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  1. Lutheros

    Decline and Fall

    I had wondered why Greens could not lay eggs, now I know. Firestone. If a Green stopped eating firestone, would she be able to lay eggs again? If so, would the eggs be viable? This has the potential for a new story about a Green laying a clutch of eggs and the resultant dragons from the hatching... . Maybe a special colored dragon with an unusual ability? It is something to think about.
  2. Lutheros

    Chapter 27

    H'rek needs to grow up and stop listening to the gossip. I feel sorry for D'gar. I sure hope that they are able to patch things up soon.
  3. Lutheros

    Chapter 23

    It sucks that D'gar and H'rek will be separated like that, so I hope that they will be able to visit each other frequently. I also hope that D'gar will be able to be there when H'rek's green rises. I wonder if F'drun will be one of the riders sent to Southern. He needs to be put to work doing menial labor to limit the trouble he can cause.
  4. Lutheros

    Chapter 21

    So, Kylara is done using F'drun. I couldn't be happier. I might have felt a twinge of sympathy for F'drun if he wasn't such a piece of_____. (I'll let you fill in the blank.) I still think that he needs to be sent to Southern to help rebuild the place though. This was an interesting chapter, and I look forward to reading more!
  5. This chapter almost makes me wish that I had told my mom way back when, but in the 1970s it would not have gone so smooth, especially after my homophobic father finds out. Way to go Randy!
  6. Lutheros

    Chapter 18

    There is a lot going on in this chapter. I'm glad that F'drun lost out, but I'm sorry to hear that Ryth got hurt. F'drun needs to pay more attention to his dragon's needs instead of just sitting around and letting the healers tend to Ryth's injuries! I really dislike him. I also wonder what is going on with M'rell. Is he really that shallow as to blame D'gar for his not getting picked as the wing-second, or is something else going on? Only time will tell, but I hope it doesn't take too long. Finally, I hope that Southern gets reopened soon. I'm curious as to how they are going to manage that. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter!
  7. Lutheros

    Chapter 16

    This was a good chapter. I like how it shows the different beliefs, or feelings, between the old-timers and the modern riders. The modern riders don't have the experiences of losing friends to thread and feel each death more personally than the riders who lived through thread-fall for turns.
  8. Lutheros

    Chapter 14

    So they want to reopen Southern. That would be one way to get rid of F'drun! It would take a lot of work to repair the place though, work that might keep F'drun out of trouble for a while. I can't remember the reasons that Thread doesn't kill off all the plant life on the southern continent. I remember that there is a reason, but I don't remember which book mentions it and I'm frustrated!
  9. Lutheros

    Chapter 13

    So, D'gar and H'rek have new digs! Good for them. I hope that they 'break in' the new pool properly
  10. Lutheros

    Chapter 12

    A good chapter! I'm surprised that F'drun tried to be sociable to D'gar while they talked with the other rider, although it didn't last with his comment about suicidal riders. I'm glad that H'rek didn't get hurt by a stray blast of fire or a 'missed' clump of thread. I still think something needs to be done about F'drun though, but what can be done?
  11. Lutheros

    Chapter 11

    So, D'gar and H'rek are going to be were-mates! It took them long enough 🙂 It also looks like F'drun is up to something. Hrek needs to watch out during the next thread-fall because I wouldn't put it past F'drun to set him up.
  12. Lutheros

    Chapter 10

    Thank you for posting this chapter so soon after the last one. I look forward to reading more of your story.
  13. Lutheros

    Chapter 9

    I also agree with Carlos. F'drun deserves a lot more than a demotion! He had his dragon assault if not try to kill D'gar! F'drun needs to be transferred to another wing, if not sent back to his old weir.
  14. Lutheros

    Chapter 8

    I was actually thinking about the whole 'going between back in time' thing! It is a good and logical explanation. Maybe you should follow through with it. I'm wondering if the problem D'gar is having with F'drun is because F'drun is homophobic? It could explain things. This is an interesting chapter and it has me guessing at possible outcomes. Keep up the good work!
  15. Lutheros

    Chapter 7

    This is a great chapter. I'm glad that D'gar has finally gotten over the age difference between himself and H'rek. F'drun dropping D'gar's shirt into the puddle was a childish act. I'm glad that D'gar didn't respond to it in a childish way. F'drun's being put in charge of the 'exercises' has me worried though. There is the potential for a lot of harassment there. I'm looking foreword to the next chapter.
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