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  1. tesao

    Chapter 12

    Bravo! I like the realistic way in which you portray their lovemaking, i.e., that it gets better with time and practice, and improves as they fall more deeply in love. It does surprise me, however, that they don’t do it more often. I mean, they are in their late teens! 😈 The window incident was hilarious; pity that the neighbors couldn’t appreciate the live porn soundtrack. Why didn’t that happen to ME the last time I waited for a refrigerator delivery?! The adoption was heartbreaking, and I could really sense their pain and loss. I suspect, though, that the child will have a better life this way. Such a great chapter! I’ll be sorry to see the story end.
  2. tesao

    Chapter 8

  3. tesao

    Chapter 7

    This is beyond amazing… to see theirrelationship developed from the inside out. What a much-needed escape! Well done.
  4. tesao

    Chapter 5

    That was a beautifully written scene between J and Brandon! I just discovered this story and I’m loving it.
  5. tesao

    San Francisco

    I agree with droughtquake (even though California is now officially out of the drought for the first time since 2011 - YAY!). Tran and, especially, Parker, are so tied to David’s painful past. He needs someone new...or Charlie in an alternate universe. That’s it...maybe a fantasy throuple with Parker and Charlie. (Can you tell it’s late and I’m groggy?) If a relationship were to work with Tran or Parker, though, I think it would have to be with Parker. Seriously, though, like Wesley and James, I’m so glad your’re concluding the series focusing on David as he was one of my sentimental favorite characters (I’m also a pianist). The references to Van Cliburn, Davies Symphony Hall, and the SF Symphony are so meaningful to me: Van Cliburn was the first pianist I ever saw in concert as a young kid, and my husband and I have spent numerous hours and built so many happy memories in the audience at Davies enjoying MTT and other conductors. This should be fun. Just so you know, though, the best seats in Davies are either Front or Premier Orchestra - not the boxes. 😉
  6. tesao


    What a nice surprise - a bonus chapter (or maybe the second half of the original that was split in two) ! This excellent chapter was also a welcome breather from last week’s heartbreaking installment, so the structure worked out very well. Thank you. CJ And Owen continue to drop very broad hints - albeit to disparate audiences - about impending parenthood (I mean, I’ve never known anyone to buy a car seat to be able to ferry their friends’ children around), and no one seems to be catching on. Someone must be wondering.
  7. tesao

    GMA XI

    There really aren’t adequate words. I’m heartbroken and in tears. Yeah, I know it’s fiction and you gave us plenty of foreshadowing, but still...this may not have been the chapter to read just before bed. 😪 On the other hand, Brad is alive and otherwise well, and he couldn’t ask for better support. It was also gratifying to see Owen so deftly “handle” CJ at a time of crisis. They really are great together. You crafted this difficult chapter beautifully, Carlos. I especially appreciated the skillful way you dropped the awful news on us in bits of information spread across several paragraphs; it gave it that much more impact.
  8. tesao

    Apple of Her Eye

    A very pure, thoroughly enjoyable, sweet-without-being-saccharine coming out story that manages to both entertain and teach important life lessons. Even in this early effort, Ronyx’s talent is easy to spot. This story is a tonic, especially in tough times. You’ll 💖 it!
  9. tesao

    Chapter 12

    Perfect ending! Though you’ve grown exponentially as a writer, this first effort clearly demonstrates your nascent talent. If I had been Gary, I would’ve probably made Shaun pay a bit longer…but that’s just me. I don’t deal well with betrayal. In the overall scheme of things (wow, what a trite phrase... sorry… I’m in a hurry), however, Gary handled it well.
  10. tesao

    Chapter 117 The Happy Clappers

    Someone needs to hire a sky writing plane to put a message in the clouds (where Robbie’s head is) for all to see: “Robbie, get help, dammit!“ Don’s obsessive cavorting with the “invasion of the Stepford church people” is downright spooky. His actions really go beyond someone trying to find solace or answers to help his family. Honestly, I think he’s desperately trying to pray his own gay away.
  11. tesao

    GMA X

    Geeezz...filho da praia! (I’ll wait.) (BTW, not you, Carlos...the cliffhanger.) My worst fear. I hate it when I feel stuff like that coming...and then it happens. Great, impactful, roller coaster of a chapter! I assume that CJ, Owen, and the dads will buy Rogo’s, depending on the P&L and forecasts. The hangout has been too integral a part of their lives for it to materially change or disappear. Thiago is so cute and dedicated, but the kid has got to pace himself or he’ll burn out. Sean’s and Evan’s dilemma truly makes me sad and angry. As a society, we hungrily consume porn and use sex workers (the bible belt leads the way in gay porn hits), and then hypocritically judge and denigrate the creators/providers. Don’t get me started. This is such a great story, but now I suffer (inverted hand to forehead) the downside to catching up: the wait until Friday at about 2 AM Pacific. PS: I actually added “Despacito” to one of my iTunes playlists when it was first released, but had to remove it after the third or fourth play. Doesn’t wear well. I’m surprised Ozzie can still enjoy it. If it were a wine, he wouldn’t touch it. 😉
  12. tesao

    Chapter 11

    This chapter was a sweet tonic during a week in which we were bombarded with yet more indictable or impeachable offenses. I’m sorry to see it come to a close. Sean has some serious atoning to do with Gary, but I have a feeling that Gary will welcome him back. Sean should be grateful to have learned this character-building lesson early in his life. I love Josh’s reaction to seeing the two boys naked and boned up. So heartwarming.
  13. tesao

    GMA IX

    Loved it...but it made me thirsty and hungry. German and Alsatian Reislings are yummy with Asian (and Indian) food. This story is an oenophile’s wet dream. You initially caught me off guard with the vibration against CJ butt that made him wiggle...and caused me to have impure thoughts. 😈
  14. tesao


    Another terrific chapter, Carlos, and I’m so glad you highlighted the Trevor Project as it’s one our favorite organizations.
  15. tesao


    Such a fun chapter...and a nice memory trip through many old stomping grounds. Ritchie was right; I once subjected my husband and daughter to waiting at the top of Empire State just to capture an amazing twilight and early nighttime view. Totally worth it. I also love that vista from Griffith Observatory. Really well done.

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