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  1. I sometimes wonder that if start-overs in life were a one-and-done, if they'd be less painful and gut-wrenching?  Yet, changing awareness of patterns in choices and relationships is far more cyclical in nature.  More like building a muscle, I think.  Trying to build a muscle all in one sitting is painfully brutal and causes more harm than good.  Success is closer, I think, to working out a bit each day, knowing that some days might get missed, and others I will over do it and be sore for a bit.  Maybe inner strength is built in such ways...

  2. There are "seasons in the sun..." and season of breaking and building anew.  Such has been my last months of absence.  Without the strength or time to sign on, I've read and re-read many a favorite tale here; wedged into spaces while waiting in lines, sitting in hospitals, or just trying to escape for short bits, the chaos, and cacophony swirling around me.  Pardon me while I try to slip quietly into the back of the room.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    1. Reader1810


      You’re most welcome, Ms. V :hug: 

  3. Ms. V

    Chapter 16 Torture

    You have achieved total success in getting your readers empathizing with Keller's torture and thereby our own. ~chuckle~ Also, well done in showing us that there is real trust growing quickly between Tobyn and Keller. Respect keeps growing between our pair, too. So, I've been trying to suss out the disconnect that causes them to hold back. I think it might be a lack of faith? From both, but maybe more on Tobyn's side that blends with his hurting heart for his pack and the loss of those he loved and respected? The loss of Fendral and all that followed just added to the fears and burden of a young Tobyn's conviction that he had to find a way to change the tide. Keller is more hopeful in nature, and I think he's trying to hold onto a thin faith that Tobyn might come around. Though God knows he doesn't have an experience or a reason to have much faith in things turning out well for him from his history. Then there's your line, "There would be no forcing a choice on a man like Tobyn." I'm not so sure Elinor and the road trip will be the catalyst that will create change in Tobyn any more. She knows and loves her son, and she would know this fact about 'not forcing choices on Tobyn' even better than Keller or Tilly. Hopefully, I'm wrong. So, like Keller, I will keep my eyes open for more information, try not to fear the worst, but hold onto a thin hope until I read about the road trip with mom. You as the author is the only thing I have faith in, at the moment. ~ Ms. V
  4. So, @Albert1434 , in the intrest of distraction on prep day. I think I've heard a similar quote to yours at the bottom of your comments. "The mind is the Best Theater-Albert1434" or least a similar sentiment. It was from J.R.R. Tolken, while still living. He didn't want his works made into movies because, "you'll never surpass the human imagination" or something like that. A quote from 1965 stated: 'He feels strongly that the Ring should not be filmed: “You can’t cramp narrative into dramatic form. It would be easier to film The Odyssey. Much less happens in it. Only a few storms.”' Which lead me to your profile picture, Odyssey or Gandalf? ~ Ms. V
  5. Wow, a much needed break in the build of tension, thank you. The kids were great, and the guys were great with them, lots of warm fuzzies. So, the news of the infant mortality doesn't give me much hope for Tobyn's, 'have more babies' solution, and Keller isn't ready to share his ideas yet. Yet, it was like I lost 10 lbs of dead weight when Keller finally agreed to take in one day at a time, nothing written in stone. I always keep my hope up in communication, not isolation. Then, bam, you bring the tension right back up because the girls are trying to communicate something to the boys, but Tobyn's not filling Keller in due to the cliffhanger. I think Adelin's attempt to encourage without coming right out with it only made Keller imagine the worst even more, and he's pretty good at that already. Crap, yeah, when my stress is high I miss things people say to me, too. I'm right there with Keller, we seem so alike, and this feels all too real. I got a bad feeling about this climax you're building us toward. ~ Ms. V
  6. I ran over to find it and it's been unpublished for editing, I guess. I think that means the universe is telling me to finish my reread of Morningstar first. ~chuckle~ I won't forget it though, and hope it will pop up soon. ~ Ms. V
  7. I grew up on some of the greats and still enjoy them when I can find a good author with original ideas. So, you being that kind of author, I'm excited to read your western. ~ Ms. V P.S. If anyone has westerns to recommend, I'm open to suggestions.
  8. Ms. V

    Chapter 14 Collars

    Keller is (we are) getting so much new information in each new interaction. Thier history that's becoming hearsay because of the loss of keepers. Keller's unbiased view and fresh thinking is a salvation in itself. An innocent question about werewolf lore leading to silver collars stopping shifts, I love and am horrified by such a heritage. It seems so original and yet probable to this world and the story's reality. Seeing so many wolves with aches and pains that even we can conclude it's not a disease, and we still have seen to the kids yet. Wow, and I thought Keller was playing things close to the chest. Poor Tobyn is going to explode trying to suppress so much. He's not being obtuse, he's in agony, too long in pain, and seeing only the negative. It was one thing to plan a life with Tilly before meeting Keller, but now his choice it affecting her future as well. If he chooses her but doesn't communicate clearly, he might not be the man of character he thinks he is anymore. Tobyn's reasons for all this may be mature in nature, but he's so young; which his inner dialog just highlighted so well. He doesn't realize the years that can stretch out, the awareness of how little control we really have in life, and just how rare having these feelings when they are reciprocated in such synchronicity with Keller. Although, I can feel about 16 years old in my head no matter how old my body and mind when I first start falling in love with someone, so there's that. I'm off to the next chapter. ~ Ms. V
  9. You are forgiven, especially since it's going to be next on my list now. ~chuckle~ Ms. V
  10. @Headstall "...on what I consider to be my best work to date (although I do love my little cowboy story) ." Oh really, don't be like that man! What cowboy story? Do you mean "CoTT"? ~ Ms. V
  11. I'm not sure how you're doing it, but it's working. I'm used to a day, two, or a couple in one chapter, yet here we are in chapter 13 with only two full days and some change having elapsed. The pace of information is smooth, yet creates anxiousness and false starts at the end of each chapter, which you use to great effect. The issues are weighing on our characters and yet, as you use supporting characters, and further insight between our guys, the complexity of these issues gains weight. The tension and stress are mounting, and now another threat in hunters. You must have been exhausted after days writing and editing with this intensity of emotion in this material, in addition to your everyday life. Fate or chaos theory is making itself felt and I think Keller is playing things 'close to the chest' and not sharing much. You're letting us know that, but not what it is yet which just makes me try to extrapolate and push on to the next chapter quickly. I'm not sure I could have taken the week between chapter releases back when you wrote this without it causing a nervous tick or something worse. ~chuckle~ But here's the thing for me, there is so much hope that keeps carrying us along, too. Just enough of the boys' mutual admiration society, the knowing smiles from Miss Sybil, even the 'road trip with mom' coming up. The complexities, layers, and yes, dialog are phenomenal and very addictive. The work you've put into your craft is showing. ~Ms. V
  12. Such a sweet-fest this morning between sweet and savory people. I think fate is conspiring against me as I started rectifying my bad winter eating habits to my cleaner spring dietary clean up for my health just yesterday. ~ Ms. V
  13. Ms. V

    Chapter 12 Reprieve

    Yep, of the two he met before Tobyn, Fendral and now the mechanic, which we didn't even know that much about him until now, you sneaky thing. Between how he's described these two, it's no wonder he thought wolves were loners, even though real wolves aren't. I obviously misunderstood both of your teasings. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm somewhere on the autistic spectrum when I miss social cues and emotions is writing. This wonderful story and the great comments are giving me a run for the money. LOL ~ Ms. V
  14. Ms. V

    Chapter 12 Reprieve

    So, onto the review: Ah, when fate seems to be conspiring against you 'getting out of Dodge,' huh, Keller? I have a feeling that the chaos theory is going to play a big part in our boy's best-laid plans, too many pieces and people in play now. Which doesn't mean it will go well, but it won't go according to the black and white stark reality they are choosing. Keller has others counting on him already, even if groups and expectations make him nervous. He will not be able to stop worrying that he needs to follow up with Adelin about being on her feet too soon. He already knows how hard it will be to convince Elinor, the 'real mom' that readily accepted him, choosing to avoid the conversation for now. He might be determined to leave, but he's surrounded, and the longer he stays, these relationships will grow. So often, it's the big-hearted smart ones who, when finding out more in order to help, find themselves tangled up and loved by others whether they like it or not. It might not fix anything, and it may hurt worse because both Keller and Tobyn are trying to do the hard thing for the greater good. However, fate and more information to this mystery of the malaise could change the big picture. You've got us. I mean, readers trying to use our real-world solutions to make this fictional world of lycans and earth mates better. The climax is gonna make me cry, I just know it, good or bad. Gary, you have the slow burn and layers building at a perfect pace. This is the book that makes it almost impossible to put down because the stakes are high and we just gotta know what happens next, a disaster or a reprieve. I'm off to find out more. ~ Ms. V
  15. Ms. V

    Chapter 12 Reprieve

    Oh, you've lost the plot or you're teasing... it was Fendral, silly. Not you, too? I will love the next book, I'm sure, do to your skills, but you shouldn't tease your Robin with what he forgot. ~chuckle
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