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  1. This has been such an amazing story, and I’m so happy to read a new chapter. It warms me to see Nathan and Robbie building something more profound and real. In spite of all of their immaturity and poor choices, they seem to fit together. I would love to read a sequel, perhaps one featuring their wedding. 😉 PS... Though I suspect it was someone creepy connected to Mr. Symmonds taking pictures from the car, the thought occurred to me that the break-up left Connor pretty embittered and resentful.
  2. My first reaction was… damn, that Jaime is getting pushy. 😉 As I read further, the old Russian proverb came to mind, “trust, but verify”. Her journey from the dark side didn’t seem to take long enough for her to have actually reached the right destination. I really do hope it works out for her and Hunter as she has caused him so much pain, but if I were him, I would keep my friends close and my mother even closer. For now. Fortunately, the realities of NYC real estate will make a long-term residency for her all but impossible. Since Jaime seems to be able to get around so easily,
  3. Wow! Creating a chapter worthy of Perry’s and Hunter’s first time, falling in love, and making making a lifelong commitment to each other was a pretty demanding task. You exceeded expectations by delivering an episode that was sweetly romantic, sexy, sizzling hot with the addition of Ian, and ultimately deeply moving. That was an amazing roller coaster ride - especially when it came to a sudden stop with the shrew’s call. I wonder if her darling husband kicked.
  4. I loved this chapter! One could feel Hunter’s emotions shift from despondent to hopeful to beginning to fall in love. I may have mentioned it before, but I have a Perry/Hayden fantasy, too. What is it about your adorable characters?
  5. Even though I knew it was coming, I still delayed reading this painful chapter. As it was, I could barely focus on the last couple of paragraphs. Beautifully written, your words captured the poignancy of the final good-bye as well as the depth of Hunter’s emotional desperation. It’s ironic that those who give the most love and compassion, Hunter and the Vegas, have suffered so profoundly. Life isn’t always fair. Now, more than ever, I’m looking forward to Hunter finding happiness.
  6. I’m not too sorry for a chapter reprieve before the tissues come out. This was a fun one. Totally not surprised you got 1000 views on this; you have a talent for creating compelling stories that keep us hooked and make us fall in love with these characters as if they were real. Oh... we noticed the appearance of the Johnny Breeze crowd. That was the cameo to which several of us referred. I didn’t say more because I was trying to get my recurring fantasy of Johnny, JJ and me out of my head. 😈
  7. tesao


    It’s always a treat to see updates to this story, and this chapter is no exception. So there actually ARE decent people in Hunter’s family! To the extent that character has a genetic component, that helps explain Hunter - that, and his conscious choice to be the opposite of his thoroughly rotten parents. I’m glad you added that explanation. Poor Jonathan. I feel badly for him; I hope he finds someone. (I recall him being single in the last story.) The cameo appearance was an unexpected pleasure! Vic’s appearance feels like being reunited with an old friend. Just checked my
  8. Freshpersons not being able to have a car on campus is pretty typical of many large universities.
  9. I’d hoped against all rational expectations that her cancer would have humanized her. Well, hell! As for the paternal sperm donor, there aren’t enough pejorative words and phrases in all of Texas to adequately describe him. If there were a gruesome farm equipment accident in his future, c’est la vie. This part of the story is painful but necessary history, and the backdrop for the biggest hit of all. If other readers are like me, we’re bracing ourselves. I’m really looking forward to the details of Hunter finally finding happiness. Poor kid has had a rough start.
  10. tesao

    A Happy Camper

    That was one hot chapter! Damn, to be that age again… Hunter is showing the stuff of which he is made, sacrificing a bit of his own peace of mind and happiness to take care of his bitter, vindictive, cruel, two-faced, undeserving mother. I’m still amazed that someone so decent and loving could possibly have come from those despicable, heartless carbon-based parental units. I suppose on a sliding scale of wretchedness, his mother is the more human of the two. Allegedly. I’m hoping that Hunter’s time spent caring for his mother will heal some damage and bring him some closure.
  11. tesao


    What a treat to be lifted out of this stressful week, even for a short while, by your wonderful writing and these lovable characters. I’ve missed them. Isaac is a lucky guy to have a loyal fighter like Kyle on his side, and Kyle is blessed to have an insightful father who is still looking after his kids.
  12. I LOVE this story and these characters, and I’m so happy to have you back! Both from a story and a life perspective, I’m glad you set up Hunter’s and Jaime’s arrangement early. Not only do we and Hunter get to be entertained sooner rather later, it will also give Hunter and Jaime a chance to talk about it in person once it happens. Given an impending six-year separation, it’s probably the only rational thing for them to do - though it would be hard for me emotionally, though not as hard as being apart for so long. Bless you for participating in the vaccine trial. You’re a brave man.
  13. I’m happy to see the story continue, and I’m especially relieved that Praveen survived. There’s so much need for justice, and so many who must pay a steep price for their despicable actions. By the way, in the story synopsis, who is Travis? Is that the new pseudonym for Antonio, or have I missed something? 😏
  14. I was halfway through the chapter when I accidentally saw the ending so I skimmed through to finish it. Profoundly disappointing. While that family was corrupt, morally bankrupt, heartless, superficial, and completely wrong for Praveen, he deserves a better ending. Santiago and Praveen should have ended up together. I truly hope this is not the actual end of the story, as it would be a shame to conclude it with such a gratuitously dark and tragic finish. Some karma and actual justice would be preferable. As for Praveen and Antonio, at the end of the day Antonio was an extraordinarily abusi
  15. Even though it frustrates me at times, even though I think the mother and granny are blindly selfish for micromanaging and forcing arranged marriages on their children, and even though Praveen is a sweetly gorgeous but spineless idiot - and Antonio is an abusive spouse, I’m totally hooked on this story and get excited when I see updates! 😁 Fabulous chapter!
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