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  1. HardPointz

    Chapter 11 - The Approaching Peril

    What a tough situation you can’t run away because the zombies will kill you and in the end the soldiers might just kill you too.
  2. HardPointz, hello to you. I wish you would do so more often, but the comments you do make are appreciated and liked. Hopefully you will have more time for the site in the future, but thank you for what you do give. I want to wish you a Happy 20th Birthday and that you had a wonderful day of celebration. Don't be a stranger, best wishes to you.


    Take care


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. HardPointz

    Chapter 30

    Damn that tugged at the heart strings.
  5. HardPointz

    Chapter 11

    I bet his dad knows what’s going on. I remember when I was younger and thought I was so good at hiding things.
  6. HardPointz

    Chapter 24

    I’m kinda getting a feeling your mad about Carl dying.
  7. HardPointz

    Chapter 10 - "Who's My Enemy"

    I have to say Preston has the best survival instinct out of all of them. Lord knows I would be halfway down the hall before the others even noticed too.
  8. HardPointz

    Chapter 21

    Well worth the wait dude. Loved the update ❤️
  9. HardPointz

    Chapter 7

    I could feel that his self confidence might be something that might make him do something stupid in the future. I loved this chapter so much
  10. HardPointz

    Chapter 2

    God, I can't help but feel I would do something like this
  11. HardPointz

    Chapter 43

    That "my sire" thing was so sweet, nice work on the chapter
  12. HardPointz

    Chapter 7 - What It Is To Be Normal

  13. HardPointz

    Chapter 8

    So sweet keep up the good work!
  14. HardPointz

    New Chapter Of On The Outside? :o

    Alas after 20 long years my beloved child has returned from the dead. I won't ever forget this blessed opportunity thank you my good sir

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