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  1. gah, I must have been not keeping my eye on GA enough after the change to the new lay out. been waiting to re-read Growing Pains and now I hear there's chapters of Inheritance out, im so lost and behind! anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  2. lashrac

    Loving Sam Lynch

    yay! i love this story, its so good to hear that you're gonna try to write more
  3. i looooooved it!! well worth the wait hehe. looking forward to the next story you're gonna work on now
  4. just curious if chapter 12 is floating around somewhere? this little fan is aching to read it hehe
  5. Krista is evil for stringing us along i cant wait for ch12, but i cant believe its gonna be over! i hope its like 50 pages long, to make up for it hehe. i hope the reason why they're not getting together isnt because they're brothers or something! or Will's parents are gonna adopt him, or that Brett has found a boyfriend on the yacht and is planning on spending the rest of his life with him and is gonna move out of their shared apartment. I better stop now, in case i give Krista any ideas for plot changes Krista, can we get half the chapter as an easter present? hehe
  6. i'd prob hop on every once in a while if there was a vent server. i already use vent for a game, just would need a little more privacy than usual probably
  7. i hate to say that i cant drive a manual at all my mind cant wrap itself around having to mess around with all that and also pay attention to everything on the road too. im also rather easily distracted, even now after being on the road for a few years i'll prob forget to change gears lol. not to mention some of the time when i was learning i had my boyfriend next to me, cant drive a stick if im holding his hand half the time manual looks fun, im hoping i can manage it one day
  8. remember how shadowgod said there was a cliffhanger at the end of 16? chase is so not getting laid next chapter haha. maybe they get ready to go back to their rooms with the big plans in mind and then helen comes busting in with news and then it ends. lol. i gotta agree tho, too much technical mumbo jumbo for the plane flight would rather have brandon do something to scare the crap out of everyone on the plane hehe. look forward to ch16, but not the cliffhanger at the end
  9. i got 7/10 and 11/15 hmmm, i guess its not too shabby
  10. chips and gravy!!!! yummy! and melted cheese!!! yummy! can we eat all of those off your sons graeme? fiction withdrawal symptoms kicking in, its cruel to give us estimated dates! makes us pine until that day and then we eagerly click refresh half a million times. eating scrumptous garbage without putting on weight, i'd like that too, my evil dad didnt give me those genes, my brother got them instead, how cruel. now if only we could do like in Heroes, i wouldnt mind stealing that ability lol TalonRider i love that list
  11. fantasy is it? oh i like. mass killing off of people? i like even more! let me see wat i can come up with... 1) have some moron release a banshee into the area, instant death to everything within earshot, banshee's can scream quite loudly. 2) someone attempts to open a portal to make evil bargains with demons but instead tears the fabric of existence apart and everything implodes. 3) a giant shows up at the local bonfire festival and lets loose an enormous fart, incinerating everybody there. 4) the someone who wants to make evil bargains with demons doesnt end up imploding the town but instead offers everybody in the town as a sacrifice to the demon as payment in order to make the man of his dreams fall in love with him. however he forgets to state that 'everybody in the town' is to not include himself and the man of his dreams. 5) in a struggle for power between gods, they move the planet everybody is on to another place in the universe, but forget to move the people with it. that will be my creative contribution for a while, my brain is exhausted
  12. im surprised i got 9/10 i have to say i guessed a couple, like graeme said, educated guess my knowledge of words kinda sucks. so for those who didnt get 10/10, which ones did u get wrong? i got fiscal wrong i thought it meant crappy or something lol.
  13. thought i'd contribute my lurker 2 cents to the thread yeah, its definitely windy in melby, my poor little car on the freeway going at maybe a little over the speed limit was being bashed by the wind, felt like i was in my friend's car *ducks and hides in case she's reading this* must be universal! my clocks mysterious changed too! i lost an hour of sleep! lots of huggles to graeme and codey, i've had alot of similar experiences with my friends overseas who have had to go to hospital, minor or major emergencies, its very heartwrenching and stressful to be totally helpless and so far away. its sunday, why are u up so early graeme! must have been u adjusting all our clocks! admit it! evil echidna! anyway i better get back to work....boooooo
  14. oh! i thought it might be, but wasnt sure, i thought it might've been a gift or something too. now i know and i feel dumb
  15. can someone clarify to me what the box is for? it seems to be beyond my grasp right now. it could be that there is a drill droning away somewhere and it is too early in the morning for anyone to be awake. all in all, i loved it! really great story, the twist was great, made me go back and re-read it to pick out all the dual meanings.
  16. i bet he still ends up posting more on his trip away than my entire lifetime total we shall miss u CJ! come to australia next time, we'll introduce u to the bbq *smiles innocently*
  17. *lurk lurk lurk* hi fellow lurker lol, i just looked at my control panel section, im averaging 0.03 posts a day btw, how do i change the line of text below the avatar? it seems CJ's forums brings me out of lurkerdom too often, maybe i should petition to ban it for all lurkers should we get a vote going? hehe. "remember the rules of the forum: All bad things are Shadowgod's fault" i thought there was more to that, like "but all tar and feathering and echidna spining shall be directed at C James regardless" time to go back to lurking and eagerly waiting for another fix of LTMP *lurk lurk lurk*
  18. all i have to say is.....*nothing comes out of mouth* that was great, just wow. i am now furiously pining for another chapter, even more than before, is that possible? lol. i agree with kashka, im scared on their behalf, the mothers are not gonna be happy (understatement of the year) unless they were expecting this. what will happen to jamie? i still cant see jamie as mike's brother, im a bit strange i think can i hope for more incest? lol.
  19. i'm not putting it beyond the big bad goat to have one of them have a panic attack or as wildone said, crash their noses together. u know, with the bombs being able to last 10 years, is goatman gonna do something utterly and completely evil and fast forward to 8 years later and just leave us with the cliffhanger? he could spend chapters babbling about the bomb and the scar and all that and never mention anything about whether brandon and chase actually kiss or ever have a relationship. maybe i shouldnt put ideas in the goat's head...
  20. /wave to shadowfire from melby too the takeover looks like its going welll, another new recruit muchly agreed, if CJ put all the forum posting effort into story writing we'd be getting at least another chapter each week someone double the tar and feathering until he does?
  21. a 'covered up' nude shot was sorta wat i was talking about in my first post. bleh. hey, wat about lil ol' lurker me? the lurking fiery skull of doom
  22. he's gonna corner each of them after their poolside shots while still in their swimgear and lock them up in a room together!! hi echidna man! let the aussie take over begin!
  23. so RS was gonna do an article on them, then after the incident they made a request that has something to do with Brandon now no longer being undercover. well, my guess is that the poolside photos are gonna be alot more.....'revealing' than Brandon first thought, im guessing that is the kind of request RS made to Helen. And then with the nice big scoop with the Gabe incident, maybe RS is gonna put something juicy of Instinct for the cover shot? who knows, maybe they'll be a great big group hug shot in the flesh, and it just so happens Chase and Brandon are next to each other. but i bet our evil goat here will turn that back on us and make Brandon do something to make Chase think he doesnt want him. Are we allowed to bribe the editors to.....influence the story to our liking? *smiles innocently* eek, post count going up, deary me.
  24. omg first post! i always wanted to do that im gonna go read it now hahaha here's a link
  25. lurker? u have well over 4000 more posts than me and if your 'member since...' is right, then well....wat am i? lol, pretty close to non existent i think neeeeeed moooooore stooooories to reeeeead :wacko: someone bring the children with burning torches to scare the goat back into hiding and write more, maybe it will go from 1 chapter a week to 2? or 3? maybe 7!? i need to find my way back to my cave, i've exceeded my posting quota to qualify as a lurker, they'll take evict me!
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