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    Fine art. Architecture. Great food. Amazed by 10K faces of cities. Nature. Bike, photography, cinema and piano adept.<br /><br /><br /><br />
    ...and men! ;)

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  1. Hi Pierre Ghislain. Glad you are still with us. You have been silent for a long time. I see Ricky told you about the 5 post thing (only 4 more to go). With all the things you like to do, I hope you still have time for us. If you just want to stop by and read, that is fine, what ever makes you happy.

    I want to wish you a Happy 24th Birthday and day of celebration.


    Take care and best wishes,


  2. #fluctuatnecmergitur #prayforparis #prayforbeirut #prayforbaghdad #prayfortheworld #paris #parisattacks #blue #white #red #light #theatre le #manège #architecture #pierrehebbelinck #archi #urban #city #ville #town #glass #concrete #steel #window #bluestone #pretty #sky #mons #belgium From Instagram: @remypbourgi ... First entry. Yet no words.
  3. You may also enjoy my stories as I write young love. Be welcome!

    1. Pierre Ghislain

      Pierre Ghislain

      thanks :) I'll make sure to read them!

  4. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome! Be sure and stop in the forum and introduce yourself.

    1. Pierre Ghislain

      Pierre Ghislain

      What do you mean opens up completely? Like blocked stories and authors?

  5. Pierre Ghislain

    Chapter 25

    I Love this story! So much deep emotions in your characters. I'm hooked and really can't wait until next chapter Congrats Comsie, you're one of the best authors out here! Thank you for your stories
  6. I've juste changed "still figuring it out" to "gay". Wow! Long way to that step! It took me 8 years...

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    2. Pierre Ghislain

      Pierre Ghislain

      Thank you very much guys! It really is amazing to receive support from people I don't know when all the ones I know aren't even aware of what I've been (and still am) going through! Thank you :)

    3. Daddydavek
    4. Pierre Ghislain

      Pierre Ghislain

      So sweet! Thanks :)

  7. Fantastic story! Best I ever read on this site (and the level is already high ) Really can't wait for more of this. And a sequel or two... Or three I'm hooked by those two and their lives!
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