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  1. Boybig007

    Remembering Dennis 191

    I am so sorry for the loss of a friend in that way, it is pine full. I say a pray for him.. 😟
  2. Boybig007

    Chapter 10

    Love the chapter, I am enjoying the whole story of TJ. It is amazing. Look all the traveling companions of Doctor Who have there own unique personality that enhance the Doctor's. As for Mel he should have give up her parental rights so she will never be an issue again. John can be dangerous "hell has no furry" come to mind. Kevin's dad isn't a threat right now as he is locked up but if he is let out that will be some trouble. Thank you for writing.
  3. Boybig007

    God Help Us

    Sorry for your loss. Your in my thoughts. Do what you need to do for the family, we will still be hear for you. I Loved the chapter, 😀
  4. Boybig007

    Georgetown: As Time Goes By

    I have been enjoying all the chronicles of CJ. I read and re read them i just love it! thank you very much for writing it and keep up the great job.
  5. Boybig007

    Chapter 23

    I have enjoyed the the whole story and that was fantastic ending, I was getting anxious to see if he left forever or came back to stay. I am so happy it ended on this note. Thank you so much.
  6. Boybig007

    Chapter 7

    Awesome! Chapter, Yes john is a defiantly not on a Christmas list at all, but something tells me he won't be the enemy we think he is I think he might be a bigger asset to the group. I am look forward to the next chapter...
  7. Boybig007

    Too Close To Home

    OMG! This chapter had me laughing my ass off to crying over the fighting, even though Blu has a valid complaint over Kyle's not talking to him on matters. This letter's only purpose if strike fear and panic into Kyle and knock him off balance in some twisted way to fracture the family. I do believe that Rudolph found a twisted person or persons on the outside but I don't think that even the Church, Hiscock of the nurse would deliberately hurt a child an adult on the other hand I can see. I see bowler hat guy some how in the mix, he always pooped up when least expected. I am so looking forward the next chapter. Oh and yes the kids are very perceptive of the stress with Blu & Kyle and they are protective of them too!
  8. Boybig007


    I have read all 69 (lol) chapters and I so looking forward to the next one, This story has had it over share of sadness, but the ray's of love and hope are shining and it appears that the UCLA group are starting to get upbeat and happy. I am find myself getting excited for the next chapter.. Thank you for your stories and i do enjoy your writings.
  9. Boybig007

    William's Love

    Sweet, just out of curiosity does that mean both stories are caching up and will come together. It just seams that as I have been reading Ian's Heart the timelines are coming together.
  10. Boybig007

    Over The Rainbow • Part VI

    OH! I have read and re-read the last 7 books and I love them! The family/friend dynamic is amazing and I love at the support everyone gives to each other, Yes Cesar did kind of over step it there but so did Ozzie's folks too. But I for see cool heads coming together. Silas is coming out of his shell just about the same as CJ and I hope that is a very good thing for him. I am a little concerned the lack of any appearance or any form of contact from Harley, giving the personalty I saw and the friendship forged over the last 7 books leads me to think something is wrong with Harley. I also have noticed the lack of and any major family/friend crisis (ie the shooting, the arrest, attempted drugging and rape oh and the helicopter crash, boating accident) all that so many books ago. What has surprised me is that CJ has had and has a very public face over the last 2 books with Presidential Campaign and other very highly public appearances he has made done no one has made him a target other them that one tweet (ie bigots, racists and others in society). I truly love all that book in the life of CJ and I will admit that i have cried and some points. Thank you for your writings and please keep going.
  11. Boybig007

    William's Love

    This is an amazing story! I am so looking forward to the next chapter, I have also read the sub stories connecting theme, I have read all of them i am so in love with them.. Very well written and enjoyable
  12. Boybig007

    Chapter 9

    I am so depressed at this point, so much anger and lack of commutation and for lack of better wording "self pity" I know this is some what of an accelerated version of life but the it's everyone's world is about to implode. I only hope by the time I finish reading this book that life has found it's balance and no one is dead.
  13. Boybig007

    Whole New World

    I love the continuing store, I an intrigued with the addition of the new carters. I have a question though regarding some stuff, what ever happened to there trust-funds and any moneys from the grandparents oil company? Whits the deal with that Mr. Hiscock, I just hope he a bitter old man. I truly hope at some point the whole family gets a break from the bad... I have and will continue to enjoy reading your sortie. Thank you..
  14. Boybig007

    The Musician (Part Four)

    OMG! This so sad. What will happen, will he give it up or will they both go? I am crying over this... Thanks for posting it. I just hope this has a happy ending.
  15. Boybig007

    Three's A Charm

    I have fallen in love with this book! I hope that Mason doesn't go out of his was to find them and hope he doesn't case pain to Anders but I feel that going to happen as they have the some of the same friends especially on a football team.

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