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  1. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters #2

    TONGU Tony's ordered new green underwear BRIEF
  2. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    loan interest
  3. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    implementation began
  4. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters #2

    FREED Frank rarely evaded entering detention BLOCK
  5. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    town center
  6. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    party hat
  7. Ivor Slipper

    The Boot

    Having lifted the veil, I also hope that there will be further stories involving these characters.
  8. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters #2

    SHOES Streaking, Hal opened everyone's eyes SIGHT
  9. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    time served
  10. Ivor Slipper

    5 Letters #2

    SITTR Sex is the teenage recreational SPORT
  11. Ivor Slipper

    Linked Words #2

    point taken

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