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  1. Freerider

    Chapter 22

    What about uniting the adepts/mages to fight the mundane government first? They are obviously willing to fight this, so that is an easy goal. Worthington can establish his leadership role as he is the one with the knowledge about the governments abilities and weaknesses. The government mages are weakened at the moment. And then, after the government mages are defeated and human minds erased, he has a loyal and strong army to battle the demons.
  2. Freerider

    Chapter 22

    Cooperating with the mundane government is such a bad idea. Can anyone please put some sense in these young boys? This must be stopped!
  3. Freerider


    That took them long enough... Yeah, someone needs to put a stop to this. Preferably Clifton 😎
  4. Freerider


    It would be wise of Jeremy to do the same as you did. Being clear and giving her some time to accept things as they are. And if she can't, he needs to protect himself and cut her out of his life.
  5. Freerider


    Well, the fallout wasn't that bad... unless this is just the beginning?
  6. Freerider

    Chapter 20

    As punishment for the cliffhanger I am not going to give the chapter a like 😜
  7. Freerider


    Clifton could have been warmer towards Nathan. Although the setting was not ideal. Having all this other people around may have put him in "performance mode". Basically he was a shy and nervous boy. The kind of boy that could use performance as a shield... Now the question is, is he still a shy boy? Or has he changed as he started to believe all the people telling him how great he is? I am not ready to write him off yet
  8. Freerider

    Chapter 17

    Pfff, Lowenthal was a big disappointment 😂
  9. Freerider

    Chapter 16

    I enjoyed this one too. Especially the conversation with Lowenthal. That is an interesting character and a challenge to Worthington. I hope he stands his ground.
  10. With a friend like Alex, you don't need enemies.
  11. I love this story, but I should not read the comments. I get such a bad impression of most of yours mental health and empathic ability. Before (and still) it was about people turning on Nathan, just because the relationship with Robby ran its course. In this chapter, my issue is with people wanting to burn Alex at the stake. Of course, what he did was not exactly a good thing. I agree. Apparently Alex needs to be punished first and foremost. Yikes, I wouldn't like to live in your world! He should be punished, but first and foremost he should be helped. That is the world I live in.
  12. Exactly. He is just a boy. As far as I remember, Robbie was far more untruthful than Nathan.
  13. I agree, but I did not like it that somehow Nathan ended up the villain here. For nothing more than being more camp, and wanting to chase his dreams... I applaud him for that. Robbie is not the right match for Nathan either. Robbie was holding him back. I hope they get the chance to talk normally and establish a good rapport.
  14. Thank you for not writing Nathan off. He does not deserve that.
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