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  1. deville

    An Open Letter to Alzheimer's

    I loved this , it is beautifully blunt and incredibly brave in the face of a disease that is simply put , insidious ! I empathise with your circumstance but applaud your courage .... so few have it.
  2. deville

    Chapter 5

    As Alpha- in - waiting , Rory would be possessed of all the powers of an Alpha. It is not unreasonable for an incident as important as sighting ones mate to bring all these strengths into the foreground and for him to be able to disregard his current Alpha. In the end reason prevailed and he showed remarkable restraint . Topher and Chris give good counsel and are loyal to him. With the Takedas now linked to the wolves as family I can’t help but wonder how badly The Mysteries and science will collide. I’m still not certain as to the true reason Biosense has chosen to locate outside the Wolves Homelands.
  3. deville

    The Confinement

    Daegon appears to have quite an honest awareness of himself and his shortcomings , he however underestimated his intelligence , his mental ramblings are quite astute ..... or maybe Birten is permeating him .... like osmosis , love will do that to you. Now after that unpleasant little cliff hanger .... do something to get him out of there , dear Author, thank you!
  4. deville

    Mirrors of Chocolate

    George is giving off more and more of a vibe that he’s an insurgent or a mole. As the pilot he’s a liability to the whole squad if he is against them. I hope that they are particularly vigilant as a general rule. That George is aware of Mekaias’s chocolate fetish is not good , particularly if he intends harm.
  5. deville

    Dom - "Time"

    Between truly close friends , more often than not one feels more than the other , it’s a tradgedy of close friendships . When the truth finally flows in meaningful conversation it is often uglier and more painful than we want to admit to , but it also clears the way for more meaningful interactions. What an awkward , gentle , genuine coming out and confession of mutual admiration . Absolutely fabulous !!
  6. deville

    Chapter 4

    Being out of the sick-room and in the open is probably just what Milan needed , Ayu knows that and Ilaria recognizes it almost immediately . The Townsfolks reconnaissance has started , and the pack will soon know of Milan .
  7. deville

    Chapter 1 Flight or Fight

    The layers and complexities that make up individuals , are always quite fascinating, though oftentimes astounding when confronted with them in the ones you love! Communication , sensibility and sensitivity are usually the only keys you will be equipped with to navigate this minefield . Chris managed exceedingly well to disarm a quite volatile situation and persuade Paul to listen to the both of them.
  8. deville

    Chapter 46

    Part one , done! All safe while inflicting the greatest measure of damage and pain . Check! Now to regroup , get intel in the other offensive and take the battle to the stars. Kohen makes an interesting statement at the end , verbalizing to the Captain that he will look out for him and his emotions too.
  9. deville

    Chapter 3

    Never a good idea to let a big Bio- investigation/ research company get close , especially if you have genetics you want to keep hidden. I think the Mayor let a little greed cover her judgement. Doesn’t seem that any one knows much about the company and what it is doing near their town! Seems negligent !
  10. deville

    The Oneiromancer

    Elsior is truly repugnant, his plans however are quite well thought out and set in motion. I feel however Rea may be a flaw , I sense she may be the mother of two certain innkeepers , one of whom is bound to be lurking in the subconscious of Birten. .... maybe !
  11. deville


    Beautifully , joyfully irreverent and relevant . What a pleasure to read . I giggled like a child !
  12. deville

    The Rival

    So Noom is changed now! Wonder how Kelaste will take that? I don’t envy , Envy his new role. I do believe Siccu is far more twisted than we’ve yet encountered .
  13. deville

    The Class

    Dear me , I feel quite alien I actually do enjoy Shakespeare ! A fantastic read , different and quite believable .
  14. deville

    Chapter 2

    Well , the Morgan family are different .... to say the least. Did Dolon survive the collision? Chris’s comment that he got what he deserves is ominous. Mayhap Milan is going to be protected just fine....
  15. deville

    Walking in the Rain

    A vivid and masterfully rendered reminder of the beauty around us that we miss with our eyes perpetually glued to the next event-horizon of our lives or phones and i -pads. Thank you.

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