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  1. dtothesecond

    Chapter 34

    The burning question is.... how's it going to end?? I am dying to know who is behind it all, who's going to get their just desserts, and who will get theirs with whip and a cherry? We know that everyone needs a break, and hope you are well. I, along with the rest of your adoring fans, eagerly await your return. Be well.
  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a great day!

  3. dtothesecond

    Chapter 5

    Maybe I'm reading between the lines a bit, but wow does this smack a bit of a similar twisted and multi-faceted plan to screw the family along the lines of our old nemesis "ABC". We don't really know if a) she was ever locked up or if she had enough money or toadies left over to do her bidding on the outside. The more I think about it, the more I see striking similarities to "Millennium" in certain ways. It was a total "ah-ha moment" and I thought I'd share. I'll be holding out with everyone else because I'm into this story hook, line and sinker. Stellar job as usual, Mark.
  4. Happy Birthday and many, many more!

    1. dtothesecond


      Thanks so much! Love reading your comments on Mark's stories. :-)

    2. Daddydavek


      You are very welcome and Mark Arbour is the reason I found and joined this site! I'm glad you like his stories too!

  5. dtothesecond

    Author's Comments

    It just gets better with every book. It is easy to see, just by having read this book in its entirety, that 9.11 took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to put together. That was such a turbulent time in everyone's lives, mine included. I've stayed quiet for a long time (I think I last posted when "Paternity" was still new...dang time flies) but I just want to say once again just how much I appreciate your amazing talent for writing and the fact you share it with us, your devoted fans, here on GA. I look forward to seeing what awaits that Crampton/Schluter/Hobart/Danfield/Carrswold/etc clans in the coming book. It's my (and many other readers, from what I've seen) hope that Matt finally figures things out in the next book. I guess only you know if he and Wade will eventually work their ways back to each other and I eagerly await the twists and turns that are sure to come in the next book. Do you plan to post 9.11 and Odyssey in ePub format on your Yahoo group as you have with your other works? Congratulations again on a phenomenal book and keep 'em coming!
  6. dtothesecond

    Chapter 7

    Being a Washingtonian, I love the fact that there is a story set in my home state. I know these places quite well and it is fun to visualize the scenes unfolding in my mind's eye. Just one small piece of info you might want to fix in the chapter. You made reference to Micah looking out over Commmencement Bay; that should actually be Elliott Bay. Commencement Bay is the body of water that Tacoma overlooks. Small potatoes, yes, but just thought I'd give the feedback. I'm really liking the story and am eager to see how Micah's adventure continues to unfold. I'm hoping his mother can accept her older son being gay . I guess we'll know as further chapters emerge.
  7. dtothesecond

    Chapter 65

    I loved this chapter!!! I'm so glad to see people putting the smack-down on people who've had it coming for a good long time. Darius and JJ got exactly what they deserved, as did Robbie. I'm glad that Will and Brad are finally trying to get things back to good. I was extremely pleased to see JP take everyone down a few notches and point out what's really important. Hopefully this puts an end to most of the bickering. I guess time will tell whether or not Darius pulls his head out and actually took what Will had to say to heart. I eagerly await all the other literary goodness that will come from you, Mark, once your "sabbatical" is complete. Updatey goodness from you is always appreciated and definitely missed when you go on hiatus. :-)
  8. Happy Birthday my friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year guy :)

    1. dtothesecond


      Thank you very much!!

  9. dtothesecond

    Chapter 61

    Well, it looks like operation "knock Brad down a few dozen notches" has commenced. Like many of the others who've commented, I've been checking daily for this installment and agree that it is a phenomenally written chapter. I'm glad to see that J.P. finally asserted himself over Brad and that the family can see just how collosally he's screwed up recently, especially with his family. Personally I feel badly for Will because throughout his existence in the whole CAP series, he's been incredibly close to his father. With everything that's happened in this book, I can only imagine the emotional toll it's taken on him, despite the fact he seems to hide that part of himself rather well for the most part. I really hope that Brad and Robbie both have an "ah ha moment"... Brad to realize what a mega screw-up he's been, and Robbie, for once, to grow a spine and see the situation for what it really is, even if he has to stand up to his bull-in-a-china-shop other half.
  10. dtothesecond

    Chapter 60

    I feel like this is the "big wind-up" and knowing that all insanity is about to break loose with this whole situation has me on pins and needles for the next few chapters. I was also surprised at how calm JP, Claire, Stef and Jack were. I will be interested to see how that situation really plays out. I know one thing, I'm hoping Brad does blow a gasket, then summarily knocked down a few dozen pegs by the rest of his family. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked his character, but dude's got it coming in a big way.
  11. dtothesecond

    [Poll] eBook Format?

    I'm a member of your Yahoo group, Mark and from what I remember the ePub versions stop at "Millennium" and "Belvedira". Are there any plans to put subsequent installments in ePub format?
  12. dtothesecond

    Chapter 54

    I laughed out loud when Brad and Stef cringed in unison at the very mention of JP and the fact he was now aware of what was going on. I laughed even harder at Claire's simple raising of the eyebrow. That aside, it stymies me that after Will ran away and the big reconcilliation at the beach house in Santa Cruz, Brad et al don't seem to have changed their behaviors one bit when the rubber really hits the road. Will gets lectured about giving a more "measured response" but at the same time they back him into a corner where he has to at least threaten use of heavy artillery. I to am seeing parallels to "Be Rad" as well Jeanine treating Will in a manner that is just as mean-spirited as how Janice treated Brad, yet Brad seems too clueless to see it and much worse, he doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. The parallel I see from "Be Rad" can be summed up with one word, "Billy," the same word Brad told Will to use if things were getting too out of hand, the one word that Brad promised Will would cause him to come to a screeching halt and really take a hard look at things. My question is at what point does Will play that card? It seems to me that he should have by now considering that the entire family is babying JJ the same way Isidore did to Billy in "Be Rad," and we both know what disasterous outcome resulted from that mess. I will be curious to see at what point the "adults" finally have an ah-ha moment and get it together. Personally I think it would do JJ some good to be taken down a few pegs and have his ego deflated a bit. The Jeanine we see now is so different from "Man in Motion" and I really liked her there; I don't like her so much now. Sadly, I think things have yet to get really ugly where it concerns her and Michael's antics. I guess it's just a matter of time before we find out what happens. Personally, I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next installment.
  13. dtothesecond

    Chapter 53

    I think if one were to look up the word "reprehensible" in the dictionary, Elizabeth Danfield's picture would be there. I have to say that this chapter was very eye-opening when it comes to how low someone like her would stoop just to hold onto power. My gut feeling tells me that at some point she is going to go down in flames. It will be her own fault, but I hope the collateral damage won't be too bad. Between Michael's antics in Norway and Elizabeth's in the States, you're definitely keeping your readers on pins and needles. Nicely done.
  14. dtothesecond

    Chapter 50

    Okay Mark, you get my virgin post...you win once again! I've been following the adventures and misadventures of JP and subsequent generations for quite some time now and I must say that while Will definitely lives the easy life, being a teenager is always full of angst and drama. I love that despite all of the stuff flung at him, especially in this story, he seems to keep bouncing back. Some have compared him to his irascible great-grandmother, Tonto, and I definitely agree that her spirit lives on within him. He will be even more of a force to be reakoned with when he gets older and comes into his own a little more. I've watched as Jeanine has slowly gone off the deep end and it's not hard to tell, that despite his tough exterior, being rejected by the woman who gave birth to him is definitely taking it's toll on Will. It's a shame that she acted the way she did in the sports arena, and a bit unbelievable that she'd go as far as to possibly out some of the other skaters with her tirade. As someone who was outed to his parents, I can say nobody ever deserves that. Anyway, I'm curious to see if anyone does stick up for Will on this, and I'm even more curious to see whether or not this latest stunt will result in a "come to jesus" moment for Jeanine with the rest of the family. We've seen this happen before where a mom in the series latches onto one or more of her children and shuts the others out. Is history bound to repeat itself again with equally disasterous results, or will perhaps Brad, JP, or even Isadore (if she's in Norway as well) have an a-ha moment and put a stop to the rapidly-approaching trainwreck that Will and Jeanine's relationship is turning into? I look forward to your newest chapters of this as well as the Bridgemont series. You have an amazing talent; keep up the good work!

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