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  1. tesao

    Making Plans

    You’ve located this story in two of my favorite cities in the world, San Francisco and NYC. Your story venues - Lincoln Center, The West Village - always trigger so many memories, especially David and Eric‘s time in Washington Square Park. I found myself wanting to yell to them that Babbo is so close by, and the food is amazing. I actually look forward to the drama in the next chapter, as long as WE GET OUR WAY and David and Charlie have a HEA. <subtle hint> 😉
  2. tesao

    Making Plans

    Travid?! LOL. Vaguely sounds like a drug for a gastro-intestinal disorder. @FlyOnTheWall wouldn’t dare torpedo Chavid! (Would he?)
  3. tesao

    Double Take

    Loved it. What I would have given for a parent like that!
  4. I’ve generally found most reality programming inherently irritating and, too often, little more than an excuse to avoid paying writers. There have been enjoyable exceptions (“Project Runway“, Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List“, and a few real estate/desgn shows), but I mostly hate them - the bachelor/bachelorette and desperate wives train wrecks being the most perverse of them all. To me, the genre “reality programming“ not only personifies irony, it has also distorted the lifestyle expectations of the American middle class. (I’d better stop before I slip and fall off my soapbox.)
  5. I had the same reaction to Charlie’s design, and I have the feeling that David may have recognized it but intentionally went with the alternate choice while keeping both (he purchased Charlie’s). You know how Geoff likes to throw us plot curveballs. Then again, maybe I’m overthinking it (a lifelong bad habit).
  6. I loved this chapter ... so many great things, not the least of which is Chandra’s exit. Stumbling blocks are good because they make the happily-ever-after that much sweeter. Eric is such a sweetheart; he needs someone special ( just not Charlie or David!!).
  7. Wait...there are David haters?! Seriously? Maybe there’s something wrong with me; I adore him. 😎 Jacob haters...I can understand. 😉 I love how you’ve brought drama, tension, and complications into the story to give it added life. An easy sail to a Charlie and David HEA would have been boring. I can’t believe that Project Runway would pick a dining room at the Marriott Marquis for their special night out in New York, of all the places to eat in Manhattan! It’s a decent hotel if one wants to be in the heart of Times Square, but the food is far from memorable. I miss Alan Gilbert, who was as charming and sensitive in person as he was from the podium. Yeah, i know there was drama, but still... Great chapter!
  8. Hmmmmm...not Jacob. I guess I don’t get past betrayal very easily. Charlie, David, and....[wait for it].....Parker might be an interesting combo. We already know they’re sexually compatible though, truth be told, I’d rather it just be Charlie and David.
  9. Yeah, I do understand Jacob better now...enough to know he’s one fucked up wuss! Seems we’re all paying steep prices for narcissists. Charlie and Noah both deserved far better.
  10. Should you continue? SHOULD YOU CONTINUE?! Gee, let me ponder for a moment... YES, bring Charlie and David back together. For good, this time. They should always have been. But don’t do it for us, do it for sweet, vulnerable Noah who needs a happy daddy. (No, I’m not beyond emotional manipulation.) 😎 And damn that Jacob Anderson! He left two people damaged. Spoiler alert: I was never that enthralled with him, anyway. He always seemed like a poor, boring David substitute. It would provide some juicy conflict, and some just desserts, though, if you were to bring him back into the story just long enough for him to regret his actions as he sees the two long-haired hotties together and happy. Karma. PS... I kind of feel bad for Justin. He has no idea his boyfriend would dump him in a heartbeat for David. Ouch.
  11. OMG! Charlie!!! Will my fantasy plot line actually come true? I always thought that the connection between Charlie and David was magical, and was bummed when you sent D. off to Russia. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out.
  12. tesao

    Chapter 5

    Me thinks the closet-case-hyper-homophobe-enemy-within-most-dangerous-kind-of-hater Jimmy doth protest waaaaay too much. I recall a documentary from a few years back in which the filmmaker interviewed a number of felons in prison convicted on charges of violent gay bashing, including murder. The vast majority of them admitted to becoming aroused while viewing male erotic images - which troubled them greatly ... apparently enough to kill. I’ve always believed that the most lethal homophobe is an extreme closet case. What else could motivate Jimmy to such hatred, which requires a fair amount of consistent energy? Jack poses fair questions: why do they care? What does Tracy have to do with them? I love the story, by the way! Another major Billy Elliot fan
  13. I agree; it’s often easier for gay men to be emotionally open with women. No sexual tension.
  14. Thank god for Nicola! Excellent chapter, Dodger. I feel the first inkling of hope in quite awhile. Kudos to you for compelling us to so heavily invest in these characters, and making them so real. This story resonates deeply - on many levels.
  15. Things are just getting ominouser and ominouser! (Language is a fluid thing, after all...) Meu deus. Robbie, even with all his faults, is breaking my heart. Where’s Walter? Where’s Mr. Andrews? STAT! That Don is a world-class douchebag playah comes as no shock. I almost feel sorry for Sue. Almost. I think back to the early days of this story and how some people and events have turned upside down: former enemy, Nicola, is now a fierce ally and protector; formerly passionate Nathan now no longer cares. The principal constants are loyal Amy; a further damaged Robbie who is now in serious jeopardy because he never got the help he desperately needed so long ago - and was subsequently subjected to a hostile family environment; a dark, sick Alex who is about the same; and a self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrite uncle who still is - and then some. You perfectly captured the current atmosphere of this story with your references to the cold, gray, foreboding Cobourg weather.
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