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  1. hi everyone life has been a rollercoaster of late and i have been practicing the self care i'm always going on about. i have been checking in on all y'all tho. i know i missed a birthdays & @kbois weight loss news know that i'm around and i value our friendship
  2. hello Sir good to see You i hope the day does get brighter take care, Sir would you say hello to tim for me please?
  3. happy monday just popping in to let you know i am still around. there's just been a crap-ton of drama at work & it's taken a toll. it looks to have cleared itself up (the perpetrator of the drama quit) & management loved my ideas for getting our report issue straightened out. SO this week WILL be better than the last few. AND they will get better moving forward. take care everyone
  4. i love this just makes me feel warm and happy for both of you
  5. i'm glad you enjoyed it Reader the way people act when they don't know they are being observed is always fascinating thanks for commenting
  6. thanks k. i'm glad you enjoyed my little random thoughts it was a nice day all in all appreciate you taking the time to read and comment
  7. when you just sit and watch... waiting for Phil at the cafe in the grocery store while he sees the diabetic educator... why are babies so cute? especially when they are using those cute pacifiers with stuffed animals attached? i don't understand. why do you look at all the muffins? the boxes are all the same. why do you pick the pack of muffins from the one spot you can't reach? you knocked all the other boxes askew. you have one box of pastries, why did you need the shopping cart? the mask goes over the nose not under it.. sheesh why are you in heels so high you can't take normal steps? and for grocery shopping of all things. oh lordt ... put some damn clothes on. no one wants to see your butt cheeks hanging out of your short shorts (even if you are very pretty and well built) and your "friend" 😳 no one wants/needs to see half his ass & his boxers. pull the pants up oh and speaking of wearing clothes. pajama bottoms & fluffy slippers are not clothes. they are lounge wear, and not suitable for going out. at the Farmer’s Market... i love that your pup is well behaved enough to bring to the farmers market. my Husband enjoys all the doggie kisses. however, it's in the upper 90's and the pavement is hot. please remember that if it's too hot for you to go barefoot, it's too hot for Bowser it’s great that the Farmer’s Market has some artisans showing up to sell their wares. after you fondle the earrings and necklaces, at least say thank you to them, don’t just walk away. they've not only put their hard work into making these things, they've paid a fee to be here. at the taco joint for lunch... it's a taco joint with a walk up counter. there is a menu on the wall to your right, and one above the window. why are you just now thinking about your order? when the young person taking your order tells you it's going to be about 10 minutes for your order, don't pitch a fit. this ain't Taco Bell. it's a small, 6 table, family run business. your lunch will be made hot & fresh. find a spot to wait, do some people watching, put down your phone have a conversation with whoever you're with. i love children as much as the next mom, but please, letting your 6 year old play with the soda dispenser is gross. now, with full bellies, a few vegetables and some good bread it's time to head home. i hope you and yours had a great weekend.
  8. hello Sirs and friends, it's been a wonderful, healing weekend here. lot's of not doing much, some self care, then shopping for things Phil and i have been putting off (i know you know how much i dislike shopping. i made a list of places to check so we didn't have to run all over ) i hope that it's been a good weekend for all of you. take care!
  9. hello @Story Reader & @Solus Magus very good too see you both!
  10. good morning Sirs & friends @kbois so proud of you! you should be proud of yourself too. @Kitt i hope your struggles ease. it seems to have been a rough few days hope it's a good day where you are.
  11. thanks kbois yeah, that countdown... so many places we lived we'd never even look at now. a few we wished we could revisit. i appreciate you taking time to read & comment
  12. thanks tim she may have teared up a few time yesterday with all the reminiscing going on thanks for taking the time to read & comment
  13. thank You Sir it is sometimes hard to believe it's been that long i bought Him His favorite cinnamon roll yesterday morning & we had dinner out last night thank You for taking time to read & comment
  14. August 29, 1987 Los Lobos were on top of the US charts with “La Bamba.” In the UK it was Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Nolan Ryan passed the 200-strikeout barrier for a record 11th time. Ronald Reagan was President, Margaret Thatcher was the British PM, Brian Mulroney was the PM in Canada. Actor Lee Marvin died that day as well. It was a really warm Saturday afternoon in Denver, Colorado. The church was pretty full. The bride was crying happy tears. The preacher got angry when someone stood up to take a picture of the bride and groom. They were certainly very young, she was 23, He was 22. When they left the church, there was about 2 pounds of birdseed tossed in the air. Some of it got stuck in the bride's corset. The bride and Groom made their way to the reception venue slowly. The Groom’s aunties were providing the food, it was good and it was plentiful. There was no dancing as the Groom doesn’t dance. There was a string quartet playing quietly. There was, however, lots of hugging, and more tears. After the food was gone and people had eaten some cake the bride and Groom made their way to a nice hotel for the night. They decided to order a pizza and have a shower. He helped her out of the dress and corset, wiped the birdseed off and told her He loved her. After they showered, they called for pizza, turned on the Denver Broncos preseason game (Denver 24 - LA Rams 20) and promptly fell asleep. The pizza delivery guy woke them about 30 minutes later. That was 34 years ago. A lot has happened in those years. 2 cats, 5 dogs, 9 cars, 3 kids. 10 different addresses. 2 different states. It wasn’t all pretty, there were some really dark times. Even looking back, it’s sometimes hard to believe that they made it through. The one constant has been their love for each other. And the laughter. She told Him today, she’d do it all over again.
  15. well done i have the same welling of tears as when you first showed it to me i think Brandon and Dane will be OK
  16. hello Sirs and friends update from Texas... good news at the eye doctor. no new blood vessel formation & no swelling at the retina. so, no injections! re-scan in 3 months. He is beyond relieved! gotta run, be good, be safe
  17. as of 25 minutes ago, my weekend can start. Phil sees His eye dr. tomorrow, i have a baby shower in the afternoon and that is my WHOLE day. hope everyone is good this afternoon
  18. oh @Mikiesboy it all looks so delicious! and your kitchen is so bright!
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