔 while wanting 👨‍❤️‍👨.
  12. Bagnios


    Just one three letter word can describe this chapter for me, WOW!
  13. Bagnios

    Chapter 25

    Thanks for the new chapter. It was spectacular! 😘
  14. Bagnios

    Just Ryder

    “The Haners don’t need this. They don’t need me moving in and weighing them down. Teddy doesn’t need this. I’ve fucked him up enough for one lifetime. Am I really going to waltz right back in and do it again?” Oh oh! Here it comes again.
  15. Bagnios

    Liars' Club

    Yeah, Billy is slowly putting himself in an even worse position with Brett.

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