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  1. Is this like “Marsha, Marsha“? I think you’re confusing fictitious locations (they’re not in this story, btw) with factual errors that affect the plot’s credibility. I posted it late, and only realized later I should’ve probably sent that in a private message. My intent was not to embarrass the author whom I respect and admire, nor to elicit knee-jerk reactions from others. Your apparent assumption that the typical reader would never notice is probably accurate. However, being an attorney, it jumped out at me and my mind immediately went to “wait, that’s not right“, which distracted me from the story. I know many non-attorneys who also would have noticed the problem. As an author, I assume that you are interested in how details impact the credibility and quality of your stories. This is an example. Please indulge me in extending this discussion with comments that - let me be absolutely clear - now no longer relate to this story. I disagree with your statement that “it’s fiction, that means nothing is real!“. Here is an example: you could set a story at a fictitious college, in a fictitious town, with fictitious characters, etc. but the minute you take them to a major airport in the area that is real and then you neglect to accurately name the airport , you have committed a sloppy error which will distract your readers and negatively impact the credibility of your fictitious story. Imagine creating a plot line that requires your characters to fly out of Raleigh-Durham airport, and you refer to it as Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (which is in Montreal, by the way). Even though your story is totally fiction and other locations, names, etc. are fictitious, that inattention to detail would taint your story and cause your readers to think that you had not done your research.
  2. What a great chapter! I love that song from Dear Evan Hansen, and the promposal was epic. So, you’re sending Donald to southern Utah?! That’s a stiffer sentence than you may realize. 😉 Yeah, it does make me sad that this story is about to conclude, but I’m looking forward to the sequel. P.S. You may want to correct the name of the court in an edit. The actual name of the federal district court where Mecklenburg County is located is the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina. However, there is no federal jurisdiction in this case, nor is there a federal question at issue. Instead, this would be heard in the criminal division of Mecklenburg County Superior Court, which is a North Carolina state court. Just FYI.
  3. I’ve actually made and eaten Mexican grilled corn. I was teasing Droughtquake with clumsy double entendres. 😉
  4. Enormous meat, Sr. Seismic Seco?! I’m shocked! I’m sure the steaks were perfectly sized and delicious. In fact, I recall them saying so. I mean...it seemed as though they couldn’t get enough. As for street corn, I have no experience with that. 😏
  5. No hate from me, either. Eddie is practicing principles of mercy and justice to which most Christians only pay lip service - if at all. I greatly admire him for digging beneath the surface to find what really went on with Donald Harper. No teenager without a prior record should have to face the kind of hell Donald has experienced in jail. Fabulous chapter. No one has mentioned it, but the group scene at the cabin was hot and quite sweet.
  6. tesao

    Chapter 23

    BRAVO!! I get a sinking feeling, though, that Kyle needs to call the attorney for Tyler‘s father’s estate like yesterday. It would’ve been so easy for Alex to intercept mail and do God-knows-what with the contents. If I were them, I would keep tabs on Alex’s whereabouts for the next while - and maybe get the cops (or maybe the Sheriff) to execute that bench warrant to keep him in cold storage until Kyle can sort out what else Alex did. Yeah, I know Alex’s bruises complicate things, but...
  7. tesao

    Chapter 22

    I think Tyler is going to need Kyle’s intelligent, caring, and observant intervention to break him out of this abuse cycle. Yes, Tyler is frustrating all of us, but I see him as a victim whom Alex is expertly manipulating. His dad’s abandonment, his own self-doubt about his place in the world as a gay man, losing his father after finally getting him back, and feeling betrayed by his friends (more Alex dirty work) have all served to nearly destroy his already fragile self-esteem. I think this is the main reason why I have been so angry at his father; I’ve seen this pattern repeated in so many kids.
  8. tesao

    Chapter 21

    @Jdonley75, you are one master storyteller! I’ve been sitting here reading through these last few chapters grinding my teeth and feeling increasingly homicidal. From all the comments, it’s obvious that you have managed to get Alex under everyone’s skin. Amazing job. We feel so invested in these characters because you have fleshed them out and made them so real. Alex is a pretty frightening character as he has very perceptively deciphered Tyler‘s vulnerabilities and exploited them to a T. (His earliest interaction with Tyler made my blood run cold as he had already begun a pattern of emotional manipulation.) Poor Tyler is going to need a lot of TLC from his friends once this comes to a head. By the way, the chapters involving Tyler and his dad were heartbreaking and so well done. It was so sad, not only because of all the lost years and opportunity, but also because his dad’s abandonment heavily contributed to Tyler’s insecurity that Alex is now manipulating. It’s ironic because Tyler and his dad are actually not terribly different in this sense: his dad allowed a selfish, manipulative woman to come between him and his son - the same woman who abandoned him on his deathbed; and Tyler is repeating a similar pattern with Alex in allowing him to control and abuse him. It makes me wonder what happened in Tyler‘s father‘s background to establish that pattern in the first place.
  9. That was so sweet, and extremely hot! Felony assault?! I fully understand that the defense attorneys were simply doing their job, but that was an insulting offer. I’m glad that neither Eddie nor his dad went for it. So, Dev and Eric left their bedroom door open, huh? 😈
  10. tesao


    Don’t recall, exactly. It was before she became Speaker the first time. Maybe a couple of years before that. We knew she was going to join our group in the march, but when she was literally right there alongside my husband and I, we looked at each other and I thought, “Holy crap, it’s Nancy Pelosi!” We were really touched that she took the time. There was no glamour in it for her that chilly night. It was clear that she simply cared.
  11. tesao


    Mark Twain was right after all...including the wind! Even though it was a fairly calm night, Pelosi’s candle kept nearly going out. She never batted an eye and just kept talking as we walked together. Fascinating lady. That night I learned just how deep was her affection and respect for our community.
  12. tesao


    Loved it. The candlelight vigil was an especially sweet touch; made me tear up. The last one I attended marched from the Castro to City Hall to honor AIDS victims. Pelosi marched with us. I’m glad this one had such a positive motivation. I realize that the guys are exclusive, but you’re certainly setting up some provocative spring break possibilities! 😈
  13. tesao


    You did a nice job on the sermon; it brought tears. Moreover, it didn’t sound terribly ecclesiastical. Thank god!
  14. tesao


    I met Johnny Whitaker during college. He was actually a very nice guy. So sad to hear about his addiction problem; the entertainment industry is tough on kids. PS: I’m NOT a BYZoo graduate. 😱
  15. Don’s intellectual and emotional intelligence levels are certainly consistent with the ultra right wing, homophobic, Mr. Symmonds-infested religious groups of the world. Planting cocaine? Seriously? Considering how Don is totally fodido, it’s amazing that his kids are basically decent. I agree with others that Don is probably into blow and, given the vehemence of his homophobia, coke is probably not the only kind. Mr. Symmonds and Don?! Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww. I shudder to think what might have become of Robbie if he hadn’t already started seeing Jo. Amazing and compelling chapter!
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