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  1. kind of a lame trailer when most of it is just a montage to music. They couldn't come up with 2 min of dialogue?
  2. Also remember you can add more depth as your do your later drafts. Get your first draft down and then go back. You will know them much better at this point. After a while they will tell you all about themselves and will surprise the heck out of you!
  3. I just started using Scrivener and I love it. I have it on my laptop and desktop and keep the project file in my Google drive so it is synced all the time. I love the organizational tools in Scrivener. Having everything in one programs has been a life saver.
  4. Hi I am mapping out a story that involves a very small southern town, a village really, and I need ideas for what businesses or shops would be found one its small main street. Thanks.
  5. I came across it kind of late. I don't have my outline done yet, but if don't really see a downside. If I get any writing done, I win!
  6. I did a search in the forums but didn't find anything on this. Have folks from GA participated in this? NaNoWriMo A friend talked me into it. Not sure I can make 50K words in 30 days!
  7. very cool. I hope it happens. Sadly the US has all but defunded NASA, maybe the ESA can pick up the slack and take humanity back to the stars.
  8. some stupid kid put his head through a hatch and got it knocked off. How is it anyone's fault but his own? How do you not know that is dangerous and stupid? You can't protect people from stupid.
  9. I come from the Marketing/Media world and you test/focus group everything. It is always amazing to hear what other people thought your message was.
  10. I was just thinking of the classic thriller where the family moves to the new town and everyone is so nice until Sally uncovers the dark secret.
  11. stephendelmar

    Bad Day

    Thanks for the review.
  12. Just wanted to say, "Hi." I've enjoyed poking around GA so far and found everyone very friendly, almost too friendly... Any way, I'll try and think of more to say later. Pax, Stephen
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