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  1. I’m happy to see the story continue, and I’m especially relieved that Praveen survived. There’s so much need for justice, and so many who must pay a steep price for their despicable actions. By the way, in the story synopsis, who is Travis? Is that the new pseudonym for Antonio, or have I missed something? 😏
  2. I was halfway through the chapter when I accidentally saw the ending so I skimmed through to finish it. Profoundly disappointing. While that family was corrupt, morally bankrupt, heartless, superficial, and completely wrong for Praveen, he deserves a better ending. Santiago and Praveen should have ended up together. I truly hope this is not the actual end of the story, as it would be a shame to conclude it with such a gratuitously dark and tragic finish. Some karma and actual justice would be preferable. As for Praveen and Antonio, at the end of the day Antonio was an extraordinarily abusive spouse who, frankly, deserves someone as horrible as Bruce.
  3. Even though it frustrates me at times, even though I think the mother and granny are blindly selfish for micromanaging and forcing arranged marriages on their children, and even though Praveen is a sweetly gorgeous but spineless idiot - and Antonio is an abusive spouse, I’m totally hooked on this story and get excited when I see updates! 😁 Fabulous chapter!
  4. tesao

    Family Love

    Of all the uteruses in all the towns in all the world, poor Hunter had to come from THAT caca-filled carbon-based maternal unit! I find it miraculous that someone as good, kind, and loving as Hunter could have ever been raised by such diabolically dystopian, dimwitted, demented, disgusting, damnable, dastardly, dark, deadbeat, decayed, deceptive, degenerate, dehumanizing, degrading allegedly human breeding stock. The Vegas are as saintly as Hunter’s family is sinister. Child abuse pisses me off like almost nothing else. Potent chapter!
  5. So do I. Of all the characters, I would have wanted to date Hayden ... and maybe Andy. Oh...and the spunky pool boy next door!
  6. Such a great chapter! The lead-up to Hunter and Jaime declaring and physically expressing their feelings was both touching and very hot. Sweet innocence. Sadly, their families are a study in contrasts; Jaime’s family is as loving as Hunter’s is hateful. Pity that it never occurred to those selfish, narcissistic merde containers that their own poor choices created the life they hate. Blaming Hunter is a despicable example of transference. PS I loved re-reading Book 3. I cried as much this time as I did the first. Hayden was a powerfully endearing character.
  7. tesao

    Chapter 11

    Ethan, At the end of the day, a story belongs to its writer, not its readers. I can understand that you find some comments frustrating and even demeaning, but viewed another way, they reflect two things: (1) we were heavily emotionally invested in the story and its characters and reacted to the abrupt ending accordingly, which is a tribute to you as a writer and, (2) our dark, uncertain times (pandemic, etc.) cause us to increasingly turn to literature for refuge. Our hunger for escape leaves us craving perhaps artificially tidy, comforting, neat, happy endings. To illustrate the point, I doubt that the musical Oklahoma would have been half as popular had it not debuted in the middle of World War II. I loved the story, and it’s your talent as a storyteller that left us wanting more.
  8. Austin is definitely the best (only?) place in Texas. I’ve always enjoyed my trips there. Love the vibe, the laid-back energy, and the “scenery”.
  9. I hate sounding smarmy. Really hate it. But...do you have a deep creative well in your backyard from which you can just draw at your whim? The way you paint and develop characters is unreal. I’m not only already totally engrossed in this new story and loving seeing the beginnings of Hunter and Jaime, but I’m enjoying re-reading Book 3, as well... just because. I’ll stop now before I’m avergonzado.
  10. My prior comment was deleted, I have no idea why, and I’m not happy with whomever was responsible. Bottom line: I loved this story and look forward to more.
  11. Praveen needs to find someone who will love him, not abuse him. Even if Antonio were to completely change his attitude, he has already verbally and physically assaulted him numerous times. Antonio doesn’t belong in Praveen’s bed, he belongs in jail.
  12. Praveen needs to grow a pair, and that stupid family needs an emergency injection of intelligence.
  13. Emilia must be the most clueless, inept, psychologically unsophisticated, inattentive, vacant-minded, blind mother-in-law in existence! How can she not perceive the tension and animosity between her bad-seed son and poor Praveen?
  14. tesao

    Chapter 9

    I just discovered this story tonight, binge read to catch up, and now I’m hooked! This is not the usual formulaic gay romance story one often finds online. It’s not only well done, but it illustrates the truth of one of my favorite adages: “Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups”. I agree with those who insist Jamie needs to calm down, read the damn letter carefully, and listen to Ali. Their connection has lasted all this time. He owes it to both of them to honestly and rationally examine why.
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