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  1. Torontotop

    Chapter 66

    Enjoyable chapter as always. It is so nice to have you posting again. Luka Brazzi - interesting choice of name. I hope that doesn't mean he will end up laying with the fishes
  2. Torontotop

    Chapter 62

    It was so nice to sign on and see a new chapter. Thanks for getting back to this saga which we all love. I hope things are good with you and look forward to future chapters especially focussed on Will.
  3. I love CAP and your writing and am really missing my weekly (or sometimes even bi-weekly) fix. Any idea when we can expect a new chapter?
  4. Torontotop

    Chapter 50

    Great chapter a beautiful ending to Robbie’s story and a beautiful chapter thank you Mark. Now as you seem to have forgotten I will remind you again, stop fucking making me cry! Also the chapter was too short and sorry, song lyrics don’t count towards length, even though they totally worked so I think you have to get the next chapter out really quick as you have left me seriously needing more, not that that’s unusual with your stories.
  5. Torontotop

    Chapter 40

    Wow, another great chapter, kudos to you and your team! That said, I thought I told you to stop making me cry, that's four chapters in a row. I now make sure I have a box of Kleenex nearby before I start reading. It has been nice to hear from Brad and of course great to have Wade and Matt back in the story. Thanks for the quick turn around on chapters and your excellent writing.
  6. Torontotop

    Chapter 39

    Fabulous chapter as usual, but can you please stop making me cry! Thanks for doing such a great job it really takes you back and mirrors the emotions many of us went through during the time of the attack. It is really great that the chapters are coming out so quickly the quick pace makes the story even more enjoyable, frankly I don't know how you do it but please keep it up.
  7. Torontotop

    Chapter 18

    I like the Christmas analogy that Tim makes above it seems quite apt. Thanks Mark for another great chapter, I too wait with baited breath for each installment and always feel my day is a little brighter if there is a new CAP posting. Even though Will has them where he wants them I think he should stress the investment opportunity, the value and what the property will be worth once finished, that it can be sold at a considerable profit or rented out if they decide not to keep it and lastly that he was careful enough to structure the deal to only risk the ten thousand earnest money and did tha
  8. Hope you had or are having a great trip! Not sure what parts of Asia you are in but China and Hong Kong are favorite places of mine. That said I am beginning to go through CAP withdrawal any idea of when the next chapter of 9.11 will be posted we are all waiting to hear what happens on the float trip.
  9. Torontotop

    Chapter 37

    An excellent chapter I think the Viceroy's offer is a great one, a sure thing, guarantees no loss of life and is a good compromise between gentleman. No doubt restocking the ships or making supplies available is part of the arrangement as it would now be in the Viceroy's interest; all in all it seems a great deal for gentleman and one that should appeal to Granger's sense of proper conduct. I have been missing my Mark Arbour fix and am wondering when you will start the next story of CAP?
  10. Torontotop

    Chapter 98

    That was a very touching ending to a great chapter. I am really happy to see Matt and Wade as life partners and hope to see them marry in the future when that becomes an option. CAP is my favorite story and I am loving this book and don't want it to end! As a small sidenote as it is no doubt hard to keep every item in mind, in book 8 Matt goes to a party at Jackie's house so he would know what to expect, and he finds being the son of Hollywood producer Robbie gives him great entree, your description of her and her house are almost verbatim. Please keep up the great work and keep them coming!
  11. Torontotop

    Chapter 76

    Thanks for the quick turnaround time and the great chapter! I liked the varying aspects from Will shopping and getting a blow job, dealing with some family stuff, to attending a party with some interesting kids. I also like the idea of Will with a regular guy who happens to be Jewish. I think it would be good for Will to see “real life” and the cultural diversity is nice. As always I eagerly await your next chapter.
  12. Torontotop

    Chapter 75

    Hmmm I am wondering/hoping that the guy Will hooked up with is John Carrillo, the football reference seems to indicate that. If it is John, (Matt’s old fuck buddy when Wade was pretending to be straight in public) it is nice to see him in the story again. I suspect he could use a good friend and be one for Will. Will being with him could really make Tony jealous, which could be interesting. Nice interaction with Will and Wade’s grandmother and father. It was interesting to see them from another character’s perspective and also nice to see Will being so mature and a good host on Wade’s beha
  13. Torontotop

    Chapter 73

    Great Chapter as always! Though there is always added pleasure in seeing one of our heroes win and seeing the culmination of a plot line unfold as it should. Now a few comments, It was just revealed to everyone except the few who knew that Wade is worth ½ a billion dollars one would think that would get some comment from both friends and family, not to mention all the attention from the press both for the size of his fortune and the whole court story. I would expect the press to be camped out, and for Wade to need security for both him, Matt etc. I expect Matt’s parents in particular to take e
  14. Torontotop

    Chapter 70

    WOW! Great chapter and a real treat to have a new chapter so soon. I am surprised Wade has not tried to make a deal with the Nurse to come clean and tell what has been going on, a little monetary inducement coupled with the alternative option of prosecution might sway her to Nana's side.
  15. Torontotop

    Chapter 69

    The plot thickens a great twist. It seems Wade's Mom hasn't become nicer since kicking her Alcohol dependency. Elizabeth is going to freak if she loses control of more money, I don’t think it is going to be pretty. Nana made a good choice in going to Wade and it’s fun to see him plan to ride out like a knight on a white Lear jet. The threesome at the end was enjoyable to read but even nicer were Matt’s words to Wade a suitable Thanksgiving message. It is always great to see their love illustrated or verbalized. Thanks for the new chapter I kept checking for it and was thrilled to have it fin
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