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  1. Miss you my friend. Looks like i started getting active again on here too late. When you next come back on, I'd love to talk again :)

  2. Apparently Alex is way crazier than I first thought — and more dangerous too! The fact that he may bolt from his current haven with his younger brother in tow is very troubling. I’m really happy that Robbie has enough sense to tell Alex “NO”, but will Alex take NO for an answer? I’m not so sure. Interestedly enough, Don is also turning out to be a far more unsavory character than he first appeared. He seems to sink lower in moral depth with each new chapter. Maybe he deserves to be immersed in his creepy religion, populated by sanctimonious souls like himself — assuming that anybody really d
  3. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 32

    How beautifully this chapter captures the deep disquiet of knowing I have been diffent from others since birth — and will always be. Great chapter Com. Thanks for posting. Your work always brings a little light!
  4. SolarMaxx

    Chapter 48

    Somehow, I’ve never tired of this story. It was the first one I started reading on GA, and it’s still one of my favorites! Thanks for posting Com. You’re the best.
  5. @Dodger, your description of the “happy clappers” is great! I read it several times, smiling all the way. This is a really an interesting chapter. I’m probably a chump, but I actually feel sorry for Alex. Considering all the negatives impacting his life, it’s amazing that he has any conscience at all. No wonder he’s so twisted up inside. I hope Robbie has enough sense to steer clear because Alex is definitely caught in a downward spiral.
  6. Remind me never to get in the car with Sue! It’s amazing to me how much her character has devolved through the scope of this story. As I recall, she was much more cheerful and supportive in the beginning of the story. She’s definitely not a happy camper now. I did enjoy her reference to the Don’s “religious nuts” associates and found it to be an interesting clue as to how and where things might be going in her marriage. Sounds like there might be trouble in paradise!
  7. I agree bigboy007. Jacobs stories are great! When I first discovered them I couldn’t stop reading, even though they sometimes get pretty dark. His story, Regrets And Headacks actually gave me nightmares! The good news is, many of Jacob’s stories continue on his website: Jacobmillertex.com. Good Luck
  8. WOW! This was a truly disturbing chapter! In fact, I really needed to catch my breath before writing this review. I’m not sure which is most unsettling; creepy Mr. Symmonds, smug and superior in his beliefs, or psycho-sexual Alex who dosen’t seem to understand the difference between affection and assault. In Alex’s case, I guess I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt all along — hoping that in time with a nurturing environment his better side would prevail: Wishful thinking on my part I guess. Never underestimate the power of repressed passion. So maybe I really am naive. DA
  9. Okay @Dodger, I guess you fairly warned me at the end of the last chapter, not to get too comfortable with the seemingly lighthearted flow of this story — although humor really gives it a lot of life! But I have to admit that Robbie’s symptoms are much more alarming than I first thought. I really like Conner! I still think that he’ll be a great addition to the plot. Robbie’s brief encounter with Nathan definitely underscored some basic contrasts between Nathan and Conner. As a story-telling device I thought it added an interesting texture to this chapter. At this point I’m hoping for the best,
  10. What a wonderful, lighthearted and warm chapter. Just what I needed on this record-cold day. I’m really happy that Rory is back in the story. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters. And I find it very interesting that most of the adolescents in Robbie’s life are dealing the the gay issue substantially better than most of the adults. This story just keeps getting better with each chapter. As always @Dodger, your diligence and sensitive imagination are much appreciated. Stay warm!
  11. This is destined to be one of my favorite chapters — in one of my favorite stories. I’m not sure how often it happens in life, but I’m so relieved that Robbie’s blind date went well — with the likely potential of blossoming into a longer term relationship that could be great for both boys. My impression is that Conner will probably have a valuable stabilizing effect on Robbie. I think he’s gonna be a great character! I’m hoping for the best. If everyone just leaves them alone they will probably get along just fine. like everyone else invested in this story, I’m very concerned abou
  12. Wishing you all so much love and gratitude — You are amazing! 

  13. I once had a wicked crush on one of my closer elementary school buddies! Unfortunately there wasn’t a gay bone in his perfect body. So I guess I kinda know how Robbie feels. But he’s very lucky that Rory is as self confident and emotionally balanced as he is. Lovers come and go, but a really good friendship can last a lifetime. I’ve never told my school chum about my true feelings for him, but fortunately we are still friends to this day. Blind dates can be very scary— but sometimes they’re worth it! I hope it all works out for Robbie. I really enjoyed this chapter @D
  14. I really hope that Robbie isn’t ultimately coerced into attending a fundamentalist, anti-gay church — or worse! I know that many fundamentalists believe that they have the only truth, and some generally mean well. But ignorance and insensitivity are cruel substitutes for insight and compassion. I’m sure Don means we’ll too, in his own way, from his limited perspective. I’m actually hoping that eventually he’ll come around to a more tolerant perspective. Unfortually he seems to be looking in the wrong places, and to the wrong people for enlightenment.
  15. I think Robbie’s counselor needs a counselor himself! Like many others commenting here, this chapter left me frusterated and angry! If this is professional counseling than it’s easy to understand why some therapies produce less than promised. It sounds like Don is trying to have Robbie bullied into an emotional corner and broken down. I’m hoping that gay conversion “therapy” is illegal in Canada because I’m sure Don has considered using it, probably with the support of the quack counselor he hired. I’ve often wondered where homophobia comes from — unless homophobes are actually afr
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