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  1. It’s unsurprising that Marilyn should be so interested in shark feeding. Reciprocal professional curiosity, I suppose. 😜 The solution for Noah and Timmy was perfect. I wondered if you’d go there, but I never anticipated a GIRLfriend. Very clever, and an effective curveball. It’s heartening to witness Noah’s deepening understanding of love relationships; I’m happy that he realizes that what he and Sky have is special and worth protecting. I’m also relieved that Noah’s Papa is making more of an effort. Excellent, sweet chapter! Grandpa needs to rid himself of the bruja; no one mourns the...
  2. tesao

    The Choice

    “We told her we wouldn’t kiss, but I think that’s a silly rule. Grownups must have made that one up.” That’s actually a very funny line but also a sage observation. Cracked me up. Noah is so fortunate to have a daddy who is understanding and who will take the time to explain love on Noah’s terms. The difference between love and being in love is often a hard lesson for typical people, so I’m proud that Noah seems to grasp the difference and understands that a boyfriend in every port will only lead to heartbreak. Though his conversation with Timmy will be difficult and perhaps emotional, it’s a necessary one for both of them. It will not only save their close friendship, but will also allow Timmy the freedom to find love. Charlie and David will need to be close by to offer support and, perhaps, direction for that exchange. One of the many things I love about the story is that it recognizes that atypical kids need love and relationships, and can manage them.
  3. Wow...I think Noah might be gay! 😛 Seriously, a sweet boyfriend on the cape, and a dream boy in Manhattan? Noah is doing alright for himself. The difference between Noah and a typical 17-year-old in that position is that Noah is so honest, transparent, and genuine about his feelings and actions. There is such an absence of malice, manipulation, or malevolence. While it will be interesting to see how this plays out and resolves, I’m pulling for Sky. Timmy will always be dear to him, but they’re more like brothers (with benefits?). 😉 And...the physical separation will be hard to overcome. Another touching chapter.
  4. Noah’s essay was the sweetest, most pure thing ever. Very touching. With each chapter, I love these characters even more. Noah has risen to the top. 💗 His sweet, uncynical, unjaded lens on life is a realignment model for the rest of us.
  5. tesao


    I’m so glad I took your advice and clicked those links. Though I know both performances well, I’ve never experienced them from the perspective of a young man who is on the spectrum. Very eye-opening; actually humbling. As much as I love these characters, especially Noah, this story is really opening my mind to how atypical people feel and see the world. Thank you for that. Another super chapter in what has rapidly become a favorite story. You have to know you’ve scored when your readers connect so personally and emotionally to a book.
  6. tesao

    Meeting Sky

    This story has reeled me in quicker than any in recent memory. There is something so pure and beautiful in Noah’s character that one can’t help but love him. You capture his voice so well. Sky sounds stunning (I think I melted along with Wesley8890), and is likely to present the first conflict of the heart for Noah. A typical teen would struggle. I can’t imagine how Noah will navigate this, and I can hardly wait to find out!
  7. What a sweet, endearingly innocent chapter. That was a difficult balance to achieve, and you made it look effortless. i’m absolutely loving this story!
  8. A fitting end to a terrific story! I love how you summarily dispensed with Alex. 😏 A new story centering on Nate? Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!
  9. The guys’ and Alex’s reaction to the pregnancy just prove the old axiom that there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents - in this case, mothers. I’m proud of them for taking the long view and putting the child first. Matty definitely has balls for putting Alex‘s feet to the fire over her initial defiance regarding custody. Good for him. I do think, however, that $100,000 is overly generous considering Alex‘s actions, but I can understand their reasoning. Twins?! Yikes.
  10. tesao

    Camp Refuge

    I recently wrote a review of “Ash and Ember” in which I offered that it may be the author’s best work. After re-reading this beautiful, deeply moving tale and realizing it’s written by the same author, I’m forced to admit I may have been wrong. As terrific as “Ash” is, THIS may be Wayne’s greatest work! While I have a feeling I may have to reconsider once the author writes more, nothing can take away from the quality and sensitivity of this story about heartbreak, healing, acceptance, and love. This is one not to be missed.
  11. This is charming! I’m up too late, but when I saw the notification pop up, I couldn’t help myself. You’ve struck the right tone with lovable Noah. His close friendship with Timmy also now takes on more depth. I can hardly wait to see this story unfold. Great beginning!
  12. I’m proud of the boys, of course, and of the family. That child is going to be very lucky and loved. Alex is still a ho, more so for trying to lay some of the blame on Matty. Consulting their attorney first before any further conversation with the rapist is a very good idea. She’s hardly a paragon of trustworthiness and loyalty, let alone friendship. I admit that I was kind of sort of hoping that, instead, Matty would have had a torrid fair with a hot Broadway boy, or even Parker, and been caught by Eddie - but that would have been character-inconsistent and not credible, not to mention ugly. For those tawdry story lines I’d have to go to Nifty. I mean, if I were so inclined. Which I’m not. Really. 😏
  13. tesao

    Ash and Ember

    A beautiful, compelling, emotionally resonant love story that may be this author’s best work. It’s a story of both devastating loss and a second chance at real happiness, with subplots that are every bit as engaging as the main story. You don’t want to miss this.
  14. WHAT. A. HO! When I first read about Alex, I got a bad feeling as I feared something like this would happen. While I didn’t think Matty would intentionally cheat with a clear head, I had envisioned him missing Eddie so badly that, perhaps under the influence, he might do it with Alex in a weak moment of desperation. I never contemplated a rape, though, which is exactly what this was. I fear that Eddie and Matty will be faced with a bambino who looks like both of them. Worse yet, this is going to cause Eddie untold pain, even though he may intellectually understand that it wasn’t consensual. Even if there is no child, the event will confirm all of Eddy‘s worst fears and instincts about Alex. While I hope that Eddie doesn’t engage in revenge sex with another guy (though it would certainly juice up the plot 😈), it would be partly understandable and perhaps predictable, given how wounded his feelings are going to be. Maybe Donald and Connor should join them at the lake house. 😏 What a mess!
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