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  1. Freddie1

    Chapter 37

    My brother suffered from dyslexia and i can say for a fact that what Tom said is the truth. He was great at working with his hands but reading was a challenge. Once he understood a subject you would be hard pressed to prove him wrong.
  2. I was looking at this story, figuring out if i should read or not. Couldnt stop reading once i started, great story. Im up to date and following for updates.
  3. Freddie1

    Chapter 28

    Fantastic first part of the story. Didn't comment on every chapter but enjoyed each and every one. Waiting impatiently for book 2.
  4. Freddie1

    Chapter 20

    Clutch is a term where chickens is involved - a clutch of eggs -
  5. Freddie1

    Chapter 26

    And if you notice its not typically south african ways of eating but mosyly south african meals. I love this story. Makes me whish i can go on a cruise with these two. I bet it would be fabulous.
  6. Freddie1


    Another great story from you finished. Thank you.
  7. Freddie1

    Chapter 9

    And here's mine added too, making it 8 now. Wow Appias is sure gonna get it.
  8. Freddie1

    Chapter 58

    Again finished another great story from you. In-between the updates from the newest one. CL I wish I could have the talent you have with words. Every story I read from you so far has just produced floods. Carry on with your great work.
  9. Freddie1

    Chapter 1

    Great start to a new story that i can already see to be just as good as haven. I've already clicked on follow, so will follow this one with bated breath.
  10. Definately a most enjoyable read. Cant wait for the next book to come. hope it's soon.
  11. Freddie1

    Chapter 62

    Another great chapter. Glad that Brad realised that the first kid he ever helped became part of sanctuary without him even realising it. surprised it took him this long to realise the amount of adults that became invested in sanctuary. ❤️😭
  12. Freddie1

    Chapter 53

    😭😭😭 I swear you're only going to find a dam of water around me if you carry on this way. You did it again. Great chapter again. Seems like a whole lot of kids on the way to be added to sanctuary. The way it's going now Brad is gonna need to look at expanding the cocoon area before long.
  13. Freddie1

    Chapter 47

    Again a tear jerker. Carry on in this way and you'll have only a pool of water aroind me. great chapter. ❤️
  14. Freddie1

    Chapter 45

    I read 100% the same. Glad Patrick is getting better. CJ doing tealy good wit this story. Keep at it. 👍❤️
  15. Freddie1

    Chapter 39

    I seriously have to say that there has not been a chapter in this story that I have not been able to keep from crying my eyes out. This to me is really a eye opening story. As you so rightly said why some people with the means to be able to do something like Brad and not do it is beyond me. cannot wait for the next chapter. I'm just hoping that this one will not end up on hold or even long term hold as it will really not do this story justice ⚖. keep up the great work. ❤️❤️
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