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  1. Happy B-day, Barricade! :)

  2. Many happy returns - as in you better return to us soon! Happy Birthday 

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, today!

  4. Happy Birthday, Curt!! I hope you have a great day! :)

  5. new HW chapter posted :)

  6. new HW chapter posted :)

  7. Being in love is always good, only when love is not returned, it becomes a problem. I was quite happy with where I stood with Everett, and that was literally under an umbrella in the street, waiting for Ian who had forgotten his cellphone at Marco’s apartment. It was just after 9 and the rain had started falling. Marco offered to call us a cab but I thought it would be a waste of money just for a five-minute drive. “I think tonight was probably the best fun I had in a long time," Everett said, looking up to me. “Yes, I agree,” I said, making sure the umbrella covers him more than it covers
  8. finally finishing this damn chapter! its been so long and the fingers won't stop clicking lol

  9. Me: ah lets do some writing. phone: beep beep- classmate - did u study for tomorrow's test. Me: bye bye laptop lol

    1. Ron


      Good thing your friend called.

    2. BarricadeBoy
    3. Ron


      ...and, how did you do on the the test?

  10. Colorado Rocky Mountain high... I've seen it raining fire in the sky

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    2. Cynus


      John Denver.

    3. BarricadeBoy


      I was watching Final Destination lol

    4. Cynus


      Never seen it, but I do know the song those lyrics are from. :)

  11. I could try and make this but I need those molasses
  12. "I go to bed early and rise late and feel as if I've hardly slept"

    1. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      Yeah... It happens

  13. Thanks for sticking with this story, yeah im trying to direct it into a more lighter mood because i always tend to go dramaesque lol. We'll see what developes with Marco
  14. BarricadeBoy


    im okay, thanks AC
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