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  1. I hope you do continue and complete "First Night". I'm not a fan of everything being unicorns and glitter, so I'm enjoying the darker edge and where the story's going. Since I first read the original on another site, I was thrilled to see it here and in an expanded form. Thank you for sharing it and here's a preemptive thank you for continuing to its conclusion!
  2. Ignoring the stories for now, I absolutely LOVE the cover photo. Did you take the picture yourself or did you commission it from another photographer? Because, as a published photographer myself, I'd love to know who took the image so we can talk shop. Using such a stunning image can't have come easy; licensing photos is the same as licensing written works, so I'm thrilled to see good photography used for good writing.
  3. Jason MH


    I'm rereading this story right now on another site. I'm THRILLED to see it here. This is phenomenally good and heartfelt and real. And please bring your other stories here! I think you'll find a welcoming audience given how good your work is.
  4. "Come on, Darren, you have to admit that was a pretty awesome catch." "Yeah, it was okay." "Okay? That was way more than okay. That was some fancy footwork you did out there." Darren blushed, ducked his head, shrugged. He couldn't stop his eyes from glancing across the apartment at Brody when he said, "It's just football, Jeff." "Just football?" James mocked. "This is Texas. There's no such thing as just football." Jeff, another wide receiver, gave Darren a friendly smack on
  5. Sitting in their English AP class, Trish leaned toward Lynette and whispered, "You know, if Brody and Jace really don't want to go to prom, they should still do something fun." "I totally agree." "Maybe we should make some suggestions." "Such as?" "Clubbing!" Lynette frowned. "But we do that all the time. And it's not very romantic when you're being crushed in a crowd." "You're right. Bad idea." "What about the lake?" "Which lake?" "Does it matter? Oh, forget
  6. Like all children with Asperger syndrome, Zack and Zane Langstrom didn't relate to people very well, if at all, but not for lack of trying. As a general rule, the fifteen-year-old identical twins liked people and were in fact gregarious; they just had no ability to react properly to social interactions, often overwhelming people with their rapid, erudite, pedantic speech and narrowly fixated interests, all without comprehending the verbal and non-verbal cues coming from other parties. Which of c
  7. "Boys, dinner!" Jayne Anne yelled up the stairs to the garage apartment where Brody and Jace spent so much of their time when they were at the house. As she turned back to the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of the knowing smirk on her fifteen-year-old daughter's face before the expression vanished. Jayne Anne didn't know if Jenny knew about the boys, but Brody and his sister had always been close. If her mother's intuition was worth its name, she'd guess Jenny knew more than her parents did.
  8. Jason MH

    The Ex

    Trish watched Brody and Jace enter the cafeteria together and shook her head. She just couldn't understand how other people didn't see what was so obvious to her. Well, most other people didn't see it. Brody's sister Jenny knew, but they were so close that they had no secrets from each other. And Trish thought Jace's sister Lara knew, or suspected, or something. As for the twins, Zane and Zack, Jace's brothers, it was hard to tell what they might or might not know because they were slightly auti
  9. Jace lay with his head propped up on one arm as he lightly caressed his boyfriend's bare chest. He couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful body resting peacefully beside him. Brody's olive skin glowed with verve and vitality. He had a handsomely sculpted chest covered with well-trimmed black hair. His dark erect nipples were the size of quarters. Though broad of chest and shoulders, he didn't look too big or too square, just perfectly proportioned. His abs were hairless and defined without look
  10. Brody and Jace have been inseparable best friends since the first day of kindergarten. By the time they reached high school, they were boyfriends hiding their love from pretty much everybody. They're full of hope and plans for a future together when graduation's just a few months distant. But lying about a weekend away leads to both families discovering their secret. All the choices that led them to that moment are complicated by a flurry of heat-of-the-moment choices made by both sets of parents. In the end, Brody and Jace make a few more choices that may just alter the future for everybody.
  11. "Good morning, Mrs. Windham." "Good morning, Dr. Lareaux." "What brings you and Brody in this fine morning?" "Well... I know he's not quite two yet, but he seems to sleep more than he should." "Your mileage may vary on how much a child his age sleeps. There's no definitive rule about these things." "Oh, I'm sure you're right. It's just..." "Yes?" "Even when he's awake, he seems... well... I suppose he seems lethargic." "I see. Let me take a look at the little tyke
  12. This story was inspired by the Kyle character. Strange, huh? Yeah, I know. Honestly, though, many moons ago I met a neighborhood boy who was fifteen, attractive, unusually mature, and clearly—even if he didn't know it yet—sexually confused. The real Kyle developed a huge crush on me which lasted years before his family moved to another state. No, I never responded to that crush despite his increasing attempts to engage me both emotionally and sexually. A few years ago I had one of those rand
  13. February 5, 2019 For fuck's sake! I felt so nervous I thought I might fly apart at any minute. To make matters worse, Greg could tell. I could see it in his expressions and in his eyes. But I kept trying to chill, really I did. I kept trying to calm the fuck down before I preemptively ruined a good plan. That's the curse of being as close as the two of us: secrets were laughable myths because we were always in each other's head. It was nearly impossible to hide anything. And even if we s
  14. Jason MH


    @spyke - Would it make you wonder more if I admit I entertained that idea while writing the ending? Well, I suppose we'll have to wait and see. @mfa607 - Eagerly awaiting a chapter is the best compliment you could have given me. Thank you! @Rndmrunner - I hate predictable stories and I love stories that keep me guessing. I'm guilty of casting doubt on this relationship in a few comments, though I was only pointing out the doubt already written into the narrative. For me anyway, the most enjoyable tale is one that gives me every reason to hope for one thing while giving me every reason to doubt it can happen. As long as the drama is believable, that is (forced or counterfeit drama is unrealistic and tedious, something I can't stand). @Marty - You're very welcome! And thank you for reading! GA has rules about how often something can be posted by a single author, so I'm limited in that respect. I'm also limited by available time; I live and work on our family ranch, so I tend to stay pretty busy with what little spare time I have filled with reading and writing (I don't watch TV and rarely watch movies). Since I've always written for myself instead of an audience, I've been unsure how often I should post, but I figured most people would probably be like me: Give it to me now! So I've tried to keep the updates coming as often as possible. Thank you all for your feedback and support! You've made me realize my decades of writing mean I probably have a few things here and there that others might enjoy, and you've made it more than worthwhile to share. I really appreciate you folks more than you know!
  15. February 10, 2017 I squeezed his hand as I gave him a reassuring look, then we both returned our gazes to our therapist as Nate said, "We've discussed this in depth. We're confident in our decision." After exhaling a cloud of smoke, Uncle Farid glanced between us, from one to the other, his gaze considering and serious. Finally he smiled and shook his head. "Both of you remain mired in the aftermath of Richard's handiwork, though Greg's somewhat further along since meeting Kyle last
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