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  1. rec


    Thank you, alexlittel. I enjoyed writing it, and after seven years just re-read it. It holds up. rec
  2. Bacon, yes. It's late summer and BLT season. With an heirloom tomato, tasty bread toasted, and crispy bacon. I can't resist the Kroger chains' (various stores around the U.S) thick-cut bacon from the meat counter or hard-to-find Beeler's bacon. [No commercial advertisement intended.)
  3. Over at AwesomeDude.com, a fine story by Nigel Gordon is beginning today--one I helped edit, by the way, to its end. The ex-wife dumps her gay teen-age son at her ex-husband's doorstep after a long estrangement from him. This starts significant changes in the ex-husband's life involving well-rounded characters. Highly recommended.
  4. rec

    Chapter 9

    Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be on a Thursday.
  5. I'm willing to give it a go. I edit for several authors. rec
  6. I'm available to help. I currently do "polish" editing for Graeme, Cole Parker and bi-janus (the latter two over at awesomedude.com). rec
  7. Just wanted to make sure my reply to you from my other web address didn't get waylaid. rec
  8. Dave, I've liked the few chapters I've read so far. I am interested in editing, something I do for several authors. If you are interested in going further, please contact me at vwl1999 at keptprivate dot com. My stories are on GA, as well. rec
  9. I have some time at the moment, so I would be interested in doing some final editing for you. I edit, for example, for Graham and Cole Parker. If you're interested, I can be reached at vwl1999 at keptprivate dot com. I use Microsoft Word--and particularly it's red-line feature. rec
  10. I have some spare time, so would be happy to edit your story. I edit for several other authors. Please send it in Word format to vwl1999 at keptprivate dot com if you are interested.
  11. You might post a chapter so that a potential editor can see if he or she is interested.
  12. It's Sunday, and I just noticed that my story was featured. Thank you, GA, and thanks to the readers for all the nice comments.
  13. I will have some free time in a week or so. rec
  14. Could you post a sample of a page or two of your writing?
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