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  1. Kjamieson

    Chapter 108 A Spiritual Guide

    Wow, I don’t like that guy. I’m also suspicious of the insistence of using Don’s study. I don’t trust don and I wouldn’t put it past him to put a recorder in there. I would much rather Robbie got to talk to Walter instead.
  2. Hi Kjamieson, you have been quiet for a while now, I hope all is well. I see that you signed in earlier today, so you are still with us. You are an author a bunch of followers and your comments to others seem to be always appreciated, sounds like what makes a member/author an asset to this site. Thanks for all you do here.

    I do want to wish you a Happy Birthday and that you had an awesome day.


    Take care


  3. Kjamieson

    Just Ryder

    Ugh, Mr, Haner is so much different with Oli than he was when Teddy was young, and not in a good way. Most parents mellow out with subsequent children but he really went the other way. He blames Ryder, but that's bull shit. Just because you raised one son really well and he happened to get his heartbroken doesn't mean you need to be a dick and try to raise your other son to be a little more hardened. The world will do that to him, home should always be a place where you feel loved, safe, and accepted. I hope things start to change. Oli really is at such an important age where his relationship with his parents can go either way. I I think Ryder and Oli are good for each other, Oli needs to someone to talk to who actually listens and understands, and it will do Ryder some good to be the strong one in a relationship that helps another person.
  4. Kjamieson

    A New Home

    Wow! Teddy’s mom really stepped up to the plate at the end. I think it will do his dad good to confront his feelings about Ryder, I hope we get to see the interaction they have. I also think Oliver will be good for Ryder, I think sometimes having someone that you are helping (and I really think Ryder will help oli, even without trying to) can really end up helping you in the end. Also, super glad they are officially giving it another shot!
  5. Kjamieson

    The Haner Boys

    I wasn’t sure what perspective this chapter would be in, for one of the parents picking up Oliver from Ryder’s room. I’m glad it was oliver’s. It was nice to get a glimpse into his head. I’m glad his family is finally starting to try communicating better with him. 13 is such a hard age, you’re definitely growing up, but there is still a lot of immaturity left. I can see why the parents often think they are protecting him, but I think teddy is right he can handle more than they give him credit for. Also loved, loved, loved, his and Ryder’s interaction. I think Ryder will be good for him. Thanks for another awesome chapter.
  6. Kjamieson

    The Man in Bed

    That was a nice chapter. It was definitely nice seeing Ryder and Oliver connecting. It will be interesting to see what happens when one of their parents come to pick him if he is still in Ryders room. I'm not sure if I'm hoping its their mom or their dad.
  7. Kjamieson

    Four White Walls

    That makes sense, detoxing does often leave people quite figity, irritable, and not very rational.
  8. Kjamieson

    Four White Walls

    Thanks for the glimpse inside Ryder’s head. I love that teddy still seems to be able to sense his feelings and reassure him. Also don’t like Nate, love Cait! so I have kind of a nit picky comment/ question and I kind of feel like a douche even saying it but I can’t help myself. How come they keep poking him with needles every time he gets an IV? The whole point of an IV is to get poked once, leave the plastic cathalon inside attached to a tube the can access easily without poking you again. Sorry I know that was incredibly nit picky and I’m sorry! Like I said I can’t help myself lol. Loving this story!
  9. Kjamieson

    Three Months in the Summer

    Another awesome chapter! Its nice to see teddy and Oli connecting. What happened to Teddy's parents they definitely seem way more uptight raising Oli than they were raising Teddy, I thought it was the other way around? Lol! Still curious about what is going to happen with Teddy and Ryder, Teddy's resolve does seem to be softening and Ryder does seem remorseful and wants to be in Teddy's life again. IT will be interesting to see Ryder and Teddy as Ryder goes through the psych ward and beyond.
  10. Kjamieson

    Chapter 90 Caught With My Pants Down

    So most of the things I wanted to say about this specific chapter others have already said. What I will say though, is not many stories can keep my attention at 90 chapters, but I still get excited when I see an update on this one. It really is an awesome story, thank you for sharing it with us.
  11. Kjamieson

    Wish You Were Here

    Oh my goodness! No!!!!
  12. Kjamieson

    Chapter 19

    I've never looked into that option, I imagine it might be available in the cities with bigger universities? I live near a small city that has a university but it only offers undergrad programs. The nearest university that offers masters and doctoral programs is a couple hours away. That might be an option. I am fortunate that I am in a position that if I really had to I could pay out pf pocket, I don't want to, but it would be possible. I also have a decent health spending account I can access, so I could always get reimbursed that way. I have my own health spending account and since I am also on my husbands benefits I have access to another one as well. I believe there are also places that offer services and charge on a sliding scale based on income, I looked in to that briefly but didn't qualify.
  13. Kjamieson

    Chapter 19

    He left a note
  14. Kjamieson

    Chapter 19

    yup. Hopefully he gets help soon. Good help can make a world of difference. I don't know, some people feel deep shame for mental health issues. I have only recently had my own mental health issues, even prior to this I have always been one to encourage others to seek help, but when I had my own issues it took a lot for me to finally admit it to myself and seek help, because even though I firmly believe that mental illness should be de-stigmatized I still felt a lot of shame.

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