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  1. Boybig007

    Sad News

    He will be in my thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. 💓
  2. Boybig007

    Chapter 69

    Very sad new indeed. I have loved all his stores.
  3. Boybig007


    OMG! Like this family has not been through the ringer enough already, that kid will get cought because kids will brag about it and then the Coach will get his.. All though an upsetting end to this chapter is was a good one... Thank for giving us a distraction from current events.
  4. Boybig007

    Ian's Heart

    This has been an amazing story. I have smiled and cryed through out the whole book. It is full of love and ups and downs .thank you for the whole thing.
  5. Boybig007


    As always you have written an amazing and fun story!
  6. A very nice ending to the CJ books! Thank you for a great lifetime stories.
  7. Boybig007


    Dear Carlos, I want to say thank you, your CJ book summer was one of the first book I read when I joined GA and fell in love with it. I have been reading and re-reading all of the CJ books. I have laughed, cryed and had anxiety with all of the CJ's adventures. I am sad to see it come to an end but happy at how it ended. I hope we get a chance to have an update on there lives from time to time, nothing to big maybe a chapter or two. I am looking forward to your next book and the amazing journey we will be taken on. Thank you for everything.
  8. Amazing! The birth of a relationship! I hope it works out even with the possible negative reaction from others. I don't believe the Eddie's parents will treat them as outcasts. I hope for the best..
  9. OMG, amazing end to the book! I have loved and cryed in everyone of the books in this story. It's sad to see it end but happy it's on an amazing high note. I am looking forward to reading what ever your next story is! Thank you! 💓
  10. Thank you! Lol. I loved it, looking forward to the final chapter and hope all the loose ends get tied up (yes a pun if that's your kink, lol).
  11. Boybig007

    Chapter 15

    Loved the wedding and the Christmas set up! I am just a little nervous about KC and Jake I feel someone is being or is going to be a target..
  12. Oh, hell no! With all the bull that has gone in there lives this is in no way fair. (Yes I know life is at times not fair) Charlie and David have a connection and they DO love each other and Noah let David in to that bubble, if this turns out to anything other then a nightmare in Charlie's head it will be a devastating set back for Noah and might even hurt his relationship with Charlie. My heart goes out to David right now, I am mad and sad at the same time!! Please please make it right thay belong together and will make a fantastic family...
  13. Boybig007

    Hanging By A Thread

    Oh, hell NO! I am so sad that Nan has passed! But the family will pull through this. They all had good times with that crazy woman! She will be missed.
  14. Boybig007


    Maybe Ethan will jump on the case to rip him apart in the legal system!
  15. Boybig007


    Oh boy, fantastic chapter as always! A break up not completely unexpected sorry it happened 😣, A girl! Dam I was hoping for a boy, but as long as she is healthy I am happy 😉! Damen is so fucked! 😲
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