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  1. lucie


    Um.. wow that so did not help my blood pressure ! Intense to make an understatement - I fear a rocky road awaits us
  2. lucie

    The Heart Shatters

    Wow - just WOW!!! I think it's time for the Jon and Angus rematch :) Gene's death is going to be a hard one for Homestead
  3. lucie


    However hard, however painful and however gut wrenching - Key was true to his word and the agreement he signed. Not gonna throw flames as of just yet - I have hope !!!!
  4. lucie

    Calling and Finding Home

    Ginger is the costume lady who his Dad f**ked and smells nice
  5. lucie

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Hells bells !! Really should not have expected anything less from Key - stand up man who can read the signs and overt body language
  6. lucie

    Date Night

    And so the conundrums continue to build for Key and Ned ......
  7. lucie


    Key needs to go with Ned - leaving him alone will just reinforce "you're disposable just like the others" as per Rich. Although Key blew it off - it may come back to haunt
  8. lucie

    Chapter XXVI

    Report Comment Timothy M. 26,598 Posted 20 minutes ago "They are still trying to find the balance in their relationship, but the mutual flares of jealousy seem to indicate they're both equally involved emotionally. Greg may not have said 'I love you' but he has committed himself to being with Chris for the rest of his life if what he said in previous chapters is true. And somehow, I cannot see Greg not being serious on this matter, no matter what other faults he may have. " Yes yes I understand what you are saying and perhaps my own very atypical relationship colors my comment. It has been my experience that Doms generally do not declare their hand prior to a relationship starting - mutual attraction perhaps - forever -NO. Hence my wondering about the fantasy vs reality in Greg's mind.
  9. lucie

    Chapter XXVI

    As the story is written from Chris' perspective I do wonder what Greg's thoughts are as the relationship progresses. After all he had had six years to fantasize about Chris and the relationship that he (Greg) wanted. Relationships are hard in general plus the D/S aspect added in it make my mind churn as to what Greg is feeling. Has he (Greg) said or indicated something to Chris which is why Chris can only say he loves him in his mind? Makes me wonder if perhaps there are psychological games being played. What of the brothers? Have they noticed or have an inkling as to the changes between them? Enjoying your story immensely!!
  10. lucie

    Trial Part 2


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