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  1. tesao

    Chapter 26

    This is one of the most beautifully engaging, compelling stories I’ve read in a very long time. I just discovered it a couple of days ago and, once I began, I couldn’t stop. I even found myself carrying my iPad through the house so I could keep reading as I went about doing other things! (That’s just not something I usually do.) Your captivating plot and richly-drawn characters triggered an avalanche of emotions as I found myself amused, joyful, heartbroken, outraged, bitter, intrigued, and ultimately awash in happy tears. Masterful storytelling. 💜 I’m so looking forward to your next work!
  2. tesao

    Chapter 10

    A beautiful, enchanting, well-crafted story that feels more like a beginning than a conclusion. You’ve laid a great foundation on which to expand and elaborate. I guess that’s my not-so-subtle way of begging for more! 💜
  3. tesao

    Chapter 9

    Amazing, and scintillating on a sexual/spiritual level that is unusual - not to mention, hot! Well done.
  4. tesao

    Chapter 3

    This is sweet and subtle without being saccharine. Loving it.
  5. tesao

    Chapter 2

    The boys’ interaction has an almost mystical quality, which is both erotic and endearing. I wish I’d had Native American friends like that when I was Buddy’s age! I’m not sure why his overly-protective mother is so incredulous about his friends, but I enjoyed her shocked reaction as much as Buddy did. 😉
  6. tesao

    Chapter 1

    I just discovered this charming story, and it’s just the kind of escape I need right now. This feels very promising.
  7. tesao

    Chapter 29

  8. tesao

    The Fight at the Funeral

    Oh no!
  9. tesao

    Chapter 2

    So, Marcus is a bottom? 😉
  10. tesao

    Chapter 1

    Damn, that was so hot - and sweet, at the same time! You created a beautiful, delicate balance.
  11. tesao

    Chapter 15

    That dialogue was FAR too coherent for this [not my] president! You’re an exceedingly kind, generous gentleman and author; his thought processes, sentence structure, and grammar don’t begin to rise to the level of the words you gave him. Just sayin’. To be fair, you wrote this many months before his latest rambling, delusional rant following the midterms. Wild, entertaining story, by the way.
  12. tesao

    The Answer in the Blood

    Really touching, insightful chapter. It’s ironic Brett began by helping Dustin when, in the end, Dustin did an even bigger favor to Brett by helping him put Billy in proper perspective. Loved it. This is in alliance I didn’t see coming, but I’m glad for it.
  13. tesao

    Chapter 46

    Fascinating and engrossing! I just discovered this very entertaining series and, although it’s outside my usual area of interest, I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m hooked and need my next fix. Hmmm...a familiar theme. You turned me. 😈 This is belated, but your loss of Daniel breaks my heart. I am so very sorry. Your writing is a great tribute.
  14. tesao

    Chapter 12

    This could just as easily have been titled “Scott’s Amazing Transformation”. Great story with a very satisfying, sweet conclusion.
  15. tesao

    Come Over

    Sweetly innocent. Loved it.

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