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So Little Magic Left Premium

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What do you do when you simply don't fit into your world? Shawn Martoni never did. A past of turmoil and misfortune kept a solid foothold from ever forming.

But what if there was another world under our own? Someplace where all that's left of the creatures long since forgotten might live. Would Shawn find his place there or simply find another form of the underworld?


A special thanks goes out to Layla for choosing this story and making this piece of modern fantasy happen. I hope you enjoy it! There's so much to tell but I don't want to spoil it! Read!! Read and leave comments!!


Last but not least, an endless array of thanks to MJ85 for polishing this into something special.

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A sweet story that grows on you the more you read it, until you have to just devour it all. The deeper you delve into the story, the characters all come to life and are well grounded, all whilst a believable world and society is created. Thoroughly enjoyed this story and I think many others will fall in love with it too. 


For short: highly recommended ^^

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· Edited by BHopper2

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A fantastic tale of love between two people from two different worlds. The writing was excellent, vivid pictures were painted, dialogue flowed naturally. My main beef and the reason why I left four-stars is the following:


Because the writer employed in error, the "Show, Don't Tell" method, that publishers seem to insist on, there are gaps in details to make this a fully complete story. The lack of Infodumps, a staple of the Fantasy Genre, leaves out the details needed to explain the divisions of the world. Too much assumption is done by the reader, in order to fill in the gaps.


The story was great, don't get me wrong on that. It could have been a lot better, had the writer employed the genre's staples.

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