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  1. a handsome and available neighbour boy? πŸ˜‰
  2. Freerider

    Walk The Plank

    Poor naive N’than.
  3. Freerider

    Small World

    I especially liked The Earth. But I am afraid the last line is a prophecy
  4. Now that we have cleared that, I can say that I don't agree with you that the relationship was damaging/poisonous. Both boys were new to this and mistakes are being made. Not with ill intent, in my opinion. Go Nathan! (sorry @droughtquake )
  5. And you should It seems it all depends on the definition of "toxic"
  6. @NimirRaj. Thanks for the explanation. My understanding of a toxic relationship was more of an (physically) abusive relationship. And I was wondering what I had missed.
  7. @NimirRaj. Please remind me: what was toxic about the relationship between Robbie and Nathan?
  8. WAR had a big impact on me. It made me reflect on my high school years and made me realise that it was not as happy a time as I previously thought. You can only do that once to me I do enjoy your writing. As with Aiden's story, I think the thing is we already know how it is going to end. That takes away part of the suspense in the story. Still a nice read though. You may be right and need a new universe to explore. I will be there to read all about it!
  9. Dodger it is amazing how your writing style always draws me in immediately. An interesting new story πŸ‘
  10. Freerider

    The Gambit

    No you haven't. Your readers are relating to the characters. Some characters we love to hate
  11. Aiden's immediate understanding of Dustin's "it is just sex" seems a bit out of character for him. Or are these just words? He surely can't be in agreement with Justin's little speech and just consider this to be only sex.
  12. Freerider


    Of course not 😜 I'm just stating what he should do. He won't, I know 😎
  13. Freerider


    Aiden is really stupid. He is nice to ppl that use him and fights ppl that care about him. He needs to re-evaluate his behaviour and choices, and soon!
  14. Yes, this was at most a 12 feet offence 😎
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