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  1. Masterfully written , each of the last three chapters expanding on the gentle evolution of the dynamic between Louis , Don and Max . Made even more believable by little hiccoughs , insecurities and triumphs that are less fictional than real.
  2. deville


    I feel for Eric, it’s slways the little routines one misses most when away from home , the intensely personal ones that unconsciously register that this is you in your territory. To have to deal with this displacement and recuperation can be quite trying. Probably why Eric is so growly when Brian first arrives. Andy’s garden does sound like a delightful oasis , even if it does have ‘rooms’ . The first time I discussed garden rooms with my mother she told me to stop talking nonsense , she now has a couple of rooms in her own garden. “But my history isn’t yours”, isn’t that the truism that underlies all new friendships , not only those between different orientations , but every meeting between people.
  3. deville

    Friends In Need

    There’s an amazing sense of disbelief / relief when one realizes your friends will rally around you when you really need it . Eric needed to hear Brian was his friend as much as Brian needed to say it. Gosh , before he blinks Brian knows 1 and speaks to 2 Gay men in the space of moments . Can’t wait to see his reaction when that reality sinks in. Eric living with two openly gay men , who are so evidently in love and comfortable with themselves and each other , is going to be such an affirmation for him. At least I hope so!
  4. deville


    I just feel Brian is going to pull through for Eric , as a friend . The accident may help him realise that Eric remains the same person he knew despite being gay. If he does alert Andy , he’ll have met two gay men in short order. Seems not only Eric’s horizons are expanding .
  5. deville

    Hidden Within

    Hauntingly beautiful and sad. Hindsight is such a tenuous thing .... we often don’t get to understand people’s reactions until concrete proof presents itself .... oftentimes much later. Life was terrible and hard on homosexuals of our parents generation and before , ( gosh, it was still a crime in my country until 1994, on the statute books at least) and is still terrifying for many of our peers particularly in Africa.
  6. deville

    Life Goes On

    Amazing perspective as to how each , Doreen, Louis and Max, deal with the pain of their losses. The insight Don gives Max on pain and living with it whilst keeping memories alive is profound. There is great potential in the connection Don , Louis and Max have.
  7. deville


    The changes and mental vitality in Eric are palpable . It’s like he’s slowly awakening after a deep sleep . I find Andy’s admission that Eric has opened his eyes quite telling. Millennials have so much information at hand but so little insight or empathy. Eric appears to have ( with direction from Adam and Claire) assisted in bringing Andy’s focus onto the realities of the Twenty -first Century. It really is a unique friendship.
  8. deville

    Hello, Goodbye

    Beautifully written , so poignant.
  9. deville


    That Louis , so resistant to change , is able intuitively to mould his reactions to most situations , despite his internal reservations is enviable . I enjoyed the manner in which Don succinctly assesses a situation and with subtle depth rationalizes the cause. The visit with Max was a monumental experience for all three participants . Despite the sad and reflective ending , Max now knows he definately has a future safe place. Poor Louis , when change is forecast it appears the fates grant him no quarter.
  10. deville

    Three is Perfect

    I can relate to Louis feeling like the lion share of sacrifice and household requirements fall on him ... and then a simple recognition puts everything in perspective again. It’s beautiful how these two men work around and for one another . There is the feeling though that are ready to expand their horizons.
  11. deville

    Just Desserts

    Proposing , absolutely not! I would prefer a cheese board ......as for Eric who knows .... he is after all spreading his wings , broadening his horizons and embracing the unknown !
  12. deville

    Just Desserts

    With Eric being a work in progress , and having to grow into accustomed to all the changes in his lifestyle , I’m glad that Andy elects to remain focused on him and not take on another person. Although I’m sure Claire is not short of clients. The dinner proposal sounds like it has the potential to get interesting. I once had a trio of avocado , chili and bitter coffee ice cream which was superb.
  13. deville


    Gosh !Eric , like his snow drops seems to be flourishing ! Pre-Andy / post -Andy -intervention Eric are so different . Eric now simply tells the technician to close the door . Previously he would have done it himself struggling and snarling the whole time. He and Andy have become so comfortable in their interactions .
  14. deville

    Hot and Cold

    I applaud Eric’s quiet perseverance and bravado , even whilst he deplores his own failings in his foray into the world of all things cyber ! His impatience and irritation towards the home improvements are almost at odds to his eagerness to learn about computers , quite endearing really. Sandra’s pragmatism is a breath of fresh air in the face of the viciousness of small town gossip.
  15. deville

    Two's Company

    After reading , feeling , all that they have and share , who would want to give that up? I wouldn’t ! But I’m selfish and they thankfully are not, and the ripple effect of their decision has a beautiful affect on those around them . Change has a way of becoming contagious .
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