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  1. crazyd

    Chapter 3

    Frank made it clear he was happy with his wife and step son. Know wonder he feels the way he does about his father. Apparently his father wasn't happy being in his life
  2. crazyd

    From the Ashes

    I have read this story once and I love it. I'm going to read it again. Keep them coming.
  3. crazyd

    Chapter 1

    Great being to this story hope to see more in the future. So sorry you had to go through the stuff you did.
  4. crazyd


    There needs to be more of this story. More detail. It was amazing.
  5. crazyd

    Chapter 26

    I was just wondering if you would consider a sequel. I love The Acquittal and considering reading it again.
  6. crazyd

    Chapter 12

    Love love loved it!!!!!! Keep'em coming.
  7. Great chapter just wondering when the next one will be out.
  8. crazyd

    Chapter 19

    Thank you Ronyx I've read this story several times and I wish you would give us an update of how the boys were doing and how Richie and his father was getting along. But that's just my opinion. But I love the story.
  9. crazyd


    I love this story
  10. crazyd

    The Precursor

    Great first chapter. Poor fella
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. crazyd

    Chapter 1

    Beautiful just beautiful.
  13. crazyd

    Chapter 1

    Good story I liked it.
  14. crazyd

    Chapter 1 - Shoebox

    I think it's gonna be a good one keep them coming.
  15. crazyd

    Chapter 3

    Kyle suppose to be Jesse's friend but he assumed the worst, instead of trying to help his friend. I hope Ryker finds out pretty soon for Jesse's sake. Great chapter
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