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  1. Even tho I got the ebook I still like rereading this
  2. HardPointz

    Chapter 11

    I really hate how low user engagement is. a lot of authors just stop writing in the middle of stories and just quit completely because of it i may not like all of the stories I read but unless it’s completely unreadable I still stay completely respectable about it
  3. HardPointz

    Chapter 33

    I love this story especially considering how hard I know it is to write for you thanks for all the content over the years ❤️
  4. HardPointz

    Chapter 29

    Ohh man I missed this story I really don’t see why others don’t like it and want to be an asshole about it but I can’t do anything about others attitude but I got a lot of chapters to catch up on. This is like my first day off in weeks and I’m gonna damn well enjoy it
  5. Gosh this kid Scotty is too adorable I really love this series especially how Tristan and His mom keep dancing around the subject of him being gay while they both know the other knows 🤣. Well onto the next story
  6. I don’t know this seems like a bad idea to me but what do I know love the chapter and the characters tho
  7. I finally caught up now I have 7 more of your stories to go. I also loved the last few chapters by the way and the lead up to him coming out. It makes me want to come out again to my mom cause it’s like if I’m not rubbing it in her face 24/7 she forgets about it somehow. I should probably bring somebody home then the idea might stick.
  8. HardPointz

    Chapter 6

    Honestly I’m used to waiting months to get a new chapter from my other favorite author so to me this is anything but slow
  9. HardPointz

    Chapter 6

    Don’t think this is gonna be as bad as it gets this guy loves to torture and leave us crying lol
  10. HardPointz

    Chapter 5

    😳 Please don’t scare me like this
  11. HardPointz

    Chapter 5

    Maaaan you really just can’t stop making these great stories. You’re going on 2 for 2 Now
  12. I said it before and i'll say it again both of these parties are making a global Pandemic a political issue and using it to further their agenda. Fuck Trump Fuck Biden and anyone else pretending that you're for the people when you’re clearly not. Who can just walk out of their job because thing aren’t going your way. then to do so while people are dying is beyond disgusting.
  13. I’m not surprised this thing is spreading so fast once again this virus is destroying families all over and both democratic and republican parties don’t give a fuck and are only worried about the economy and themselves. The same people who say school should open up this September but At the same time would homeschool their own because fuck our kids right. Now they even can’t vote to extend unemployment because they would rather argue than just get it done while people are out here starving and dying. I’m really sorry about your family com but I guess the world will just be filled with selfish pricks.
  14. Wow I just got the ebook and I love it so much. It just under my favorite series On the Outside because I was feeling that exact self hatred at the time I started reading that. I love you Com ❤️ and what you’ve been doing for all of us. I honestly don’t even like thinking about my teen years because I just never planned on living past them. I may have been miserable and depressed 24/7 back then but I can definitely say you are one of the main reasons I held on for so long till things really did get better even when I never thought it would. Now all I need is to find myself a nice boyfriend anything’ll do I’m taking applications. 😂 Now sorry for making this comment all depressing and stuff I just had to get all these feelings out when it hit me I spent over half of my life reading your work.
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