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  1. shade456


    Omg I LOVED this story, I so wish had finally found peace before his demons caught up to him, but I guess that wasn't the way of things. Is the new story you are writing a sequel to this or a totally new story and what kind've themes will it posses.
  2. shade456

    Chapter 50

    Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't finish why cant you just keep writing until your hand fall off lol Man I loved this story! Let us know when you start a new story
  3. shade456

    Chapter 7

    Hey ronyx u have heard from me a couple of times, gotta say I love this story as well. But again you leave us with cliff hangers lol.
  4. shade456

    Chapter 6

    I'm not sure if I have reviewed a chapter before with this story, but I love it, the only thing is is that ur chapters to me just aren't long enough, they need to have more beef In them
  5. shade456

    Chapter 18

    Omg no more, what will I do
  6. shade456

    Chapter 6

    Omg finally a new chapter, I really love this story so far, there is just not enough meat in the chapters to be totally satisfied at the end of them in my opinion lol..... But I really do love this story to date.
  7. shade456

    Chapter 19

    Hi I really love this story so far I was just wondering if your going to finish this story soon
  8. shade456

    Chapter 12

    This is the first review I have written about this story so far and I have to say I am in love with it, the only bad thing I will say is I NEED MORE LOL... The chapters just don't last long enough
  9. shade456

    The Chosen

    Hey I hope u resume writing on this story I have really loved it so far it's a shame that u have stopped
  10. shade456

    Chapter 32

    Omg damn waiting for the chapters I need more lol
  11. shade456

    Chapter 29

    Omg love it now I need more..... MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
  12. Thanx Caz that's some good advice thanx I will try the journal thing if I dont mind and Ron thanx for pointing me to where I need to go on this site
  13. So hey guys I was hoping I could get some tips on how to go about writing a story and if there are right ways or wrong ways, I'm just having putting the story that I can see and putting it to paper
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