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  1. philliph

    Chapter 37

    I enjoyed the last chapter. Thank you Mark for your story. I do wonder how our hero will ever get home and what awaits him in England.
  2. philliph

    Chapter 31

    Snow, not here in Adelaide ( Well, once every 20 years or so on Mt Lofty which lasts as long at the news people can gather to film it). My first taste of it was in Boston in early 1990's. Terrible stuff. The group has a long way to travel in "brass monkey" conditions. Thanks for the chapter Mark.
  3. philliph

    Chapter 30

    Hopefully Weston will get a well deserved promotion. I think there is another officer hiding in Ursula. Next chapter please.
  4. philliph

    Chapter 28

    Great chapter. Looking forward to the next. Weston must be very happy at his chance to prove his worth. Pity that George is unable to raise his rank to Captain. Schein has a wonderful Christmas present - his own ship.
  5. philliph

    Chapter 26

    Looking forward to the updates. Thanks Mark.
  6. philliph

    Chapter 23

    Thank you Mark for the new chapter. Maybe there is some good coming from the virus. Love the way that Granger put Comstock in his place. Dickson's head will explode when he hears of Granger's treatment of the freed captains. (What no money?)To quote a line from a WB cartoon (that has the ending now edited - no huge dog in pain.) WHAT (slap) NO GRAVY! Happy writing and good wishes to all.
  7. philliph

    Chapter 22

    Glad to see that Mark is still writing. I hope that his problems (of which I have no knowledge) can be solved. Best wishes Mark. I do so enjoy the Granger stories.
  8. Hello philliph. You have been here 1 month less than I have. There is about a 1 yr difference in our ages and you like and read two of my favorite authors (Mark Arbour and Kyle Aarons). This has to make us friends.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 66th Birthday and I hope you had a great celebration. Best wishes to you.


    Take care


  9. philliph

    Chapter 1

    TSL no idea. Iomfats, yes I know that site. I did not realise that you have posted on Iomfats. Maybe that is where I read your story. See ya, Phillip
  10. philliph

    Chapter 1

    Hi Geron, I have been racking my elderly brain to recall where I have read your story before "GayAuthor"s and I am sure that I did not read it on this site.. My best bet is "FictionPress" as I have heard from authors on that site complain that their stories have been stolen and placed on other sites under a different name. There is an author who goes by the name of David Clarke on "Awesome Dude" who has written a two part story called "The Nexus". It is a good read and along the lines of your story. I don't think he copied you but the idea of doors leading to different
  11. philliph

    Chapter 1

    A very good sequel. I hope that chapter 3 is soon to be published. See ya and thank you for sharing your story. Regards, Phillip
  12. philliph

    Chapter 1

    I read this story a while ago and then found it again on Gay Authors recently. I feel a little guilty that I did not leave a thank you for sharing your story comment. Better late than never. From reading your story profile I see that there is a second chapter that I must read. Hopefully there is more in the works? Best wishes from the "Land Down Under" and thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Regards, Phillip
  13. I'm looking forward to part 2
  14. philliph

    Chapter 16

    Hi Mark, so glad to hear from you. I hope that you are working (typing). on your next chapter. Please forget the M/M sex and concentrate on the historical/fiction. see ya and goodbye.
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