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  1. deville


    Nathan may be convinced of his teams reaction , but he certainly knows the right buttons to push .... particularly with the right charity. I am probably dysfunctional but so far I quite like Jaymes .
  2. Well , when that lawyer is reading purely for pleasure .... what’s there to worry about, it’s a compelling tale .
  3. Just to set the record straight , I’m an attorney , who specializes in Divorce, once we’ve advised our clients of their legal rights we become wholly creatures of instruction . What people will do and fight about can still astound me 23 years down the line. That said ...... Lee is a manipulative , lying , cunning shyster , so Nash would be well informed to act quickly if he wants to see any fruits from his poisoned marriage. Its good to see him immerse himself in friends and not dwell too hard on his circumstances. True friends don’t let you dwell or add unnecessary fuel to the fire. (PS the lawyer in me would still let Lee get fired , in fact I’d insist on it ..... or no more hiring lunches. )
  4. Well despite the initial stupidity of agreeing to Lee's preposterous suggestion of 6 months counseling , it appears the scales have fallen from Nash’s eyes , he is seeing Lee for what he really is . It doesn’t make the pain or betrayal any less but it does allow him to hit the grieving milestones head-on .
  5. After 17 years , I imagine untangling your emotions is hard enough , never mind a life of merged possessions , but Lee is untrustworthy and it seems quite manipulative . Lee has a great deal to lose if his infidelity comes out without the cushion of a lengthy separation , not least of all being his work. Lee’s senior partner after all made it clear he prefers Nash.
  6. I empathise with Nash and his inability to tarnish or destroy Lee’s hero- worship , but how do you not deal with something like that? When it comes out it could be seriously toxic. I really believe in communication first and foremost . I would blurt it out and then deal with the consequences. Having said that , I concur with the other readers , the Knotts know something .... or maybe they just don’t like Lee and his sycophantic behavior?
  7. I am beginning to feel Nash’s reticence when it comes to socializing with the Knotts and his distance just seems to make Ryan more determined . Penn’s behavior is also just odd. Don’t quite know what to think so I’ll keep reading.
  8. deville

    Chapter 1

    I really enjoyed the way your first chapter grounds the reader in your characters , their livelihoods and environment .
  9. deville

    The Moon Poems

    There is a subtle balance of permanence vs impermanence which flows through all three works . I found them all quite compelling.
  10. deville


    Yes it worked! Although the tone of the narrative is positive , whilst reading one is left with a nagging suspicion that the protagonist is in fact experiencing a ‘conversion’ , and finally at the end you are party to his affirmation.
  11. deville

    My Tale

    Well , if this wasn’t unnerving , thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable .... a fitting companion piece to ‘ n counters’ , the darker side of the company! I’ve always felt that Dracula would be a man of discernment and taste!
  12. deville

    The Tale

    An unusual and interesting read. Great fun too! Who would believe online gamers pulling a fast one over the Count! ? Quite believably that is! I enjoyed the manner in which the format made the reader slow down and really pay attention.
  13. Clever.... subtle . I liked the manner in which the evening and Sam’s perception are tinged with the magic of the fairy tale .... where anything could happen .... or not!
  14. deville

    Duncan's Story

    Beautifully written, a slice of a life redolent with love , experience and a deep understanding of the other party. Complete in itself , we already know Duncan and Brad , understand their dynamic and relationship. Getting more , however, would be the ‘writing ‘on the cake .
  15. Eric is a character of epic proportions , quietly so, whose story unfolds a little gruffly but undoubtedly joyously in the two volumes available to date. You’re doing yourself a grave disservice if you don’t even attempt to come to terms with Eric , his world and his courage.
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