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  1. Lutheros

    Chapter 3

    This is an interesting chapter, to say the least. I'm glad that D'gar has met H'rek and seems interested in him. I hope that Herebeth catches Rioth when she rises for her mating flight! I think that H'rek needs a man that is interested in him for more than just the mating flight.
  2. Lutheros

    Chapter 1

    I was not aware of that novel. I will have to locate a copy. Thanks.
  3. Lutheros

    Chapter 1

    This was an interesting beginning to what I hope will become a novel-length story. I've sorely missed reading about Pern!
  4. Lutheros

    Chapter 1

    I also am looking foreword to your longer story.
  5. Lutheros

    Chapter 1

    I look foreword to reading your longer story. I hope you begin posting it on this site soon.
  6. A well written and fast paced story. I think the writer should go for a longer version of it with multiple chapters.
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