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  1. Just wondering the author of this story and its companion stories has not updated anything in years either on this site or the site mentioned in a previous post just out of curiosity does anyone know if he's continuing to write or no.
  2. OMG! The 3rd book amazing, the voilance but I am glad to see he was charged as an adult, this one is so full of love and budding friendship and lovers! I am hoping that there is a book 4 to cover the trip to Boston and the status of the relationship between all the boys and the Dads' Thank you..
  3. Thank you for letting me know! Yes R & H gave me nightmares too...
  4. I have read all 61 chapter along with the off shoots books. It is an amazing set of stores and I love them. I see nothing has bee updates since 2014. I truly hope that the author is doing OK and will a least complete this store and all the rest that are concerted. I would love to see how it all ends.
  5. Boybig007

    Chapter 61

    I have just read all 61 chapter in just under a week, what an amazing story. I hope that the author will finish this story and all the books that have splinter from this. The full rang of feeling and drama that is there along with the love it is one hell of a story.
  6. I have just finished the 21 chapters of  the love song of Lenny Bradshaw, OMG its amazing! I love and can't wait to read more of it. I have also read chapter 1.1 and 1.2 of the Wilderman assignment, I like what I have read so far and I'm looking forwarded to reading more. Thank you posting. 




    1. Bryce Lee

      Bryce Lee


      Thank you for taking the time to read my work. When I wrote The Love Song of Lenny Bradshaw, I had difficulty finishing it. I deeply enjoy the characters so much and I'm totally open to finishing the story at a later time.

      I'm glad you are enjoying The WIlderman Assignment. I just finished Chapter One and I can't wait to start Chapter 2. I hope you will like it! Thank you for reaching out. That means a lot!!!


  7. Boybig007

    Chapter 69

    Dear Don H, I am hoping all is well with you and I am hoping that we get the next chapter if you are still writing. I have enjoyed all that I have read. I am hoping that you can post something soon. I miss reading of the adventures of all the boys and the family..
  8. Boybig007

    Chapter 69

    Sorry to let you know he was found dead of a drug OD I just don't remember what chapter it was but it was the 1st or 2nd chapter after Carl & Dan'd dad was shot.
  9. Boybig007

    Chapter 11

    What an amazing chapter! love it...I am glad it all came out and that he called Scott. Its a wonderful thing what you can forgive someone for wronging you. TJ has grown and become more understanding of his life and what is going on around him. I have loved this store from the 1st chapter thank you for posting and writing it..
  10. Boybig007

    GMA II

    I made a edit to my post, lol.. I have to make a change to my thought and out look, I had an epiphany I recall DOC saying he was giving thought to adopting after chipper came to live with him.
  11. Boybig007

    GMA II

    If they want it bad enough (Oz over CJ in Australia and CJ over Oz when he moved to DC) and with the support they have it wound not shock me in the least plus if it would help out Thiago and Nadine since he considers them "family" and CJ will do anything for family.. It would be tough on the newly weds but it just might be worth it. I have to make a change to my thought and out look, I had an epiphany I recall DOC saying he was giving thought to adopting after chipper came to live with him.
  12. Boybig007

    GMA II

    OK, OK, I overreacted last chapter! lol 😉, What an amazing chapter. I know Thiago and Nadine will make the best choice they can, what are the odds of CJ and OZ asking them for the baby? . Little concerned for Patrick being in Boston especially if he runs into his cousins or grandfather. It is also nice to see Sean and Ethan a confirmed couple. Thank you... I am looking forward to the next chapter. ☺️
  13. Boybig007

    GMA I

    Well at least till the 3rd or 4th.. that would be nice, lol
  14. Boybig007

    GMA I

    OMG great to have them all back and I only hope Owen only passed out, way too soon for major drama! 😉
  15. Boybig007


    Glad your back too! I have been waiting for this installment CJ and the Squad.. Thank you.. also Happy New Year
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