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  1. tesao

    Chapter 21

    Aaaaaagggghhhhh! A cliff.
  2. tesao

    The First Christmas

    Beautiful and deeply touching. I re-read The Acquittal before this, just because I loved it so much. This vignette fleshed out some important relationship and plot details to which the other stories only alluded, and it made the entire Orchard universe that much richer. Looking forward to more.
  3. tesao

    Chapter 20

    Buh-bye, Finnishia! Really good story. One could see the evolution of this. Not surprised at all. Someone like Colin is a much better fit. Conflicted straight-ish/closet case boys are rarely worth the trouble or heartache.
  4. tesao

    Chapter 25

    For the first time ever, I had to use my PC to log in to Gay Authors see the emojis you used. They don't show up in iPad OS. I've been missing out.
  5. tesao

    Chapter 25

    Young Tristan is beyond adorable! I also worry about Brayden; I’ve seen employees lose their merde in normal employment termination circumstances. Given his background, training, and disposition, he’s going to be a dangerous loose cannon unless he’s “contained“. Containment could even take the form of a golden parachute agreement that comes with an NDA, monitoring, and harsh financial penalties for any bad behavior. Or maybe...he hatches an evil plan to seek revenge on TJ, and before he can execute it, karma swoops in and hits him with a bus in Midtown. Just random thoughts. 😏 Not sure why, but I’m nervous about the upcoming conversation between TJ and JC. I just hope there are no bombshells to interfere with their ongoing relationship. Although TJ is warming back up to JC, he still maintaining a bit of distance.
  6. tesao

    Chapter 24

    Yes I did forget. It must be because @weinerdog and I felt that BHO had somehow tracked our backgrounds.😉 It’s funny how I had blocked Sebastian from my consciousness. I think he is best left in that forgotten state. The filthy bastard.
  7. tesao

    Chapter 24

    This is a case in which older adults in positions of parental authority are less mature than the kids. Emily needs to grow up. When JT reminisced that JC kissed like no other, that suggests there have been others. I can’t blame him as five years is a long time, and he had thought he had to let JC go, but I just hope it doesn’t complicate any reconciliation. Thank God for Kevin and Jeff. Their kids sound absolutely adorable. Great chapter.
  8. tesao

    Chapter 24

    I lived in San Diego 10+ years, spent time in Key West, and now live in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m feeling the same strange sense that you are! LOL
  9. tesao

    Chapter 23

    Oooooh, tease! 😏 I hope JC isn’t in for more heartbreak.. Hmmmm...sounds like karma is on its way to Brayden’s place.
  10. tesao

    Talking it Out

    Yeah, they both frustrate me and break my heart. A good cleansing detox of poison people would greatly benefit them both. I’ve spoken to one of them in particular (as has my husband) until I’m oxygen-deprived - to no avail. He’ll agree with me on the need AND RIGHT to control his own life but never take any action. It saddens me that he’s so self-destructively ineffectual. His mother even shows up for weeks or months-long visits so she can better control his life. One incident that really pissed me off was when she went through all his things while he was at work, and threw away everything of which she disapproved - including his complete Sex and the City hot pink velvet boxed set! (I doubt she even knew what it was, but saw “sex” in the title so it had to go.) I’d have disowned my mother for a stunt like that. (Oh, my friend’s mother is evangelical, allegedly Christian, BTW.) I’d recently spoken to him when I read this chapter, and the character of Grey’s mother turned out to be a potent trigger that set me off.
  11. tesao

    Chapter 23

    Compelling chapter! Brayden has the intelligence, demeanor and self-satisfied BS-filled character of a low-level I.C.E. agent, or a Buffalo, NY riot cop. His toxic level of incompetence and arrogance should cause him to be demoted to the mail room. CC really is the brains and heart of the organization. I hope TJ gives her a fair hearing. JC is a saint to have waited five years (!) and never given up. One doesn’t often encounter such devotion in life. Though you don’t address it, I wonder if TJ ever dated or hooked up during those years. Those two need to be together.
  12. tesao

    Talking it Out

    The emotional and psychological tension in this chapter was so palpable, I couldn’t wait to get to the next paragraph. I’ll admit that some of it was uncomfortable as I have known more than one good friend whose personal happiness was permanently aborted by trying to please a demanding, intrusive, homophobic mother who was more concerned with what people would think than she was with seeing her son truly content. Even though I can sympathize with her background, Grey’s mother already pisses me off in a visceral way. Ultimately, it was my friends‘ choice in how they lived their lives, but still… With Lucas‘s help, Grey has made remarkable progress in self-discovery. However, I wouldn’t expect the process to be quick or easy, and I’m glad you’re not taking shortcuts. This is a compelling story, and one that feels too familiar.
  13. tesao

    Chapter 17

    Wow! Are they finally going to come clean and spill to TJ? That’s an awful lot to lay on a kid, and it could even compromise his safety, but at least everything would be out in the open. Maybe that’s necessary for him to heal. (I’m thinking out loud. It is out loud because I dictate most things.) I’m happy and relieved that TJ decided to move in with JC. Connections such as theirs don’t happen every day, and sometimes they never happen. He needs to hold onto him. The reason for TJ’s outburst at lunch wasn’t super obvious, and I’m glad he came clean to his uncle and then called his therapist. Those are important recovery steps. JC is wise to let TJ make the moves and increase the level of physical affection between them as he feel safe. That shows that JC is driven by love and not just by teen hormones. PS: I’m so glad you post frequently, because I can hardly wait for the next chapters.
  14. tesao

    Chapter 16

    You’re right, though that doesn’t indicate the size of the firm or his ownership interest. I’ve known some firm names that list the managing/principal partner last because that’s what people remember (my first law firm was like that), and others put that person first in the title.
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