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  1. Wishing you peace and consolation James. It's a blessing to hear that you parted at peace with each other. Jakob
  2. Have a wonderful Birthday!

  3. Yay! OK, I admit I love this old skool music so much! These are really nice little profiles James. Thank you!
  4. I don't think the closing of the crvboy forums is that significant. Different sites have different aims, goals and strengths. Crvboy is a small site and there's not the community crowding round it that there is here at GA but it attracts quality authors and updates regularly. Its back catalogue is impressive too. I don't know about restrictive practises but if they exist then they've been successful at least in the sense that the stories that are there are generally high quality. I kind of understand Nick's comment about stale design, but I confess, I don't much care about site design issues as long as a site has good navigation and crvboy does - it's the stories that matter at the end of the day. The small list of gay fiction sites I visit regularly includes crvboy (and the list is GA, AD, DW, CB). Jakob
  5. Mega props to James - keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.
  6. Little brother Two cousins Aunt Uncle That's "legal" family. Solidarity family is so queer it's psychadelic.
  7. Big (over 6'), shaggy blond hair. Should surf. Preferably Basque and must speak French and Occitan. Annoyingly environmentalist and must be able to solve partial differential equations in his head while he makes me breakfast. If you find him, let me know. Yak (Luckily he doesn't read English well so I think I'm safe from you-know-who)
  8. sumbloke


    Yom Kippur is a long way off but I think repentance is always appropriate. First, I'm very, very grateful to another GA dude who forgave me in the most gracious way after I offended him badly. I don't share his religion but somehow, someway, I believe he will wear a halo for that. I am most heartily sorry for all offenses I've caused. I did it, no one else and there is no excuse for giving in to my evil inclination. I void all my vows except this one: I will try to do better. Peace and loving kindness, Jakob
  9. My first ever English language poem.
  10. I saw the best youth of my generation, laid low not by guns but by desperation. And still my flag flies black and red and rainbow freak flag honouring our dead. I heard the news today, O! Boy! Another lad dead in good old Manchester. And though the news was as always sordid, I could only wonder if the gun's the worst. I never hated all the chavs; the trash; the scum. It's easy being good when life is full of sun. And when I preach the world to come, I try to keep in mind the awful gun. Kids live lives now blighted by such hate; no trust, no hope, no future their estate. And Guardian readers tut and wonder why - I can't explain but even so, I'll try. We create a world with no good end. We offer bread and circuses and then off to fight our terror for the fittest and back to grinding poverty the rest. We asked them to be human; to join our human race but pulled the ladder out from under them. And when they failed to thank us for our meager grace, we called them ogres, beasts, barely men. Deeds quite impossible - they knew something the old masters. Don't be surprised, or shocked or awed when the object of your abject charity bites back the hand that feeds those cheap scraps sauced up with CCTV and terror law. We like our poor just like the old bosses liked theirs. Cap in hand fawning at the back door. But when like lions they rise from slumber confused and angry lacking any lead we call our dogs out to keep our homestead safe - build walls around our palaces; put guards before the gates. And when we stand convicted what will mitigate? Cain, where is your brother? Sorry mate, at home his ASBO keeps him there but there's crack and beer and satellite TV. Jerry, Montel, Sally Jesse Rafael serve up for entertainment white trash hell. And we wonder how the hell it came to this. Well, to be young in this fair dawn just isn't bliss. Spare a copper mister? Dunno, are you cute? And do you steal? And are you polite? No mister, but I read Emma Goldman before you closed the library down. She wanted roses and dancing and for a quid I'll be your clown. I don't have her dignity nor a knife - least not for you. So give and pass on where you can't love and I'll take my desperation back home. Tonight my little brother then my mum then dad then best mate - arrested? Murdered? Do we care? Look at my face, am I bothered? But don't sleep - don't close your eyes. The tigers .
  11. Waves hi again.

  12. Callas...OK I admit to mixed feelings. I have heard recordings of her singing, including the famous Carmen and her voice is...unusual is perhaps the most neutral thing to say. She didn't have a naturally beautiful voice - she could be strident; her voice was uneven across the register as well. She did have fantastic musical talent and the ability to manipulate her voice dramatically and within the domain of 19th century bel canto she was unbeatable in performance. The controversy over the classification of her voice seems to me to be largely to do with the range of roles she sang and her three registers. She was convincing as a coloratura and on the evidence could have been a sfogato just as well. It's almost distressing to think that she could have been so anxious about her physical appearance that she refused to perform Carmen on stage.
  13. Hi again, hope to chat sometime this month.

  14. Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your partner? Yes. Forgiving I can do. Forgetting may be more difficult. How old will you be on your next birthday? 20. Have you ever seen a live bat? Yeah. Bats are cute. All primates are cute A bat as a pet would be nice as long as it was a megabat. Is there anything/anyone you hate? Beige. There
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