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  1. tesao

    A New Family

    Your baked potato recipe sounds yummy!! In the US, the equivalent potato would be a russet or Idaho potato. A bit of truffle butter melted into a finished split potato would be decadent, especially if paired with a Gevrey-Chambertin.
  2. tesao

    A New Family

    Cade cracks me up. First, the kid knows how to make chocolate mousse (which I also learned to do as a kid because Julia Child did it on PBS), and then when his dad asked him if he missed them during his overnight stay at JJs, he responded “Well not really. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be home.” 😂 He will constantly challenge and entertain them. This was a terrific chapter, from the touching experience at MCC Austin to the proposal, and everything in between. Excellent story. By the way, you have a great imagination and excellent taste; I love what JJ and Zach did to their house. Beats Ethan Allen crap any day, not that there’s anything wrong with Ethan Allen - if that’s what one likes. 🙄
  3. tesao

    A New Family

    Actually, Geoff AKA “Fly”, is correct. Julia Child’s chocolate mousse recipe, which is the one I learned to make as a kid, is an adaptation of The classic French formula. It contains beaten egg whites. Even a number of Brazilian chocolate mousse recipes contain egg whites.
  4. They’re in North Carolina (16). It varies widely state by state, with 16 being the most common age of consent in over half the states. Other states split between 17 and 18. Interestingly, it’s also 16 in both Canada and the UK. Parenthetically, I only know that because of a case on which I worked a number of years ago, not because of any personal interest. 😱
  5. I get that, and if readers our age were to derive sexual voyeuristic pleasure from it, it would seem awkward to me, as well. Instead, I look at it as the manifestation of a deepening relationship. Moreover, from a sexual age-of-consent standpoint, they are legal adults.
  6. As long as it’s consensual, not crossgenerational, and with someone with whom there is mutual caring, it could be quite sweet. I would trust Geoff to handle it with sensitivity, as he has done with other stories involving High School teens. Keep in mind that the North Carolina age of consent is 16 years, which I would guesstimate to be Nate’s age.
  7. I wish there were an emoji for “yeah, that’s exactly what I fear“. Just the thought of it makes me queasy - for a host of reasons.
  8. What a terrific Valentine’s Day present! Nate’s and Gleason’s budding relationship warms my heart. You captured the emotional tension so well. Roh-roh....drama alert, huh? I’m secretly hoping (well, now it’s not a secret since I verbalized it) that the drama involves Eddie’s and Matty’s relationship, which just seems too perfect and automatic somehow. A few challenges thrown in would be interesting to your voyeuristic readership - or at least to this twisted reader. 😈 I’m just hoping it doesn’t involve a girl!
  9. Um, this is very awkward. Even responding feels inappropriate. I’m certain - absolutely certain - that no one measured Cade! Pelo amor de Deus! Have you never visually or by tactile evaluation been able to estimate the dimensions of something?
  10. Beautiful chapter! You write about children with such tenderness and affection that I found it challenging to read this chapter without resorting to tissues. Cade will be a fabulous addition to this growing extended family, and has made the emotional content of the story that much richer.
  11. Hmmm... tag-teaming the straight-ish talent, huh? Kenny may not think he’s bi, but he’s definitely not a 1 on the Kinsey scale, either. Then again, who could resist those two, especially the gorgeous Native American with long hair? (Yeah, I also have a thing for long-haired guys.) The memorial service sounded lovely and appropriate, focusing on Simon’s achievements instead of his character (thank God). The music couldn’t have been more perfect. A Chorus Line is one of my favorite Broadway shows of all time; I was lucky enough to see it in the 70s (I was two years old... in my revisionist history), as well as the 2006 revival that began its pre-Broadway engagement in San Francisco before it went to New York. A seven-year-old boy?! I can hardly wait to see what this does to the plot and character dynamics. Knowing Geoff’s other work as it involves children, it will only enrich and deepen the emotional content of the story.
  12. JJ is truly remarkable. I find it fitting that he used Simon‘s money to compensate the people the perv hurt most. I had to turn the attorney part of my brain off as the gift tax consequences kept piling up, but it’s nice to have a fantasy story that allows us to ignore that unpleasant reality. The hotel scene with the fab four was incredibly hot and gave a certain balance to the plot: this way Zach doesn’t feel excluded or jealous. It certainly brought them as close together as guys can possibly get, while maintaining the distinction between making love and fucking just for fun. Somehow, it seemed more, though; it cemented the bond between four close friends who have formed a family of choice.
  13. I loved this chapter! One of the things I most appreciate about your writing - aside from sizzling hot sex, story lines that are set out like scenes in a play or musical, and constant references to musical theater - is the genuine romantic love connections you feature in your plots. I’m thrilled for JJ and Zach, as well as JJ’s mother. The airport scene was great. I’ve been in and out of Austin-Bergstrom International any number of times, though, and I never had experiences like that! (Then again, my husband might’ve had serious objections if I had. 😏) I’ve also never seen any guys there who even approached the hotness of the fab four. UT Austin, however, is a different story. I digress. 😈 You handled the Simon tributes with subtlety and grace. While they were all accurate, the muted eulogies were notable for what they didn’t say.
  14. tesao


    Unforgivable… in every way. Withholding JJ's mothers letter from him was a monstrous, selfish act. I retract the mean things I said about her. Turns out she did have a spine. The villain was Simon. Again. All characters, like people, are complex and a mixture of positive and negative. Simon, however, is in a class by himself. I’m relieved that JJ is now financially independent, even though the source is tainted. He’ll need to use a chunk of that to hire a good therapist. Thank goddess for Jason’s and Johnny’s friendship and support.
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