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    I have to admit that I'm split after this first chapter... I'm really annoyed with all Connor's negativity and grumpyness and just want to throw this whole thing, but at the same time you have something worked in that just makes me want to read on. first of all, I love the genre, this whole space/human thing, and the promise for more to come. I also like M... it's really weird to call him that?... anyway, I'm gonna read on and see what happens, I have a feeling that I'm gonna be in love with this couple. however, I really hope Connor is gonna loose this crappy attitude - maybe flicking his forehead through the PC-screen will help my frustration with him... I don't hope you feel offended of me violating you character
  2. Wow... I just discovered Word's new loud-reading funktion. I hadn't even emagined that listenening to the things you write could help put that much... this is so awsome 😆

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      Hopefully it will make you work easier, should you wish to help me editing the final work and book two of my “finding love” series 😁❤️❤️

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      I'm always available for any help you need :hug: 

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      :glomp:Have I told how much I love you for all the help? 

      You have latterly made it possible for me to accomplish a dream I’d had all my life... or at least since I was fifteen

  3. Anikin dropped me off at school Monday morning on his way to work. I was fine by now and I needed to figure out what to do with my future. “Will you be fine getting back on your own?” Anikin asked across the seat. I leaned on the open car-door after getting out and smiled reassuringly. “I’ll be fine.” “Give me a call if anything comes up, okay!” I nodded and closed the door. Anikin pulled away from the curb and I started off towards the school. Sean met me at the gate and walked with me to the student council before heading to class. “Thanks, Sean.” “No bother. I’ll see you around.” With a friendly slap on my shoulder, he was off. I knocked on the counslors door before opening. I’d made an anpiontment so he should be exspecting me. “Dominic. Come on in. please, take a seat.” Mr Johnson stood up, pointing towards the chair on the other side of his modest desk. “Thanks.” I smiled and sat gratefully. “So, you said on the phone that you were unsure about you studies, due to the accident and recovering, right?” “Yes. I missed about half a year of studies, so I find it quite unrealistic to continue from here if I wish to graduate. Also, I need to think about the permanent injury for my further choice of education, only, I don’t know which kind of direction I could go.” Unconsciously my hand slid to my thigh to rub the along the scar, I sighed at my own insecurity and crossed my arms instead. “I agree that continuing with your present studies wouldn’t be beneficial for you. But you could always start over. Do you have any kind of education in mind, since you think your injury might become a hindrance?” I thought that question over for a moment. The memory of my dinner with Anikin at Danny’s suddenly sprang to mind. ‘That’s right’ I thought, had been thinking about photographing back then. “Photographer?” I answered hesitantly. “Why do you think you couldn’t become a photographer because of a leg injury?” “I don’t know, just… watching the staff at the agency where I work part time, they move around a lot while shooting, and in different positions. I’m just unsure if I will be able to perform that kind of work. I’m still recovering and have no idea how much my leg will be able to pull off, even if the doctor told me there would be no problems. Everything is just so unsure at the moment, but I cannot postpone my decision much longer.” “Well, I would recommend starting over at the beginning of next semester, even though you don’t know what exactly it is you want. Most educations today require that one has at least finished college. But in the end, the decision is yours.” After that Mr Johnson helped me find out what I would need to become a photographer, just to have something to go for. I left the office about thirty minutes later feeling not so much wiser about my options. I didn’t feel like starting over, neither did I feel like not taking an education. I made my way to the bus, just to finally getting there as the bus left. It felt like the back end of the bus was mocking me as it disappeared into the distance. I took the one seat available at the bus stop, needing to rest my leg, just to get up the next moment, leaving the seat for an old woman who seemed to need the rest more than I. I looked up and down the road, sighing. What to do, I had to wait another thirty minutes for the next bus but I was tired, mostly mentally though. I pulled out my phone and found Anikin on my call list. My thumb hovered over the call sign for a long moment before I decided against it and put the phone back in my pocket. Anikin was probably working now and if I just walked down the road, the other bus to the agency went every ten minutes. Halfway down the road, I had to take a rest, the muscles in my thigh were starting to throb. I took a seat at a large rock keeping cars from entering an off-road path. With a sigh, I pulled my phone back out and called Anikin. “Dom? Are you alright.” He picked up on the first ring. “Can you come take me home? I missed the bus.” It couldn’t quite keep the annoyed grumble out of my voice. “Sure. I’ll be there in ten.” He hung up and I stared at the blank screen for a moment before pocketing it once again. ‘This sucks.’ I sighed again. As promised, Anikin pulled up by the curb ten minutes later. “Why are you all the way down here?” He asked as I slid into the car. “I’d planned to take the bus, up by the intersection.” I didn’t offer any other explanation and Anikin didn’t ask for one. “I’d like to start work again tomorrow,” I stated after a while of silence. “What about school? What’d they say?” “I need to start over at by next semester.” Saying it out loud had my mind twirling right back down into frustration, “So I think maybe I’ll stick with my decision to become a photographer, then I won’t need a college education, but one is still good to have just in case. So I’m still indecisive on what to do. I think I need some time to figure it out.” Anikin didn’t offer a response and silence fell over the cabin for a while. “Anyway, I’d like to see how much work I can handle before I make a final decision. Maybe it’ll be better once I fully recover.” “You’ll be all right. You’re not alone in all this. I’ll do whatever I can to help you.” He offered a reassuring smile and I felt somewhat better. *** Work was a lot harder than I’d imagined it to be. I had trouble keeping up and often made people wait. No one ever complained about me or looked at me with annoyance or pity, everyone was very patient. However, it didn’t make me feel better. I felt increasingly depressed and I knew Anikin started to notice. At home, I was very quiet and compliant. I did my best not to trouble and worry him, but I didn’t seem to succeed. One night I crawled under his duvet and snugged close to his side for comfort. “I wish you wouldn’t force yourself, Love. How about taking some time off?” “No – what would I do all day?” I hugged him tighter. I knew I was being stubborn, but what was I to do? Anikin rolled over, pushing me onto my back and settled atop of me. “I worry about you. Where did my happy and carefree boyfriend go? I’d rather have you back to normal than having you trying to accomplice things, just to not be a burden. Please tell me what to do to help you through this.” The agony and despair in his voice hurt my heart and made me feel bad about trying to be strong on my own, but I didn’t know how else right the wrong. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine, I just need some time. But – I know one thing that would make me feel better,” I cued, flexing my hips against his. Anikin’s eyes went big. “What?” Anikin hoist up and looked down, “You got a cramp?” “What? A cramp?” I snickered. Why would he think I had a cramp? “Are your hips sore? What have you been doing to get a cramp there?” Anikin crawled under the duvet as he spoke. “Did you engage in some sort of activity lately? Want me to give you a massage?” His asked, his words muffled by the cover. “What?” Then a startled cry escaped me as his hands grabbed my hips, flexing. “See, I thought you had a cramp. Does this help?” he asked and continuously flexed his fingers on my sensitive skin. “Argh,” I cried, “Stop, it tickles!” I writhed and laughed with no chance of escape, as he dug his fingers into my muscles again and again. My hysteric laughter suddenly turned into a deep wanton moan as Anikin’s tongue slid along my groin. Anikin poked his head back out from under the duvet. “I’ve missed your laughter.” He leaned in and kissed me. Pulling back, I looked deep into his eyes. “I love you,” I whispered and kissed him again. I slid my hands down his back and grabbed his backside, pressing his hips against mine, earning a contented groan. With a smirk, I flip him over and got on top. Engrossed in the pleasures of my boyfriend, my worries were forgotten for a moment. *** Despite Anikin’s attempts to cheer me up, I had a hard time dealing with my self-destructive mind. Time and time again I pushed myself, believing I would succeed this time, just to be disappointed when I found I couldn’t handle whatever I put my mind up to. It was not my fault, I knew. And it was no one else’s fault, I knew that too. But I didn’t know how to pull myself back up after each failure. I was starting to question everyone’s patience with me and suddenly I saw people shooting disapproving glances in my direction. In the end, it turned out to be Tamaki who said stop. I was in a storage room looking for a box of satin wraps, for a shoot I was attending and found it on the top shelf. Sure I could get it down, no props. I reached up to pull it over the edge. Suddenly the box slid a little too fast. I shifted my weight onto my right leg in an attempt to gain the upper hand of its course, but my leg buckled under me. I grabbed onto the shelf to catch myself, only, the whole shelf gave at my weight and tipped down over me with a loud crash, supplies scattering all over the place. “What the hell?” someone cursed from the hallway. I was cowering under the case, still covering my head, trying not to panic. “Dominic, Jesus Christ! What the hell are you doing?” Tamaki’s voice sounded above me, and the weight of the case eased as he pulled it off, setting it upright. “I… I was just trying to get the box.” My voice was shaky, the words catching in my throat. “For fuck sake Domininc. You shouldn’t push yourself like this.” He kneeled beside me and began checking for injuries. “But… I don’t want to be a burden. I feel like I’m in the way everywhere I go. I even feel like a burden at home.” I suddenly realized what I’d said, and my eyes darted to Tamaki’s “— Don’t tell Anikin I said that please!” Tamaki only patted my shoulder reassuringly at the dark panic in my voice. “Don’t worry. But Dom, enough is enough. You need to go home and get better, and I think you might need to see someone to talk to, someone who’s not close to you.” A shrink – he meant a shrink, great. But maybe he was right, I needed to get my head straight, and obviously, I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. “Come on. I’ll take you upstairs.” “But, my work…” I pointed to the box. Tamaki moved to put the content back inside. Leaving the rest of mess lying on the floor, for someone else to tidy. “We’ll bring it on the way.” He tipped his head towards the door, gesturing for me to follow. “Come on.” Back at the studio I meekly apologized for all the inconveniences before leaving with Tamaki. He pulled out his phone and put it to his ear. “You need to take Dominic home. Meet us in the lobby.” *** After scolding me for not letting others help Anikin set up an appointment with a shrink he knew beforehand. I was hesitant at first, both because Anikin knew him – that made him not a total outsider, and because I found the whole thing about shrinks weird, and it took an actual session for me to realize that Dr Mills was first of all totally professional and it did help that he knew Anikin beforehand which meant I didn’t have to describe him all that much. I also realized that I actually did need it, it was hard to talk about, but it made me feel lighter, come to terms with my “handicap” which wasn’t actually a handicap. “You have to remember, Dominic: you are not worth less at your job and not loved less by those around you, just because you are not physicallyt the same as before. As your doctor said, you will be able to do all the same things you did before, you just have to be patient and with time your body will heal itself.” Dr Mills smiled his gentle smile witch always made me feel valued. To him, I didn’t seem just one patient out of many, and it always made me remember Anikin; to Anikin I was one of a kind, I was truly special. “I am starting to believe that things will be alright. However, I still have difficulties finding a solution to my education problem and it’s still affecting me.” I was down to having one appointment a week and today’s session was coming to an end. “Let’s make a note to talk more about that next week. In the mean time, take a deep breath and think about what you want – Not what you will or might need in the future, but what you want!” Dr Mills got up. “Thank you, Dr Mills, I will. I’ll see you next week then.” Dr Mills let me to the door and opened it for me. Outside Anikin was waiting by the car. I ran over and threw my arms around him, burrowing my face into his chest, his smell making me smile. Anikin hugged me back for a moment without saying anything and I nuzzled even closer. My heart swelled in my chest and I knew things were going to be okay now. “Everything alright, Love?” Anikin finally spoke. I pulled back, so I could look at him, a delighted smile spreading across my face. “Love?” Anikin wondered. “Let’s go home and have sex!” I chirped happily. Anikin laughed, really laughed. “Let’s do that.” Anikin continued to chuckle as we got in the car. From that point on I only got better. I no longer felt a burden to Anikin at home. When I’d regained some of my mental strength and could do exercise, my body slowly began to follow, until I eventually came out on top. Anikin and I agreed that I should start work again three months later. Even though Anikin had agreed, I knew he was uncertain because I’d ended up with a permanent limp that kept me from moving as fast as I used to. I too was uncertain about it, but there was nothing I could do. At least it no longer caused me pain. *** I walked up to the sliding doors of the agency and stopped in front, my access card halfway to the check in. I suddenly felt nervous, even though I’d told myself earlier that morning that all was going to be fine. I’d even told Anikin not to worry since I didn’t find my limp a problem. The truth; at this point, I was concerned about how it would affect my work — I was hired as an errand boy, which meant I should be able to hurry and I couldn’t. I shook my head in an attempt to get rid of the depressing thoughts. Anikin hadn’t mentioned anything about handing me a different position, so I should be alright just getting back to work as usual. I slid the card though the lock, the little green lamp lit up with a beep and the doors opened. I entered the building with my head bowed dejectedly and I almost made it to the front counter before I noticed the silence. I stopped and looked up. “WELCOME BACK!” My heart skipped a beat by the surprise. Everyone was gathered in the front lobby. smiling faces and laughter suddenly everywhere. Anikin came towards me and pulled me into his arms. “Took you by surprise there, didn’t we?” The smile on his face was so big, his eyes were mere slits. “I almost had a heart attack,” I said breathlessly. “No! No more accidents, please.” I swung around to find Tamaki coming towards us, a rather large box in his arms. “So…” he began but suddenly seemed too emotional to talk. “What’s with the box — a present?” I asked when I saw the green bow and card on the lid. “Yes. I had a talk with Anikin and we were both concerned about your wellbeing since none of us thought you could continue your job in your current state. And so, we thought this present could help you along.” He handed me the box and I opened the lid. Inside was a brand-new camera, one of the expensive once the professionals at the agency used. “Wha… what is this?” I was speechless and a tad confused. “Anikin told me you’d mentioned about taking up photographing… Everyone threw in a little to get this for you.” Tamaki fell silent and Anikin took over. “We know how much you love working here and I want to offer you the best I can. Since being a professional photographer doesn’t need a college degree, it’s up to you whether you wish to finish your education or not. However, both Michael and Günther has offered to take you under their wings, should you choose not to — Günther was quite persistent actually, claiming he’d be the best choice.” He finished with a laugh. “Wow… this is really amazing. How can I turn down such an opportunity, but…” I lowered my voice, “I’m not sure Günther will be such a great teacher for me — I can’t understand what he says.” Anikin and Tamaki shared a humorous glance before they answered in unison: “But you muss then deutch lernen!” Then they both cracked up laughing. “Don’t worry, Günther has agreed to make sure you can understand him,” Anikin reassured chucklingly. “So, what are you going to shoot first?” Tamaki asked eagerly. I looked at him and knew he was hoping I’d ask him to model, which then had me thinking of a better idea. I smirked at him. “It’s a secret.” The pouting face he gave me was priceless. “Shall we get to work, then?” Anikin asked gesturing for everyone to get back to it as well. “I’m sure Michael will give you a lecture while he works for today’s paycheck. Hm?” I hugged the box to my chest and grinned widely before following him down the hall. In the blink of an eye, all my worries had vanished and all the people passing in a hurry suddenly didn’t matter anymore. Happily, I could pursue my dream at my own pace. That night Anikin lay in the bed, naked under the silken sheet I’d put on that morning, slumbering while I sat in the chair, fidgeting with my camera. “Ah.” Finally, I figured out the lightings setting. I raised the camera to my eye and snapped a shot of Anikin. “Hm?” drowsily he raised his head and looked at me questioningly. With a sly grin, I stood and moved to a position where I could get a better angle, snapped another picture. I lowered the camera to look at the two pictures I’d taken. They were a little dark and I corrected the settings before raising it again. I zoomed in on Anikin’s face. He raised a brow at me, challenge in his eyes. I didn’t lower the camera again. Anikin posed for me in the bed. I couldn’t help my breathing getting ragged as he writhed on the sheets, his arousal poorly hidden by the thin covering. He moved to the side of the bed and slid his head over the edge. I snapped another shot. “There is something oddly satisfying having you behind the camera.” His voice was low, almost a whisper, sensual. He seemed completely at peace, the only other time I’d seen him like this being when I had topped him. Satisfied, completely devoted — to me, the feeling it gave me had me floating with happiness and love. For a moment, I worked with focusing the camera and when it finally did the look in Anikin’s eyes left me breathless. I pressed the button. “Marry me.” My finger froze on the trigger. While shot after shot of Anikin looking at me in that intense moment was stored in the camera’s memory, my brain tried to process what he had just said. I finally snapped out of it and let go of the trigger, but didn’t lover the camera, still frozen in surprise. “Excuse me?” My brain was still in its comprehension process, but I managed to lower the camera. “Will you marry me?” he asked again, his voice soft and solemn. “Will I…” Then my brain snapped back to reality. “Yes — Yes!” I jumped up and stepped towards him, almost falling on top of him when my leg gave out from the sudden movement. Anikin worked himself into sitting position, pulling me onto his lap and our lips collided in an eager needing touch. “Yes, yes” I echoed my answer between kisses, not giving a thought to how ridiculously I sounded. I had been wrong, I could be happier — much happier. Four months later: Tamaki “We could just leave this loud party and start a small, private one. Just the two of us. Back at my place.” The party was big, no surprise there, and there was a lot of beautiful women. I’d set my eyes on this cute-looking brunette who’s name I’d already forgotten. But she seemed willingly enough. “You are such a flirt. We can’t just leave now. The best part hasn’t even begun yet.” She giggled and leaned in, suggesting we might do it later though. “Seriously? You are supposed to oversee the schedule, Tamaki. Stop flirting and get up there, it’s your turn!” At the sound of the voice with the British accent, I rolled my eyes and turned. “If it isn’t the maiden” I teased as I found myself face to face with Sean. “I’m just securing my chances of a good time later.” I looked at the brunette with a smile. She fluttered her lashes at me and I took it as a sign that my plan was in house. “Yeah? I don’t think so. Go hold your speech, they are waiting. Come on, Sis, don’t waste your time on this Todger.” ‘Fuck! Hadn’t seen that one coming’ I watched as the girl followed Sean, laughing at something he said after walking off. ‘Shitty luck. Well, might as well get it over with.’ I walked towards the stage and got up on it. I walked to the microphone and then changed my mind when I spotted a guy, close to the stage, standing with a glass of Champaign. “Hey, Dude.” I waved for him to come closer. “Give it here.” The guy handed me the drink a little hesitant but didn’t say anything. I straightened and walked to stand I front of the mike. “Is this thing on?” I tapped lightly on it, but nothing happened. In the audience, I saw Sean slapping his face with annoyance. He was standing towards the back and since he’d heard me, then it had to mean it was working, ‘Good,’ I thought and made a mental note that I might be getting a little drunk. “We are all gathered here today…” “Someone already said that.” Someone in the crowd interrupted me. “Shut up, I’m just warming up.” Actually, I had no memory of anyone saying that but I had peoples attention, a few even laughed which was good – good. I made a mental note that I might be a tad drunk. “So, I have known Anikin for quite a few years. I would even consider myself his best friend. If you ask him, he probably wouldn’t agree. He’d probably even say that, with all the shit I’ve hauled him through since we first met, I couldn’t possibly be his best friend. But let me tell you a secret; That’s what best friends do,” I finished in a stage whisper, and saw Anikin shake as he laughed. “Yes, I know. I do consider it a talent to make him laugh – and angry – and complaining – but that is a different story. The bottom line is, we are here now.” I raised my class in the direction of the happy couple. “Anikin! I have followed you through a few shitty relationships and past a bunch of idiots, but I have never seen you happier. Who would have thought you would find love so close to home? Cheers, everyone – to the newlyweds.”
  4. I have finally finished my first Novel!!!!!! 0.0 I am so thrilled I don't l know which leg to stand on. I have decided to put it up without running it by Caz first since I cannot wait to hear what you think.

    Chech out my newest chapter of "In love with my brother" and don't forget to review :D

  5. A little status about my ongoing writing and future plans for my dear readers - I'm working on the final chapter of "In love with my brother", which I plan to be the first in a series of three, so look forward to more :D I also plan on making a third draft for e-book publishing, with lots of changes. I hope you all will support me in the future, and as always I appreciate all the help you lads have provided me with, in form of reviews, and hope you will continue helping.

    lots of love, hugs and kisses to all :D 

  6. The drive home was strangely quiet. I was looking out through the window, watching the rainfall. So much had changed in such a short time. I wondered if my life would go back to the way it was before all this. I was afraid to confront my issues, afraid to put words to them. The accident had left me scared and unsure of myself. It had been easy when I was bedridden in the hospital, but the rehabilitation had been the first step to begin my life again and something had been triggered along the way. “Are you all right, Dom?” Anikin suddenly asked. “No,” I choked. Anikin didn’t answer. He changed lanes and took the exit to the next rest area. Anikin parked the car and turned towards me. His voice was very gentle when he said, “Talk to me, Love.” I was silent for a long while before I finally found the words to describe how I felt. “I’m broken,” I whimpered. “I feel broken, both mentally and physically. I’m a nervous wreck on the inside and — I’m handicapped.” My voice became mushy and tears started to press against the back of my eyes. With the heels of my hands pressed against my burning eyes, I continued, “I don’t think I can be fixed.” I wasn’t able to speak anymore. Anikin reached over and took me in his arms and let me cry. He didn’t speak ‘till I had run out of tears. “No matter what happens, I won’t love you less. You are perfect to me in any way, in any condition. I’ll be here, you won’t have to go through this alone.” I nodded against his shoulder before pulling back. I felt better after having cried. “Come here.” Anikin pulled me close again and pressed his lips against mine. “I love you.” I smiled. I loved hearing him say that. “I love you too. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” “Good thing you won’t have to find out. You okay now? Then let’s get home.” Anikin started the car and drove back onto the highway. “Can we go by the agency on the way?” I asked after a while. “Sure.” He didn’t ask why, and I was grateful for that. *** After fighting my way out of the car I made my way to the entrance where Anikin let us in. I slowly made my way to the right, towards the staircase. Anikin had followed me at a distance and stood a little behind me when I stopped. I glanced up at the stairs. It all looked so much different from down here. I leaned on my crutches and closed my eyes, recalling the scene from the day of the accident. My heart was beating like crazy in my chest just by being here. I forced myself to think of this place as safe to be. I loved working at the agency and there was no way I was going to let some crazy bitch ruin my life. I had asked for Anikin to take me here. Now I was going to face this fear of mine and get over it. Grabbing tight onto my crutches and gritting my teeth, I let the anger burn away the fear. After a moment I felt my heartbeat begin to slow down. “Will you tell me about it?” Anikin asked in a low voice. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, clear resolution in my heart. Somehow, here in the dark and silence, I found the strength to let the words over my lips. “Crazy bitch. She believed you were sexually interested in her.” I huffed with disgust.” There must have been something seriously wrong with her.” I took another deep breath and felt my muscles release the tension. I looked back up the stairs, somewhat surprised that the fear I felt just a moment ago, had faded into an indefinite emotionlessness. “She wanted me to give her your number, believing she could become closer with you. I told her off and she pushed me — What happened afterwards?” I craned my neck to look at Anikin. “I was on my way to the elevator when I heard her scream. I found you at the bottom of the stairs —” It sounded like something caught in his throat and he had to stop. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to live through it again.” Anikin gave me a wistfully smile. “I probably need the therapy as much as you.” He walked up behind me and took me in his arms. “After we’d gone to the hospital, the security personnel checked the camera recordings. The police were contacted and Tina was arrested. She was convicted shortly afterwards, although she never admitted to anything. But with the incident caught on tape, she didn’t have to.” I couldn’t help but snicker. “You have surveillance on the stairs?” I asked against his chest. “I have surveillance everywhere. Except for the toilets and dressing rooms of course.” No wonder everyone at work knew about us, they’d probably seen us making out in a corner somewhere. “Anyway, you won’t have to worry about her again. She’s behind bars and I cut off her parents.” “I’m sorry,” I grumbled “What for?” “Because of me, you have to lay your modeling aside and work in the office for a very long time.” Anikin grabbed my shoulders, pushed me back and locked his gaze on mine, looking very serious. “Don’t ever be sorry, none of this was your fault. The only one to blame is her. Agreed?” I couldn’t do anything but nod. “Good. Let’s go home.” *** Anikin was very careful when he helped me out of the car back home in the driveway. “Anikin?” I stopped halfway to the door and Anikin turned around. “Can… uhm… would you…” I don’t know why, but I needed one last confirmation that things were all right, that we were alright before I went into the house and began getting my life back to normal. “Of cause,” he said. I looked up in surprise, how did he always seem to know what I was thinking, even before I’d said anything. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. For the first time since I woke up from the coma, he held me close and kissed me with the passion I loved so much. I let go of my crutches and grabbed on to him. “I love you,” I whispered against his lips when he pulled back. “And I love you,” he answered as he touched his forehead against mine. He bent down and picked up my crutches, before helping me up the steps to the front door. He locked us in and we entered the house. I didn’t make it further than the end of entrance hall before I almost fell on my ass with surprise. A loud “Welcome home!” greeted me as everyone I knew jumped out and yelled. For a moment, I was mentally frozen. I looked around at everyone. Familiar, smiling faces reflecting nothing but love and care, surrounded me. Even so, I had to fight with feelings of anger and disappointment. All I wanted was to be alone with Anikin, I’d missed him so much. He was the only person I wanted at the moment, the only one I needed. I wasn’t even sure I could endure so many people at the same time. I felt a hand against the lower of my back and next, Anikin’s hot breath and soft voice in my ear. “I’m right here with you. It’ll be all right.” He kissed the edge of my ear and guided me forward. The first one to come forward and hug me was Sean, tears of happiness running down his cheeks. And then I realized, my time in the hospital had been just as hard for everyone else as it had been for me. *** The evening went on forever. Everyone wanted to talk to me, wanted to know if I was fine, how my recovery was going. I felt somewhat grateful that so many cared about my well-being, but I didn’t have the energy to worry about everyone else’s needs. I tried to move from corner to corner, hoping to blend in with the background, but I never got more than a short minute’s break before someone else was over me. “Are you all right, Honey? Come have a seat, you must be exhausted.” I gratefully took Mom’s help when she came to my aid. She led me to the corner with the Japanese table and helped me down so I could sit on the edge. “I’m so happy that you’re out of the hospital and in better health. I was so worried.” She was stroking my head while she talked. I leaned my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes. I was so tired and it felt so nice. “Maybe you should come home with us for a while,” she suddenly suggested. “No,” I answered with a smile on my lips, “I want to stay here. This is my home now, Mom. We already discussed this.” “But I can take better care of you at home. You’ll have a better recovery there.” She kept stroking my hair. My brows furrowed, I didn’t have the energy to have this discussion with her now—again. “Mom, I’m not going home with you,” I sighed, “I like it here where I live. And Anikin is perfectly able to take care of me.” I straightened and moved away from her. “But he has so much work…” She reasoned. “No. I didn’t try to stop you from being happy when you married Tom. Even though I despised him at the time, so don’t you dare try to take away my happiness.” “Dominic, you’re brothers. It’s not natural,” she said. She didn’t seem disgusted, just sad. “We’ve been together for almost a year and it’s not going to change just because you keep claiming we’re brothers — we’re not, not anymore. We’re lovers. And by the way, it’s none of your fucking business.” I clumsily fought to get back on my feet. “Dom!” Mom stood to help me but I pushed her away. “Get off of me!” When I finally got up I made my way back to the others and ran into Tamaki. “Dom, you don’t look so good. Are you all right?” “Can you please tell people to go home?” I asked and limped on without expecting an answer. I knew he would do as I’d asked, and already before I reached the bedroom, people were beginning to leave. I finally closed the bedroom door behind me. The frustration almost made me scream. I threw my crutches on the floor in need to vent some of the anger. I wobbled and almost fell, but managed to grab the wall to steady myself. Braced on one leg, I tried to unbutton my shirt, but my fingers were shaking. Angrily I started to pull it, causing myself to lose balance again, this time falling on my ass. “Argh!!” The outburst helped somewhat, only now I just felt like crying. With the shirt pulled halfway over my head, I sat there in the middle of the floor rocking back and forth, not knowing what to do with this feeling of despair. I heard the door creak open. “Dominic, what are you doing?” Anikin gasped in concern. He kneeled in front of me and gently pulled my shirt off the rest of the way. He carelessly tossed it aside and pulled me into his arms. As soon as I was there the tears started to fall. I nuzzled further into his embrace, wiping my eyes on his shirt, just wanting him to hold me tighter. “Now what? Everyone went home,” he finally said. “Good,” I grumbled in satisfaction. I didn’t care a dime. “At least let me take you to bed,” Anikin said and pulled back, I pouted not wanting to move. “Mmh, fine.” Anikin helped me up and took me to the bathroom. When I was refreshed and clean he took me back to the bedroom and slowly stripped me of the rest of my clothes. “You enjoy this a lot, don’t you?” I asked amused when he was on his knees undoing my pants, while I was holding the top of his head for balance. “Of course, I do,” he answered looking up at me as he pulled my sweats down, he leaned forward and placed a heated kiss on my hipbone over the edge of my boxer shorts. “Mmmmh,” I moaned, wanting him to continue, he didn’t. “I always enjoy undressing you.” His gaze was flirty but not sexually insinuating. He looked down, his smile faltering. “Does it hurt?” he ran his fingers along the fifteen-centimeter-long surgery scar on my thigh. “No, just sore.” He looked back up at me shortly, before sitting back on his heels, still caressing my leg. “Let’s not dwell on it anymore, Anikin. I just want to feel happy being with you tonight.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. I smiled and looked at his t-shirt, then back up at his face. “My turn?” I asked quietly. “Help yourself.” I slowly and clumsily pulled his t-shirt up. He assisted me in pulling it over his head and as soon as it was off I leaned in. Closing my eyes I breathed in the smell of him. My arms went around his waist as I kissed his chest, then I hugged him tight and relished in the feeling of his bare skin against mine. Anikin pulled me towards the bed and onto his lap as he sat down. He tugged me into a tight embrace and buried his face at the nape of my neck. “I missed you so much,” he mumbled against my skin. “Thank you, for not leaving me.” He held me tighter. I equally hugged him to me, wishing to comfort him. “How could I ever?” We sat there for a while without saying anything. “Can we go to bed, Anikin? I’m exhausted.” Anikin helped me down from his lap and onto the bed. While I climbed under the duvet, Anikin stripped off the rest of his clothes, before joining me. When I was finally in his arms again I thought to myself ‘I can’t possibly be happier than this.’ before falling asleep. At the time, I sincerely believed that. *** At some point I slowly became aware. The blackness blocking my vision and the emptiness around me dead silent. I noticed the smell of Anikin and I believed to find myself in bed with him when I opened my eyes, only, my eyelids didn’t respond. With a gasp, I sat up. I couldn’t breathe. The panic caused adrenalin to pump through my body, keeping me from thinking straight. Anikin had woken up and took me in his arms. “Shh, Love. Breathe, I’m here. It’s okay.” He whispered as he stroked my hair. Very slowly I got control back over my body and I could finally draw air into my lounges. Sobs began tearing through my chest and tears of relief rolled down my face “I thought … you weren’t … It wasn’t …” I couldn’t form a coherent sentence that would describe how I’d felt. “It’s all right, you’re here. It’s over.” When I stopped crying Anikin eased me back down onto the bed and in his arms and I soon fell back into a deep dreamless sleep. *** I slowly came back to the surface from the depths of my sleep. A moment went by as my brain started to work again. I had my arm slung over Anikin’s torso and it slowly moved up and down in time with his breathing. I snuggled closer and breathed in his scent. For a moment, I just lay there, listening to his heartbeat as the sound chased away the remnants of the nightmare earlier. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed the bright light that made its way past the edges of the curtain. Anikin normally didn’t sleep for this long and the thought of him having had as many troubles sleeping alone at night, as I’d had while in the hospital, crossed my mind. ‘He must have been exhausted’ I thought grimly. I hugged him a little tighter, kissed the side of his shoulder and started to caress the bare skin of his chest with the tip of my fingers. After a while, Anikin started to stir and goose bumps rose where my fingers trailed. “Mmmh,” Anikin rumbled with pleasure. Suddenly, he sucked in a breath and rolled towards me. His bewildered gaze met mine just a moment before he took my head in his hands and kissed me. He hoisted himself up over me and kept kissing me ‘till we were both out of breath. “Are you okay?” I asked worried while caressing the soft skin at the side of his ribs. Anikin rested his forehead against mine and took a deep breath. “I thought it was a dream. For a moment, I thought I was alone again and had to go see you at the hospital.” He pulled back and met my gaze. “I know how you feel,” I answered with a reassuring smile. He kissed me again, this time slower. He took his damn sweet time but I happily obliged. Abruptly he pulled back groaning. “Come on, better get out of bed.” He quickly rolled around and rose from the bed, all of a sudden in a hurry to leave the room. Despite his effort, he didn’t leave fast enough to avoid me getting a glimpse of his erection as he rushed out the door. I lay back down with a silly grin on my face and I couldn’t stop the joyful giggle twirling past my lips. It felt so nice being back home and things back to normal, or almost normal. The doctor had strictly said not to overexert myself, and unfortunately, sex fell under the category of exerting activities. ‘Maybe blowjobs don’t count.’ I pondered over this thought while I dressed. ‘No. bad idea. We probably wouldn’t be able to stop there.’ I pushed the matter aside and reached for my pants. *** Two weeks later my mom came to pick me up for the hospital check-up. It had been a calm two weeks. Anikin was slowly starting his work back up, he wasn’t doing full time yet, since I was still in the need of his help at home. He had taken a leave while I was in the hospital, so for the sake of his own body, he was now taking it nice and easy. Mom and I were both silent in the car, but as she pulled into a space at the parking lot she sighted. “Thank you, for letting me take you today,” she smiled and looked at me. “Of cause, you’re my mother. Besides, you’d worry sick and start pestering me if I hadn’t let you,” I said, brushing it aside and got out of the car. I had practiced walking in between my rehab appointments, and now I only needed a single crutch for support. I was so very proud of myself. “I’m surprised though,” Mom said, “That you didn’t want Anikin to come along.” “Nah, we’re good. I’d rather he didn’t come actually, he’s fussing too much. He’s worse than you were, at times. Besides, he had work so he couldn’t go.” Once in the waiting area, the half hour wait until my name was finally called, felt like three. Before I went to see the doctor they ran a few tests to see if I had any mental or bodily casualties they hadn’t expected. “So, Dominic, all of our tests came back positive. Everything is just as it is supposed to. How have you been feeling since getting back home?” The Doctor asked when we were finally called in to see him. “Well, last week I was mostly tired, slept a lot. But I have been feeling better these last couple of days. I have more energy in general and the soreness is gone. As long as I don’t stretch the muscles in my leg too much, I barely feel a thing.” “How about dizziness? Nausea?” “No, not at all.” The door to the office went up and a nurse poked her head in. “Well, I think everything is good then. I’ll make you a new appointment in two months’ time, for another checkup. Keep a healthy diet and begin some light exercise as part of your rehabilitation, small walks and such. However, stop if you feel any discomfort at all.” The Doctor grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down the date he’d selected for the next check-up. “How about sex?” I blurted. “Dominic!” Mom exclaimed. “What? I’m in a healthy relationship, one would want to know.” I shrugged her off and turned to the doctor. “I don’t see why not, just don’t overdo it,” the doctor smiled. He got up, an indication that I was off the hook, and showed us out the door. “I’ll see you again in two months Dominic. Have a nice day — the both of you,” he smiled at Mom before shutting the door behind us. Mom and I drove home in silence, but a peaceful silence. Mom helped me out of the car and into the house before she left. I’d offered her coffee but she had some work she needed to finish at home. *** I walked into the kitchen and stood in the center for a moment, indecisive. Then I walked over and opened the fridge and pulled out ingredients. Anikin should be home soon and I might as well start dinner. “I’m home,” Anikin announced about an hour later. “Mmm smells good” He poked his head around the corner to the kitchen. “Welcome home.” I smiled at him from my spot by the chopping board. Anikin disappeared back out the hallway again. “How did it go at the hospital?” he called. “Fine. The doctor told me to start exercising, I just shouldn’t overdo it.” “That’s good.” He entered the kitchen and walked right over to grab hold of me. “Mmm. But no overwork. Go take a seat and I’ll finish dinner.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, it was hard to take his command serious with it mumbled in between kisses. “I don’t think, making dinner counts as exercise though.” Even so, I abandoned my half-chopped cucumber and hoist myself up on the counter bar at the other side of the kitchen. “How was your day?” I asked. “Busy,” he answered and leaned onto one foot. His hip dipped and drew my attention to his ass, distracting me somewhat from our conversation. “Although, it wasn’t too bad. I’ve been sitting down for half the day, listening to people talk. Quite boring actually. How did your mom take the trip?” His chopping hand slowed and drew my attention back to where it should be, I knew what he was thinking. “She was happy that I let her take me. I think it repaired some of the trust between us.” Anikin seemed relieved by that and continued cooking in silence. None of us had said anything for a while. The stew was cooking on the stove and the rice cooker was buzzing in the corner. Anikin walked close by me to grab the plates from the cupboard. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to me, locking my heels under his buttocks. I pressed my lips to his, taking the lead right from the start. Anikin wasn’t late to respond and calmly let me kiss him. “Love, I need to set the table.” “Food can wait.” “Dom.” Anikin pulled back, “I don’t think — it’s too soon.” “Bullshit.” I pulled him back into the kiss, ignoring his protests. Then I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of his head and pulled so I could look down at him, “The Doctor said I could. You’re out of excuses.” My voice was low and husky, and apparently, something in my gaze turned him on big time, cause his eyes darkened. “Sex counts as exercise, doesn’t it?” he asked. “I guess…” I leaned in and kissed him again. Simmering stew and rice in the cooker forgotten, as we heatedly made out. “Bedroom, now. I need these clothes off you.” Anikin pulled at the hem of my shirt, pulling me closer and kissed me greedily. He grabbed hold of my buttocks, abruptly pulling me off the counter. Once inside the room he pushed the door shut with a foot and slammed me rather hard against the wall. With room to move his hands, he started pulling at my clothes. “Dammit, why are you still wearing these?” he rasped desperately. I didn’t respond, only pulled at my shirt, trying to get it off without falling. As soon as my chest was bared he was at my nipples, licking, pinching, biting. His roughness made my cry out, it hurt, but the sensation which followed made it all the more pleasurable. Anikin suddenly turned us around, walked three steps and threw me down on the bed then stripped himself off his shirt. “’Don’t overdo it’, what the hell does that mean.” He was mumbling to himself as he stripped off my pants, then my boxers and sucked me in. He swallowed me all the way to the hilt without warning. I cried out in pleasure and had to fight my orgasm when he swallowed around the sensitive head. The blowjob he gave me was fast and intense, and when he forcefully shoved a slick finger into my pucker and found my sweet spot, I was beyond the point where I wondered when he’d found the lube. Two more bobs of his head and I groaned in ecstasy as I came. Anikin pulled out his finger and slowly pulled off my dick. I was lying silently on the bed, still shaking with the aftershocks of my orgasm. He started kissing my overheated skin gently, starting at my hip bone and working his way up, softly, and gently. When he reached my lips, it was a gentle but passionate kiss, and the taste of myself on his tongue only made it all the more intense. As I slowly returned to reality, I noticed something was off. “Anikin…” I opened my eyes and breathed in, “I think something is burning.” He looked up at me questioningly. “Shit, the stew!” The sight of him hurrying out the room like that naked, ‘when did he lose the rest of his clothes?’ — was hilarious. I prayed nothing had been set on fire. “How about ordering pizza?” Anikin said when he entered the bedroom again. “Later,” I said, reaching out towards him as he climbed back into the bed with me. He lay down beside me. His hand started to wander as he kissed me again. His fingers drew a path down my body, starting by massaging my earlobe, then continuing down to feel the beat of my pulls. They made a slow descent down my body, down towards my hips and groin, passing, down my thigh, just to started the journey all the way back up. “Anikin…” I gasped and pushed my hips up towards his hand. He ignored my request and just continued upwards. Despite just having had come my dick made an attempt to harden again. “Shh, let me feel you.” I groaned when he pinched my nipple on his way, “We’ve got all the time in the world, and I want to do this slowly, really slowly.” He cupped my head and kissed me again as he rose over me. His mouth took the same route as his hand had just, sucking, licking, nipping. When he reached my belly button he placed my left leg over his shoulder, giving him better access to my groin and my thigh. When he began his journey back up his finger penetrated me once again. I moaned loudly and twisted my hips at the feeling of him inside of me, earning a very pleased sound from Anikin. He kissed the hilt of my now hard cock and let his tongue slide up over it, ending with a kiss at the tip before continuing his way upwards. “Anikin… Please,” I moaned and thrust my hips again. “I’m working on it,” he whispered and slid in another slippery finger before continuing to massage my sweet spot. “I think…. I’m gonna,” I gasped and grabbed onto his lower arm. “Go ahead and come,” he whispered against my nipple and slid in a third finger. “Ah… hng… I don’t want to, not till you’re in me, please.” Tears of pleasure were rolling out as I begged him to grant my wish. “It’s been a long time, Love. I don’t want you to hurt” “I don’t care I just want you, now, I’ve waited long enough.” Anikin pulled out his fingers and moved between my legs. The intense gaze he gave me as he pressed some lube into his hand and rubbed it onto his cock, made me burn inside. The sight was so damn hot and I think he noticed, ‘cause he smiled and bit his lip as he stroked himself slower. “You don’t own any modesty, do you?” I groaned. “Not when it comes to you.” He leaned over me, kissing the skin of my chest as he lifted my hips up with his left arm. I slid my hands through his hair just before he started to penetrate me. I felt the tip of his member slippery against my pucker. Slowly he started to enter, stretching the muscle. Anikin paused as soon as the head was in, I shook in anticipation, wanting him to keep going. “It doesn’t hurt, go on.” Anikin continued ‘till he was buried in me to the hilt. The sound I was making was so foreign, even to myself, that I for a second didn’t believe it was mine. Anikin had been right, it did hurt, some, but the pleasure of finally having him in me was greater and he barely had his full length shoved in before I came again, quivering with pleasure underneath him as he held me. “Damn, Dominic. You’re gonna make me crazy. You’re so sexy when you come.” I looked up at him in a daze and smiled. I wasn’t quite satisfied yet so I put my feet down on each side of him, grabbed his neck and twisted my hips. “Move” I ordered him, and he happily obliged. You could say that he slowly threw me around in bed. It didn’t matter that we kept going so long Anikin had to stop a few times to keep himself from coming, it was heavenly, I’d miss this so much. “Anikin, I’m gonna….” I felt the build yet again. “Hold it, baby, not yet.” Anikin pulled me up so that I was straddling him, allowing him to penetrate deep. His hands were on my buttocks, controlling the pace and my movements, it felt so good. “Anikin…” I was at my edge. “NO… not yet.” His panting became more ragged, but I wasn’t going to last. “DAMMIT, come already, I can’t…” I squeezed tight around him and thrust my hips faster and finally sent him over the edge and I let go, coming together with him. Anikin’s hands were squeezing my flesh so hard I suspected I’d have bruises in the morning, as he came, groaning his release against my shoulder. Anikin tipped forward, pushing me back onto the mattress. We were both sweaty and sticky but I didn’t care at the moment, I was satisfied and spent, and very, very tired.
  7. First day at school: 08:05 = 3 lectures of PE... way to feel alive B)

  8. Avangelion

    Chapter 9

    You totally had me at "Now, will you come" the best part of the chapter... I love Deme. He's so tender and yet so aggressive in his actions. he kind of makes me forget they're just kids, he's the perfect contrast to Shane's awkwardness in a good way. looking forward to read more.
  9. I have been busy for ages now, but I have finally found the time to get working on the next chapter. So, hopefully you won't have to wait long And sorry to keep you hanging
  10. not long now. hopefully... Sorry for keeping you hanging
  11. I have been busy for ages now, but I have finally found the time to get working on the next chapter. So, hopefully you won't have to wait long And sorry to keep you hanging
  12. Ahhhh... Exams finally over, 3 A's, I did well :D only a history assignment left before 7 weeks well-deserved vacation... Hopefully I'll get some writing done, during my free time :)

  13. Tina has already been thrown to jail - and she aint getting out anytime soon... I suck at this the whole law suit thing so I wanted to leave that bit out, sorry I'm so glad that you like my story, I love writng it - and I wish i had more time to write so I could update more often, but being a student and a single mom doesn't leave much time for anything else Thanks for the review and support:)
  14. Sorry for the wait lads - "In love with my brother" chapter 17 has now been oploaded :D

  15. Do you know the feeling of knowing your dreaming but you can’t wake up? Or those times you’re running away, but aren’t getting anywhere, just to find out that in fact your legs aren’t moving? I don’t know when I first noticed something was wrong. It was like I was standing behind a sheet of glass, coated with running water. Someone was on the other side, a hand flat against the glass, reaching out. With wonder, I’d raise my hand to place my palm against the glass, only my arm never moved. ‘What’s going on?’ Panic began to roll over me as I became aware something was off. I tried to move my feet, my arms, still my muscles never responded. I could feel my heartbeat rising, and static noise began filling my ears. Soon it echoed in the emptiness surrounding me. I screamed with all my might, although no sound came out. I dropped to my knees and curled into a ball, to protect myself, to make it all go away, except I never moved. For a long time, I felt myself slip in and out of consciousness. It was like a slowly pulsing awareness which drew my attention away from myself. As I slowly calmed down, I began to notice that the static noise had faded out. And little by little, familiar sounds started to fill the emptiness around me. Peaked with curiosity I began listening. At first I could only make out what sounded like a constant buzzing. Although it was annoying, it was just a dull background noise and I soon got used to it. Then other sounds, distant footsteps, the sound of a chair on the floor and — voices, I realized. I concentrated only on the voices, straining to hear the words. But it took a lot of effort and the moments of awareness became shorter. One time I noticed there was only one voice. I concentrated on that single sound and found, for the first time, words were starting to form. “… seen … later … awesome …” There was something familiar about the sound of the words. I concentrated harder. “It’s not like … I hang out … the rest of them, but it’s not the same. Actually, I prefer to be here. It’s lonely, but you’ll never be a better listener than now, right?” ‘Sean?’ Oh my god, it was Sean. Someone I knew. ‘What is going on?’ I wanted to scream at him, but I still couldn’t make my body respond. “Oh, by the way, since visits are restricted, everyone wrote a get-well-soon note.” A moment later he began to read. The content of the notes didn’t really matter, I listened because I could hear Sean — I could hear him. I was in awe. I was so happy, I could do nothing but listen to his voice. I closed my eyes and just — listened. From then on it became easier and easier, to focus on the voices around me. Mom came by frequently, sometimes talking a lot, others in silence, except for a lot of sobbing. Mostly she rambled about a lot of stuff I had no interest in, but I suspected that it was to keep herself together while around me. Things had been silent for some time, with no visits. It could’ve been for hours or days, I had no way of knowing, since I had no sense of time. I had been concentrating on the feeling of my body. It was odd, I did manage to get some sense of feeling. It was a like when your foot has fallen asleep and you touch it. You’re registering that something is touching, but you can’t actually feel it. And then one time, someone came by and just sat there, holding my hand, for a very long time. It was a little awkward although I didn’t mind the silent company. For all the time the person sat there I had no idea who it was, until he spoke right before leaving. “He’s not doing well with you holed up here son, so wake up soon.” ‘Danny?’ I had no idea what he was talking about. I still didn’t know what was going on. I wondered who was not doing well, since everyone had seemed fine to me. For a long time I brooded about what Danny had said. I racked my brain, something was there, a feeling, just under the surface, however I couldn’t reach it. It was so hard to be fighting myself like this. ‘If only he was here.’ ‘He, who?’ Who had just crossed my mind? ‘Wait, just calm down.’ I let the emptiness swallow me up. I forced myself not to think of anything, and slowly an image started to take form. The faint feeling of a touch, a memory of a whisper. I reached out towards the image. My arm didn’t move. I screamed, a soundless act of frustration. ‘Anikin!’ Where was he? Why hadn’t I heard his voice yet. Where the hell was I? ‘Nowhere. You are emptiness, emptiness is you.’ I could feel my sanity starting to slip. But Danny had reminded me of what was most important in my life. I wanted to hear his voice, only his. So, I waited. *** I slowly became cognizant of the emptiness, and realized I was conscious again. It took me a moment to notice something was touching me. Something was slowly stroking the back of my hand. As I realized what it was, adrenaline shot through my body and my heart skipped a beat before going on a rampage. The static noise became louder, and more insistent than it had before. His hand slipped from mine. ‘Anikin? Anikin! What happened, come back!’ I curled up in an attempt to shield my mind from the chaos, scared and unable to help myself. I slowly calmed and the static noise began to fade back into background noise. “Don’t freaking scare me like that.” His voice was pitched with fear. There was a loud screeching noise before his hand slid back into mine. I unfurled myself. Relishing in his touch. The stroking started again and he was silent for a while. Then suddenly, his grip on my hand tightened, it almost felt like it hurt and Anikin started to cry. If anything had ever been hard, this had to be the worst. Anikin gave it all up and broke down. I knew I was unable to do anything to help him, although I still didn’t understand why. After what must have been a very long time, I think Anikin fell asleep. He went silent and his hand became lax in mine. I stayed aware, hoping I wasn’t going to slip away while Anikin was here. I focused on the heat of his skin against my hand and rejoiced in the happiness it gave me. Oddly enough the feeling in my hand started to change. It became more – real, somehow. Anikin suddenly moved. “Love?” The static noise became louder again and I tried to curl back up, but couldn’t. “Nurse!” Anikin’s voice cut through the noise. Nurse? Was I in the hospital? ‘Why am I in the hospital?’ The confusion made it all swirl. ‘What is wrong with me?’ “I swear, he woke me up with a move of his hand” Anikin didn’t get an answer right away. “Well, there has been a very slight change in breathing and heart rate, but he’s in a coma Mr. Marshall. It might not mean anything.” Her answer didn’t exactly encourage hope. “But just looking at his face, I’d say he’s happy that you are here. Give him something to fight for and I’m sure he’ll come around.” ‘A coma? How the fuck did I end up in a coma?’ “Thank you.” Anikin’s answer was the last I heard before my awareness drifted away again. *** Things slowly started to change for me. My senses started to sharpen, I could feel more and my sense of smell began to work as well. But as the world around the emptiness became more real, memories began to return, filling the darkness with ghosts and nightmares. The look on Tina’s face haunted me when the world around me had gone silent, and I would fall — over and over. All I wanted was to be in Anikin’s arms and let him chase away the fear and fill my world with love. And one time when I became aware, I was so disappointed I would’ve cried if I could. The familiar smell of Anikin filled my nose, and I believed I was going to find myself in bed next to him when I opened my eyes. Only I never did, I couldn’t open my eyes. There was only the emptiness. ‘No more.’ The whisper in my head echoed. I gave up, ready to let the depression suck me in, However I was torn from approaching the darkness by Anikin’s voice suddenly announcing a king being a match to a queen. All bad thoughts were forgotten. Peaked by curiosity, I listened intently to what he was saying. He went on talking about pairs and draws, and after a minute I realized he was explaining the rules in a card game. The distinctive sound of cards being mixed gave him away. “We’ll play with open cards for a while, until you get it, ‘kay.” I wanted to laugh, how could we play closed cards when I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even see the damn cards. I felt my insides choke up with a mixture of love and melancholy. I wanted so bad to be out there in the world with him, but I didn’t know how. He was trying so hard to lighten the mood, but with the first night clear in my memories and the sound of him crying still ringing in my ears, it was very hard to be encouraged. “You sure are in high spirits today, young man.” A male voice reached me from a distance. “Sure am, Sir. Sometimes a bright mood might make a difference for someone else.” Anikin played the game for some time, but I could hear in his voice as it became harder to keep the mood high. And when he announced that he needed to get something to eat, I let the nothingness grab hold of me again. *** As time went by I noticed that Anikin never left my side for more than a short while. He was almost always there when I came around. I came to understand that the evenings were the hardest for him to handle. I presume it was easy to keep it together with people around and someone else to talk to for a while. But when the lights were out and it was only him and me, in our sweet intimate time, his defenses broke down and I was the only one there to witness his tears. “Dominic, please, I can’t do this much longer. Don’t make me give up, I beg you. I am trying. But — it’s hard, my heart can’t take it much longer.” What was he saying, was he going to leave me. I felt something pressed against my lips. “I love you. Come back, please. I can’t — I can’t cope without you. You’re… my everything. Please don’t take it away from me.” Anikin’s hand slipped from mine and he disappeared. I could no longer sense him. A strange feeling of panic spread in my body. The pain I felt at the thought of him leaving me, was too much to handle. My consciousness tore itself to shreds and everything turned into a dull darkness. No emptiness. No sounds. No nothing. Only heavy blackness. *** A beeping sound was ripping in my ears and my head was hurting. My lungs burned for every ragged and rasping breath. With a small moan of displeasure, I slowly opened my eyes, eyelids feeling like they weighed a ton. But finally, I could see. In spite of the dark in the room, I managed to make out blurry shapes in the dim light, coming from somewhere to my left. I was so tired, but I wanted to know where I was. The smell was awful, something sour that tore at my nose mixed with the odd smell of hospitals. It made me feel nauseous. As my sight adjusted and I could finally move my head, I noticed someone at my side. I stared at the sleeping face for a long time before I recognized it. I felt a very small twist of my mouth as I smiled. “Anikin.” I tried to call him, but it only became a soundless whisper. His hand was wrapped around mine. His breath caressed my knuckles with my fingers pressed to his lips. I slowly willed my index finger to move, grazed it against his bearded cheek a few times, before it became too hard and I gave up. Anikin moaned and slowly opened his eyes. “Dominic?” His voice was growly with sleep, he slowly straightened and looked up at my face. A second went by before his eyes focused and his gaze found mine. He blinked hard a few times and his eyes went first big, then shiny with tears. “Dom.” My name slipped across his lips in a very small, very pathetic sound before he started crying uncontrollably. A second later he filled all my senses as he cupped my face and kissed it all over, leaving traces of tears everywhere. “I’ll go get a nurse.” Another sobbing voice sounded from my right. The voice was familiar but I couldn’t place it and I was too busy being loved on by Anikin, to even try and get a look. I just lay there. I couldn’t move, couldn’t even speak. When the nurse came to the room Anikin had settled on the bed, next to me. His forehead against my temple and his arm hugging me tight to his chest. I felt a hand slip into my right and I shifted my gaze to see who was there. “Welcome back.” Tamaki smiled at me from the chair, his eyes puffy from recent crying. I couldn’t smile back so I just twitched my fingers in an attempt to squeeze his hand and closed my eyes, enjoying this happy moment. After getting Anikin to move off the bed, the nurse offered me some ice chips. It felt good in my dry mouth. Silently she checked my eye sight and vitals to ensure my basic health condition was stable. Anikin and Tamaki remained by my side and watched, eager to get positive answers regarding my situation. “Everything looks fine. The doctor will be here shortly,” the nurse finally said and left. Anikin came back to my side, grabbed my hand, and kissed it before pressing my palm against his cheek. He looked up and met my gaze, his eyes tearing again and a grateful smile on his lips. “Welcome back,” he whispered. “I’m home.” I managed to rasp before I happily drifted into a dreamless sleep, not caring I’d miss the doctor. *** I’d slept for a few hours, I guess. The nurse was there to greet me when I opened my eyes. She gave me something to drink and checked my vitals again. “You seem to be doing just fine Dominic. No need to worry, you’ll be good as new in no time.” “Anikin?” I asked, my voice still weak, but working. “I’ll go get him for you.” She smiled and left. I lay still, waiting, for some time. Then Anikin peaked through the door. I smiled when our gazes met. “Dom.” He quickly came to sit by my side. “How are you, love?” I didn’t answer right away. “Hurts…” I rasped and a panicky look took over his features. “I’ll go get the nurse,” he said and got up, but I tightened my grip on his hand. “No,” I protested. Anikin sat back down, a worried look still on his face. “I was here – all the time.” I whispered, tears started to cloud my vision, but I didn’t take my eyes off his. A moment went by before he realized what I’d meant. “Oh my … I am so sorry, Love. I’m so sorry.” He climbed up in the bed and settled next to me. Neither of us spoke again. I must have fallen back to sleep, because next, the sound of loud voices woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes and found Mom and Anikin in a confrontation. “Norah, please. Not…” The sound of her palm colliding with his face almost echoed through the room. My heartbeat picked up. What was she doing, I didn’t want her hurting him. “My son, Anikin. MY SON. How could you!” How did Mom found out? “Please listen, Norah. I…” “No, Anikin! You’ve crossed the line. Get out.” Anikin straightened, realizing he could say nothing else. I didn’t want him to leave. I filled my lounges, trying to yell at Mom. “What on earth is going on in here?” An older nurse entered the room, clearly distressed over the noise. “This is a hospital! Please show some respect for the patients, otherwise I will have to ask you to leave.” Mom stared angrily at Anikin. “Please remove this person from the room. He is not blood related and has no right to be here.” Mom said to the nurse, who reached out to guide Anikin from the room. “No!” It was a breathy rasp, but loud enough that they all turned. I met Mom’s gaze. Her face turned into a weeping grimace right away and she hurried to embrace me, and kiss my face all over. Anikin remained standing at the same spot. Mom turned to look at him when she was done greeting me. “We’ll talk about this later.” She stated and sat down in the chair next to me. She was still angry but I was not letting her do this to Anikin. “No, Mom. We’ll talk now!” I rasped and met her gaze. I felt weak and exhausted, but I fought it off, I needed to say this now. “It doesn’t matter, Hon. You need to rest.” She took my hand in hers. I pulled away, needing to make a statement. “Of course, it matters. I’m lying in a hospital bed and your arguing with my boyfriend, how is this going to help my healing?” “I’m…” She trailed off. “It’s not his fault. I’m the one who — fell in love and confessed. I was the one who chased after him not the other way around.” I swallowed hard. Talking was difficult. Anikin rushed to my side. “Enough, Love.” He put the glass of water to my lips and I drank willingly. “You’ve said it, now rest. We’ll talk about it later.” I smiled at him and drifted off. *** The next day, after I’d gone for an MRI scan, the doctor came to see me. Anikin had brought me lunch and was helping me eat. “It’s good to see you awake and on the mend, Mr. Westwood,” the doctor greeted and flipped through the papers in my file. “How long was I out?” I asked, my voice was still hoarse, but talking was easier and didn’t drain me as much anymore. Anikin was the one who answered, his voice low and sorrowful. “About three months.” I turned to stare at him. “Three months?” I slumped back on the bed. “But it seems you’re going to be all right Mr. Westwood,” the doctor reassured. “Your femur is healing nicely and your brain swelling has gone right down. However, the swelling has caused some nerve damage. It’s not critical, but you’re going to have to learn how to walk again. We’ve signed you up for rehabilitation to help you recover.” ‘Broken femur? Brain swelling?’ I was happy I didn’t remember any of that actually happening to me. “What are the chances that I’ll have permanent damage?” “It’s hard to say Mr. Westwood. But I’d say your chances for a full recovery are pretty good. A slight limp might be worst case scenario. If, that is, the rehabilitation goes as planned and you don’t overexert yourself.” “When can he come home, Doctor?” Anikin asked. “We’ll let time tell, Mr. Marshall. If everything goes well – maybe in two weeks’ time. But it all depends on Mr. Westwood’s recovery.” “At least that’s good news.” “I have to move on. You both have a nice day, and I’ll see you soon Mr. Westwood.” The Doctor left and Anikin and I were alone again. “Three months Anikin… What about school? — What if I never walk again?” “The Doctor said your chances were pretty good. And we’ll deal with school when the time comes. The most important thing is I get you home happy and healthy.” He shifted and took me in his arms, sitting on the edge of the bed ***. Later that afternoon I sent Anikin home to tend for himself. He needed a shower, a shave and a proper sleep. He had only just left the room when I heard his voice. “Norah.” His greeting was polite but indifferent. “Anikin.” Mom greeted as well, and then a moment later she continued. “Listen, yesterday was… I shouldn’t have hit you. I’m sorry.” Anikin didn’t give her a verbal answer so I couldn’t know if he forgave her, and the next moment I had other things to deal with, when Mom entered the room. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I asked. “I took time off. We need to talk about this… about what happened yesterday.” She sat down in the chair Anikin had just vacated and met my gaze. “There’s nothing to talk about.” “There is everything to talk about. Firstly, you didn’t even tell me you two were dating.” “I wonder why.” I hoped she noticed the sarcasm. “But now you now,” I offered. I hoped she would just leave it at that, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t. “But, Dominic, he’s your brother.” Mom Pleaded. “Technically he’s not. Listen, I’m not asking you to understand it, I’m just asking you to accept that this was – is – my choice and that I’m happy. And if you can’t do that I’m not going to force you to deal with it. But, both Anikin and I are very serious about this relationship and it’s not going to change anytime soon.” Mom sighed and leaned back. “I’ll try, Hon. But give me some time, it was a big shock. It’s one thing to know that you are gay, another to know you are dating your brother, though.” “He’s not my brother,” I retaliated drily. The look she gave me then, gave me the feeling this wasn’t going to be the last time we were going to discuss this before she was going to accept our relationship. *** During the next week, I came to feel much better. My headaches weren’t so bad anymore and I slowly gained my strength. The cause of me being hospitalized wasn’t brought up, I wasn’t ready to talk about it yet. No one mentioned it or asked questions. Not even Anikin, even though he was there to witness my panic attacks when I often woke up from nightmares. I began my rehabilitation program while still in the hospital. I wanted to bring Anikin along for support, but couldn’t get permission. The doctors believed I would get a better result from fighting on my own, “No one there to feel sympathy,” they said and this caused problems for me. So, I was left alone, to find the strength not to give up, with only the trainer to urge me on. Each time I didn’t manage to succeed in getting my body to comply, I had fits caused by anger and frustration, which only led to me having to remain in the hospital. My rehab was just as hard mentally as it was physically. I came to understand what the doctor had meant, when he said I didn’t need the sympathy. I agreed, I definitely didn’t need that. Eventually tough, I did manage to get enough control of my left my leg to be able to walk with crutches. “I’d say you’re ready to go home Mr. Westwood. You should expect a slight limp caused by the nerve damage, but otherwise you should have a full recovery.” He arranged a new schedule for my rehabilitation program and an appointment for a recheck. After that, I was finally released and could go home.
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  25. It was Friday evening and Anikin went to take a shower while I cleaned the kitchen. When I was done, I plopped down one the couch and turned on the TV. I zapped through the channels when suddenly something caught my attention and I had to flip back. There, on the screen was Anikin’s smiling face. “So, Mr. Westwood.” The middle-aged female interviewer looked up at Anikin, readying to ask a question. “Marshall, please.” Anikin corrected her with a smile. “Marshall? But isn’t your last name Westwood?” “Technically they both are. Westwood is from my dad. Marshall was my mother’s maiden name. Dad gave me the name to honor her.” “So, you prefer Marshall, to honor her memory?” “Sure, that as well. But mostly, it’s just because it sounds cooler.” He flashed her one of his dashing smiles and they both laughed. “So, Mr. Marshall… This is the first time you’ve agreed to do an interview about your success.” “That’s right.” “Not only are you a popular model, you’re also the owner of Jiyuu modeling, where you work. And if that wasn’t enough, you’re also the CEO of Shell-Westwood investment corporation. How do you deal with all those demanding positions?” I knew Anikin had had an interview the other day, but I’d never guessed it would be a TV-interview. I pulled my legs up and watched my boyfriend on the screen. “I spent most of my time on my modeling. After all, you need to make the most of it while your still young and good looking, right? For all the everyday work regarding my CEO positions, I have Chief operating officers hired , so that I only have to step in when necessary. Besides, I inherited the Shell-Westwood corporation from my dad, and he’s still keeping an eye on the progress.” “I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’m impressed –You’re said to be the most wanted bachelor at this time. Tell us, are you on the lookout for a partner?” The interviewer wiggled her brows at Anikin, which made him laugh. “I’m very flattered, but I already have a lover and we’re very happy.” His answer made my stomach flutter. “Aww. But since no one has heard about this, are you serious then?” “Very serious.” “Will we hear wedding bells in the near future?” “Maybe that’s a little early to say. But who knows.” That was a very vague answer, not that I planning us to get married or anything. Anikin suddenly plopped down next to me, an arm resting behind me and not looking like he was going to get up soon. “Wow, I didn’t realize that was on tonight,” Anikin said, his gaze fixed on the screen where the interview continued. “How come you didn’t tell me you were doing a TV-interview?” I asked and turned to look at him. “I didn’t think it was important.” “Not important? You’re in TV, this is huge.” I couldn’t help but being excited about it. “There’s nothing to be so worked up about. It’s not like my face isn’t public already.” “There’s a big difference between a still photo and one moving. Maybe you could get TV-commercials as well now.” I wondered how he would look in an acting role. I was certain he would be just as amazing an actor as he was a model. “You don’t think I work enough as it is?” The laughter in his voice made the comment sound less serious. “That reminds me, don’t you have paperwork to finish?” It had become a routine already, him going to his office after dinner. He’d had so much work to do for way too long. “I don’t.” The simple answer made me turn to look at him again. “You’re not working tomorrow?” A mixture of hope and doubt made my voice somewhat breathy. “Nope.” He slid further down into the couch, raised his arms before folding his hands behind the backrest and looked back at me. “I needed a break.” “The whole weekend?” I slowly leaned in, a smirk crept over my lips as I crawled onto his lap. “The whole weekend.” The words were almost whispered as I leaned in and claimed his lips. I ran my fingers up under the fresh t-shirt he’d put on. His skin was so smooth and he smelled heavenly, we had too little time for this kind of intimacy these days. I felt my way over his abs and pecs. His nipples turned hard when I brushed my fingertips over them and slight goosebumps rose on his skin. With a pleasurable moan, he lowered his arms and pulled me closer so he could return the caresses. His hands slid up my thighs and up under my shirt. Anikin knew my body well and went straight for the spots where I was the most sensitive. He started at the soft skin above my hipbone and I had to break the kiss as I shuddered. When he reached my nipple, he pulled at it slightly, before bending to take it in his mouth. A knock sounded on the front door. “The…” I started to say. “Ignore it.” Anikin continued to tease my body and I forgot all about the door. A moment later I heard the muffled sound of my phone ringing somewhere in the house. “Don’t.” Anikin whispered. “Just let it ring.” But my phone had only just gone silent when his started to chime. I could feel Anikin starting to tense up, clearly getting annoyed as well. Finally, the house was silent again and we could… “Don’t you boys dare ignore me. I know you’re in there, Anikin’s car is parked in the driveway. Dominic – you hear me?” Anikin and I stared at each other for a moment. ‘Mom?’ I jumped off Anikin’s lap to let her in. “Wait Dom – Please don’t go out like that,” Anikin begged. I stopped short on the upper step to the kitchen and glanced down at my body. Never minding my clothes being in disorder, my pants were strained from my aching erection. “Just a second, Mom. What am I supposed to do about it?” I could hear Mom’s continuous complaining from outside. “What do you usually do about it?” I just stared at him. “You!” My gesture towards him was as desperate as the note of my voice. Anikin was silent for a moment. “What did you do before me?” ‘I can’t believe I have to live through this again.’ “Pretty much what I’m about to do now…” I turned and walked out to open the front door. “Hi, Mom.” I gave her a smile from behind the door. “Come in, just give me a second – I… gotta go deal.” Then I turned to get to the bathroom. “Again? I told you it would become a bad habit someday.” She let herself in while I dealt. “I tell you Anikin, he was horrible. It seemed that every time we had to go somewhere he would have an erection and we would have to wait.” I winced at the reminder. It hadn’t really been that bad. However, I had to agree that my dick’s timing had sucked. “Anyway. How are you, Sweetheart? Why didn’t you let me in?” “I’m sorry Norah. I’m lost to the world when I’m working.” Great tactic, blame it on the work. I paced the bathroom trying to figure out how to force my stubborn dick to go down. But then, while I listened to the conversation from the living room, the problem seemed to magically solve itself. I’d probably stressed so much over it, the blood needed to go elsewhere – like my brain. Finally, I could leave the bathroom and join the others. “Mom.” I went over to hug her. “Did you wash your hands?” she asked before I could touch her. “What? I didn’t… Just hug me.” Like I had been able to do that, with her waiting out here. “Why are you here, and so late?” “I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by on the way.” Mom stayed a little over an hour, just chatting about random stuff over a cup of coffee. I guess she’d just missed us. I didn’t blame her, we saw each other way too seldom. “Bye, Mom. Drive safe. Say hi to Tom for me, ‘kay?” I hugged her goodbye and kissed her cheek. After hugging Anikin as well, she gave a happy wave and got in her car. We remained in the carport, waving at her car, until it disappeared down the road. “Come on,” Anikin said and led the way in. “It was nice to see her,” I said. “But shit her timing sucks. I bet she has an inner clock that starts ringing every time we get too comfortable with each other.” I had no idea how she was doing it, but it was kind of amazing. “Should we assume that she’s coming back, or are we safe?” Anikin slowly came closer grabbing my chin. “I think we’re safe.” The look in his eye turned my answer into a husky whisper. He silently led me to the bedroom, where we undressed each other. He then pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me – on top of me. My brain froze for a minute. “Anikin what…” Having him on my lap was so unfamiliar I had no idea what to do. Anikin grabbed my hands and placed them on his ass cheeks. “Do you want to top?” He asked. “Sure, but we’re in the wrong position.” I was blabbering. “No, Silly,” Anikin chuckled. “I mean, do you want to do me?” “Where does this come from?” My brain was finally starting to work. Did I want to? I wasn’t sure. I tried to imagine the scenario, but came up blank. “I just thought you might want to, since I do.” “You do what?” “Want to feel you inside of me.” “I have no idea what to do.” Okay, I pretty much agreed to the idea there. I knew Anikin liked it both ways, but the thought had never occurred to me before. “Don’t worry, I’ll guide you.” And he sure did give me a kick start, but once I was on it, everything just came naturally. He never got under me though, I guess the domineering side of him wouldn’t let him. He was so responsive and so soft inside, I never would’ve imagined. And God could he move his hips. Being the one on the giving end gave me a different kind of kick. Although it was more of the happiness to be able to bring him this kind of pleasure, rather than it being better for me to be in this position. I actually felt better being on the bottom. “You okay?” Anikin slumped and breathed against my neck. “I think…” I was breathless and sated. I wasn’t even sure I could open my eyes. He slid down beside me and rested his head on my sticky stomach and sighed with content. “I don’t wanna move,” I said, but I could feel the sleepiness starting to wear off, usually it lasted longer. “Then don’t.” I felt Anikin’s tongue slide over my hipbone towards my stomach, making me shiver. “That has to be the best taste in the universe.” Anikin whispered against my skin. “Seriously? You can’t find anything that tastes better than my sweat after sex?” I couldn’t keep the row of chuckles from escaping. The spell was broken, I opened my eyes and found Anikin’s smiling face. I reached over interlocked my fingers with his, studying our hands. “Did you like it?” Anikin interrupted after few moments of silence. I moved my eyes to his face and found him studying me, a caring look in his eyes. “I didn’t not like it. I mean, I loved that I could give you that kind of pleasure. But I prefer being on the bottom. Not that I would mind doing it again though, if you want to.” Then, without a word he got up and tucked himself in my arms. The vulnerability he’d just shown me was new, and I wouldn’t soon forget it. I was sure our relationship would only get better from then on. I could just feel it. *** Yeah. And I forced myself to recall that moment time and time again, for the next two weeks. My goal to find the courage and finally tell Mom who I was dating, was completely overshow by the fact that Tina was all over Anikin. He was back at the agency doing his modeling. And at every opportunity Tina was there, watching, talking, touching. I was past the jealousy of her taking so much unneeded attention and was just boiling with anger. I never seemed to be able to speak a word with him without her butting in, pushing me away. If it wasn’t for her, my life would’ve been perfect. How Anikin didn’t go nuts was beyond me. But he stayed his polite business self all the way through. *** “Could you please tell her not to cling to you like that? How can you even stand it?” I slammed the door to my locker and the sound echoed in the room. Anikin was leaning against the next row of lockers, his arms crossed over his chest. “Just let it go Dom. There’s no point in getting so annoyed over it. She’ll only be here for another five months. Her parents are one of the biggest sponsors of the agency and I agreed to do them this favor, to get their daughter into the world of modeling. I owe it to them.” How could he stay this calm? “Argh!” I threw my hands up in surrender, but knew without a doubt that I would come to hate my work in the next five months. *** “Seriously… I’m not joking. She’s everywhere I turn. More precisely, she’s everywhere Anikin turns.” I slid down to slouch on the bench where Sean and I sat. “And you’re sure it’s not just a coincidence? She works there after all … as a model.” “That’s why it’s so freaking annoying. She doesn’t shoot with Anikin, and after what he’s told me, they are never going to. Something about their looks not being a match.” “I can’t say I don’t get you. But since you can’t do anything about it yourself, why not talk to Anikin about it?” Sean looked down at me. “I’ve already tried that. Her parents are one of the agency’s biggest sponsors, so Anikin can’t tell her off. Or at least so he says. I don’t really understand how a successful business like the agency needs sponsors anyway.” “He probably has his reasons.” We both fell into silence while I brooded. “Enough!” I stood abruptly. “I need to move, this is making me depressed. Let’s go burn some energy.” Sean got up and followed me. “Sure. What do you have in mind?” he asked. “Just don’t forget we both have work today.” “How about the action center? It’s been ages since we went last time.” “Oh, hell yeah… I’m gonna nail the wall this time and ring that damn bell,” Sean exclaimed. I too felt the thrill of expectation by the thought. When we were still in high school we used to go there a lot. When all the other guys went to the gym to work out, Sean and I went to explore our own limitations. I’d always been too much of a wuss to try the bungee jump, but maybe this time. “Let’s meet up at your house tomorrow, maybe your mom will take us,” I said. “Anikin?” I shook my head at his question. “No, he’s working.” I’m sure my disappointment sounded clear through my voice. “What? There’s only two weeks left of summer break. Is he not going to spend any time with you at all?” “I know how it sounds, but it’s not that easy. He’s got three positions to take care of, and apparently, it’s really hard to take a break from all of them at the same time.” I understood Anikin’s dilemma, but That didn’t make it any less frustrating. I was getting greedy. I wanted him more, like when we stayed at St. Androma. “Excuses,” Sean muttered. “He’s the CEO for Christ sake. Why not just get someone else to do the job for him?” “You know it doesn’t work like that.” I turned and looked at him, but obvious denial was written all over his face. “At least that makes more time to spend with you. Well, I gotta run. My shift starts in half an hour. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you in the morning.” I looked up from my watch and slapped his back before heading in the opposite direction, feeling much lighter at heart than I’d had for the past two weeks. *** When I arrived at the agency I was surprised to find the entrance hall almost deserted. The only people about, were the regular personnel and a few people walking through. On my way to the dressing room I rounded the reception desk. “Where is everyone?” I’d seen the brunette before, but I didn’t remember her name. “The new girl nailed a shoot with the boss at 12. No one thought he’d agree to it, but it seems her parents had a thing or two to say about that.” She raised a brow at me. Apparently, the frown I felt on my face was as deep as I guessed. I skipped the dress code for once and went straight to studio 4, after asking the receptionist where the shoot would take place. The studio was packed. For a moment, I wondered why Anikin hadn’t reprimanded anyone and told them to get back at work. I found Tamaki standing off to the side with Luke and William. “Tamaki. What’s going on?” Tamaki turned his head when I called out to him, but he didn’t smile. “Everyone wanted to see how this was going to turn out. Anikin is beyond pissed, but you know what he’s like, he doesn’t show it when he’s being professional. She hasn’t even noticed” “I thought he didn’t want to shoot with her.” “He didn’t. They don’t match – no good pictures will come out of it. But, her parents decided they would force him to comply. And here we are.” I stared at Tamaki in shock. “How could they force him? Sure he doesn’t need their money to keep the business going?” “Technically he doesn’t. But cutting them off would mean Anikin had to sit on the top floor, as active CEO for a very long time. Spending loads of energy restructuring the whole finance department. The business, as it is now, is built from the sponsorships he obtained when he started the business. And rearranging the foundations now would take a lot of time and effort. I guess he found it easier to just comply.” Tamaki shrugged and we both fell into silence. I spotted Tina and Anikin across the room. Even at this distance I could see how heavily she was coming on to him. Even though he seemed to be politely interacting with her, I knew him well enough to see that he was choking beneath the surface. The photographer gestured for everyone to take their places and the shoot began. I was horrified. I had never at this agency seen such a bad shoot. It was a nightmare to watch. Tina was practically mounting Anikin in front of the camera. Their aura, their very image, was so far off, I instantly knew it wasn’t going to be any good, just as Tamaki had predicted. Throughout the next hour or so, people slowly started to leave the studio while shaking their heads. Tamaki and I remained to the bitter end. Tamaki for support I guess, and me too for that matter, but I also wanted to see the pictures. During the last hour, as the photographer got increasingly frustrated, I could see Anikin trying even harder to work with what Tina had to offer, but it was no use. When the end of the shoot was finally announced, he looked exhausted. Tamaki and I went to join him at the computer. Anikin rubbed a hand over his face with a tired sigh. I wanted so badly to slip my arms around him to make him feel better, but I didn’t. Instead I slipped in front of Tamaki and took a step further to my left. With Tamaki covering behind us and the table in front, I grabbed Anikin’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. He turned his gaze towards me and offered me a tired smile. “You okay?” I asked “I’ll live. But I’ll definitely need a very long break as soon as it’s possible.” “Yeah …” ‘Sure would be nice. Just too bad I’ll be back in school when that happens.’ The photographer was ready to go through the photos, so I let go of Anikin’s hand and we all turned our attention to the table. “Why are you here?” The annoyed splutter came from Tina as she walked up behind us. We all turned to stare at her. “I mean…” She began, her voice going softer as she realized Anikin too was staring at her. “Shouldn’t you be somewhere else? You know – Running errands?” “Leave him alone” – “Shut up Tina,” Anikin and Tamaki growled at her, before turning back to the screen. I too turned a second later, but not quick enough to miss the death glare Tina send me. “Let’s see what you have, Brian.” Anikin said to the photographer. “Well, we tried a bunch of different lightings but…” Brian trailed off and turned the screen around for Anikin to see and maneuver through the collection on his own. I could understand the rising tension in Anikin’s body as he scrolled through the pictures. “No – none of them. They’re all trash, throw it out.” Anikin turned the screen back towards Brian, a disgusted look on his face. “Are you sure? How about…” Brian quickly scrolled through the pictures and turned the screen back to show Anikin. “This one?” He didn’t sound convinced himself that it was usable. “It looks like she’s trying to fuck me… I can’t advertise this kind of thing. It’d be a spot on the business’ image.” Brian bowed his head in apology and Tina had gotten very quiet behind us. “Throw it out. No way in hell am I going to send something so vulgar out for public view.” He turned and stared to walk away but changed his mind and stopped beside Tina. “Listen, Tina. I have no doubt you are a great model, I’ve seen a little of your potential in the pictures you did with Tamaki. But you really need to consider what kind of image you wish to announce, cause this…” he tuned at gestured towards the laptop screen. “That is not going to get you far.” Then he left the room. Just then my cellphone beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. “Shit!” Without saying goodbye I dashed out of the studio. On my way, I ran passed Anikin. “Hey!” he called after me. “Sorry. I’ll see you later.” I turned right at the next hall. ‘I can’t believe I’m late, GOD.’ I got an earful from all those depending on me being on time, when the shoot ended. I had to apologize over and over, and promise to never let it happen again, before I could finally go home. “Dominic! Hold up” Michael called after me. “Could you take this to the second floor on your way? I need to go home, it’s my daughter’s birthday and I’d hate to be late.” He put emphasis on late just to make me feel all the guiltier. “Of cause. And I’m sorry, again” “As long as it’s not repeated no harm has been done. Now go. You too, probably have someone to go home to.” He sent me off with a wink before he turned. I knew Anikin wouldn’t be home ‘til late so I was in no hurry. I was in my own world and made my way to the top floor on automatic, rather than rational thought. I was pulled out of my daze when I was going back down and the elevator doors shut in my face. ‘Dammit.’ I sighed at my bad luck. ‘Might as well take the stairs.’ I turned and headed towards the stairwell down the next hall. “Wait, Dominic.” ‘Fuck. Me! Just the person I wanted to talk to.’ I stopped on the half landing between the first and lower floor. Tina came down the stairs toward me, her heels clicking on the tiles as she walked. What had she been doing up there? Well, if her parents could make Anikin do a shoot he’d been keen on avoiding, why shouldn’t she also be upstairs. This was getting absurd. I stopped and turned to look at her, but didn’t answer. “Listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot, and I apologize for that. But I was hoping that I could ask you to give me Anikin’s number.” I fell my jaw drop. For a minute, I just stared at her with a mixture of disbelief and awe. “Uhm…” I was at a loss for words. How stupid could one person be allowed to be? “Why do you want Anikin’s number?” ‘Duh, isn’t that obvious.’ “Well, I have a reason to think he might be interested, and I thought if I had his number, I could get a little closer to him.” I took a step back. This woman was completely delusional! How could she even be thinking that after the disastrous shoot earlier? A feeling of panic started to creep in on me, my instincts told me to get as far away from this woman as I could. “No.” I began to turn around. She grabbed my arm. “What gives you the privilege to say so. It has nothing to do with you anyway – now give me his number.” In that moment, my brain just snapped, I wanted her long gone – and fast. “Listen, you crazy bitch. Stay the fuck away from my boyfriend, he has no interest in you. Your freaking delusional!” I rarely yelled at people, but this woman made me seething with ire. “You’re lying.” Her words were nothing more than a whisper. Something in her face changed. Her eyes went wide and unfocused, and her face went slack. She stepped forward and I stepped back. “It can’t be you.” I felt the edge of the upper step, I couldn’t go any further. I turned my head so I could see the next step and start my descent, but before I could make the move I felt something against my shoulder. My brain froze as I felt the pull of gravity on my body, I don’t think I even fought it. The only thing my brain registered was the crazy look on Tina’s face, right before she opened her mouth and screamed.
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