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  1. waynewrd

    Chapter 18

    One of my favorite series, and I get a new chapter on my birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Do clicks count as reviews? Some of us kept checking a link for almost 2 years until 3 chapters suddenly reappeared. If each those clicks count as a review of the story, you hold the record!! In any case, another great chapter(s) and belated Happy Birthday.
  4. waynewrd

    Going Nowhere

    "His car, his rules!" Hope we’re not headed for another ISH. I don’t think I can take another sad ending.
  5. waynewrd


    YES! Elliott is back and with a connection to Luke. Have waited 2 years to find out a little more about Elliott. Although I read on with a little apprehension knowing your stories can have a very sad ending.
  6. waynewrd

    Ball Game

    After the last few, nice to have an upbeat chapter. We needed it! However, I'm missing Elliott.
  7. Completely different direction from what I expected after all this time. Can’t wait to see what happens.
  8. waynewrd

    Stitched Up?

    Ahhh back to where we left off. Hope the new chapters show up in the "Stories Update" section. I have a feeling many of the original readers still don't know it's back up. BTW great chapter.
  9. waynewrd


    Ahhh great! Elliot is still around. Adds some suspense to the tale.
  10. waynewrd

    Broken One

    It looks like this version was much harder on Ryan than the last version. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
  11. I'm sure many more would be reading it if they knew it was back up. I only found it because I would click on the old link every once and awhile to check. I really needs to get back up on the main menu. Very much enjoying the re-read. Also glad to see the Elloit (ISH) is still in the story. Hope to hear more about him. WRD
  12. Started reading this as a follow-up to "In Safe Hands" and soon found it a great story on it's own. However, I do hope we hear more about Elliott.
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